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Author Topic: Ai Hattori, Teinari Scout  (Read 54 times)

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Ai Hattori, Teinari Scout
« on: August 15, 2017, 11:15:29 AM »
Note: If you want to meet her just message me here or on discord. Sirenis#0386 :3

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Ai Hattori
Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human, subtle mutations.
Ethnicity Teinari
Height 5'7"
Build Strong and curvy
Occupation Teinar Scout
Residence Teinar
Image Reference(s)

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Ai Hattori might be considered a fetching, attractive young woman if not for the near constant state of dust and dirt due to her profession. Her eyes are almond in shape, yet the irises are vibrant yellow-gold that can give of a faint glow when in dark areas. This is obviously due to generations old mutations within her family. Ai's flesh is rather pale and featureless save for faint lines of muscle in her arms and legs. Despite the muscle tone, she sports a large bust and broad hips, perhaps another mutation mixed with hormones and steroids that are in some foods. Ai typically wears heavy clothing to hide her assets to avoid attention.

Along both arms are a series of tattoos. The left most arm has a long geometric dragon that winds its way along towards her wrist. On her right shoulder is a dusting of sakura flowers, looking as if they are falling from a branch. There is a trail of Sakura flowers that starts at her right breast and winds downwards towards her groin. On Ai's left thigh is an image of a woman in a long gown and rays of what look to be sunlight shining behind her and downwards towards her feet.

Ai has long, deep chestnut hair that is often tied back into a loose ponytail, with stray hair often partially framing her face. Through her bottom lip, in the center, is a single silver piercing, with several more through her ears. Ai typically carries a utility belt about her hips, with a sheathed, somewhat curved sword clearly seen.

Sarcastic and witty. Ai has a rather sharp mind and typically uses guile to try and get herself out of a sticky situation. But she is young, and is prone to mistakes and lapses in judgement. Ai can be standoffish and suspicious of generosity, as she rarely trusts any but her own family.

Ai can see reasonably well in the dark due to her mutated eyes. She is quite agile as her muscle and cardiovascular system is bolstered in part from generations of mutations, among other things. Other than that she is blind to most magic safe for some earth capability. Though she is not aware of it.

Her family. They all live in the same stone structure for the most part, but she keeps to herself in a small loft that has all her possessions tucked safely away.


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