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Author Topic: Cecil Aubrim, Omega Wolf  (Read 106 times)

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Cecil Aubrim, Omega Wolf
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:13:53 PM »
Cecil Aubrim

'Puppy' 'Golden boy' (sarcastically) "Goldie"


Hasn't really thought about it, has done it on occasion with both males and females

Born a werewolf in the Midhaven.

5'8, skinny- too skinny

Whatever the pack says to do, junkie

The Midhaven


Tawny brown shaggy, shoulder length hair with a lack of a proper hair cut, naturally wavy and always messy. Cecil has golden big doe / sad puppy eyes with perpetual dark circles under them. His face is angular, his ears slightly pointed, and his skin is mocha colored but almost constantly looks pallid. He is too skinny and looks lanky in both his 'human' appearance and his werewolf form.

Cecil has a scar along the right side of his neck that looks like it was fairly deep. His most notable feature is his lame right leg. It was crushed when he was younger and 'healed' wrong.


Cecil became addicted to painkillers when he was young and got hurt protecting his alpha (his father was alpha of the pack back then). Since then his addiction has morphed into just about anything he can get from Haviah. He is always looking for a fix. Anything to forget. Anything to not feel.

He is a werewolf!!! This doesn't mean he is a mindless rampaging, rapid like creature when transformed however. He is more animalistic when transformed but he would not attack unless provoked or told to. Since he was born a werewolf he has more control in this state than those who are turned.

More of a puppy than a wolf. Cecil is very tame and behaves for not only members of his pack but basically anyone he encounters. He is submissive and will roll over for anyone up in Haviah (especially if they will give him his next fix). He is more wary of others down in the Midhaven and will flee as best he can from strangers down there. He doesn't really hunt either, especially given his disability and instead helps the pack in other ways. Especially being the target of their aggression as the pack's omega.

Fun Facts!:
Will add later!

He is a werewolf!!

Domnall “Darlin'” Coire, Beta Wolf, his protector.

Parnell Aubrim- Father, former pack alpha, deceased

Will add later.

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