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Author Topic: Wilhelm(ina) Lambert, Detective and "Mom Friend"  (Read 161 times)

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Offline nephero

Wilhelm(ina) Lambert, Detective and "Mom Friend"
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:31:18 AM »

Glover on the left, Wil on the right
Frontier Deputy version

*The church of man, love, is such a holy place to be...*

Wilhelm(ina) Lambert

"Wil," "Mina," "Lamb Chop," "Lambo"


Polygender [they/them for the most part]

Human, of mixed heritage, suspected Libran because certain alloys tend to make them itch.

5'11", androgynous


Tynova, Edanith

  • Tall and slender, with delicate looking wrists and ankles, and an almost ethereal sort of grace to go with it. Very heavily suggests some Libran ancestry.
  • Dark green hair, to the point of being nearly black, though in the sun the color is vibrant as anything. They keep it long but largely unstyled and unadorned, save for occasionally a black beanie worn on top.
  • Their skin is an olive tone, unmarked to the point of being like porcelein, which is something they take very seriously if their collection of moisturizers is any indication.
  • Their face is elegantly angled, with high cheekbones and soft full lips, which they paint a deep mulberry color when they're feeling particularly feminine. They don't wear makeup around their eyes-- long lashed and doe-eyed, there isn't any need to.

Intelligent, Devious, Resentful, Jealous, Responsible; Wil is a good egg who just wants to do right by the people they serve and protect. They're a relaxed sort for the most part, and like joking around. When crossed, however, it's like a switch, and Wil is capable of holding grudges for a very, very long time.

Fun Facts!:
  • Social/Stress smoker; they picked up the habit from their partner and *almost* resent it. Almost.
  • Doesn't mean they will ever, ever let anyone smoke in an inappropriate area. Including their home. Take that shit outside.
  • Aggressively out of touch with technology: they don't see why they have to get a new phone every year, they don't understand what's hip in the tech world, they hate automated calls, automated menus, the works. Is totally the sort to sit there screaming "SPEAK TO A REPRESENTATIVE" until they get a flesh and blood person on the other line.
  • Probably genuinely believes that there is a secret society of tech developers who will one day create an AI so advanced that there will be a robot uprising and humanity as we know it will be doomed. DOOMED.

Mordecai! 8D

Machine Killer: It is no secret that Wil hates tech. It's also no secret that Wil is exceptionally good at destroying tech. Here's a few ways that many machines have met their untimely demise! 8D
  • Been thrown into traffic (phone)
  • Been put into a blender, which resulted in fires (phone)
  • Slapped into a decorative fountain (smart tablet)
  • Kicked down a flight of stairs (autobutler)
  • Ripped out of the wall and thrown out the fire escape into a dumpster (integrated television and entertainment system)

Glover Daniels, their partner in crime-solving!
Some variant of family that will be added later.

To be added!


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