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Author Topic: Wolfgang Burke; Mechanic  (Read 181 times)

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Wolfgang Burke; Mechanic
« on: September 13, 2017, 11:38:38 AM »

Full name: Wolfgang “Wolf” Burke
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
D.O.B: Unknown
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 123 lbs
Race: Nano-enhanced Human
Sexuality: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Residence: The Cancer


Wolf is a perfectly average height for a man. His body is deceptively scrawny, lacking any true muscle definition, but that doesn’t mean he’s weak by any means. Years of training, and the help of nanotechnology, have made his body an efficient machine designed with the goal of being extremely quick and agile.

Wolf is not traditionally masculine; some could accuse him of being a little effeminate or at least androgynous. His facial structure is elegant and aristocratic; overall narrow, with a slightly pointy nose, wide eyes, full lips, and a small chin.

His hair is a naturally dark teal, almost black, clipped into an undercut. The longer hair on top is a much lighter teal, almost turquoise, and usually pulled into a very short ponytail. Wolf’s eyes are also a shade of teal, lighter than the short part of his hair, but not quite as light as the longer parts.

Search him from head to toe, but Wolf’s pale pink skin lacks imperfections. There are no scars on him, no piercings, and no tattoos.


Wolf has a tendency to be fairly impassive. It is probably not surprising for someone under his circumstances to have lost real passion for life, if he had any to begin with. Honestly he doesn’t know that anything ever truly excited him. Life for him is merely what most would call existence.

For the most part it is easy to know exactly what Wolf wants. He wants to be left alone and isn’t shy about telling anyone this fact. Right now he has reached a peaceful equilibrium, working as a mechanic keeps him occupied with a near mindless task, which fulfills his AI desire to perform a function and leaves his biological brain free to blank out completely. He doesn’t daydream, simply enjoys not having to think about anything at all.

That said…

He can come to a decision to murder someone as easily as the average person could decide on what to have for breakfast. Being trained to assess a situation, calculate the best possible outcome for his own interests, and carry out a plan of action with a deadly precision, Wolf might as well be a machine for all the emotion he shows. Maybe he really is more machine than man by this point.


Not fully human anymore, Wolf is the product of extensive and long-term nanotechnology research and experimentation. The experiment was strictly controlled at first, but eventually it inevitably spiraled out of the hands of the scientists responsible for making him what he has become.

There are literally billions of self-replicating nanobots coursing through Wolf’s system, they share a hive mind and function through a cohesive AI operating system that is separate from his biological neuro processes.

The prime directive of these microscopic machines is to protect the host at any and all costs. Injuries are rapidly repaired by his invisible army of protectors. That is if you can manage to injure him in the first place. Wolf’s body can react to perceived threats without input from his limited human brain.

For this reason he can lash out violently without thought and unable to stop or control himself. It can cause him to hurt or even kill people completely by accident.

Wolf no longer ages as a result of this same phenomena of nanite self preservation.

Another means of self defense is related to preventing Wolf from once again becoming the subject of experimentation. Any DNA material removed from the main body of the host is broken down, degraded, and dissolved beyond use. This includes blood, flesh, hair, spit, and even limbs. Any organic matter that is no longer part of his body will erase itself over time. Organic samples become worthless within minutes so that he cannot be tested.

Given the wireless network connecting all the nanites in his body, Wolf can remotely patch in to any computer system he likes. He primarily uses this ability to download manuals and information that helps him do his chosen job of mechanical work, but can acquire any information he likes.

The AI is particularly good at hacking other systems, at least to a certain extent. Some of the most advanced networks have firewalls that he couldn’t crack if he tried for months on end.

Even Wolf doesn’t know the full extent of his own abilities, mainly because they seem to be constantly evolving to suit his perceived needs.


Has none. Wants none.


Wolf was bred, not simply born. His father, biologically speaking, was a scientist operating on a research team of a highly illegal nature at a military compound on a backwater planet barely habitable by human life; while his mother was a slave purchased by the scientists for use as a lab rat. She was artificially inseminated for the sole purpose of creating a control subject from scratch for their most ambitious, and subsequently most illegal, project.

A few short weeks after his birth Wolf received his first injection of nanite, the cybernetics designed to “die” within a few hours. At first injecting him and observing the reactions was all they did. After all, they first had to determine if a subject could even integrate the technology with their biology while developing and functioning normally.

Longer living nanites were introduced slowly, and eventually they were even programmable. It was more than a little exciting to see Wolf performing functions that he’d never done or ever been taught to do. Through robotics they could literally turn someone into a living, breathing machine; an enhanced human who could be programmed to do complicated tasks without years of training, but who was not actually a robot.

The implications were astronomically far reaching – such technology and advancement could be directed and focused to anything.

Wolf was turned into a weapon with the purpose of protecting their research.

Any threats, real or perceived, were destroyed using his body as a tool. He never agreed to do this, and he did not want to do it. With the nanites controlling his body and the researchers controlling the nanites Wolf was mostly just a helpless consciousness sitting inside a shell that he couldn’t even operate on his own.

The turning point came when something inherently changed in the nanites. It wasn’t intentional, not to the men running the project. Like all injections previous, these several million were supposed to die within a set time frame, but they didn’t.

Instead they began to self-replicate.

Suddenly the AI no longer needed the researchers that had created it to continue its own existence. Immediately they determined that these rogue nanites needed to be decommissioned, and in a move that should have shocked no one, the AI rebelled.

Wolf found himself truly in control of his own body for the first time in his life. The AI no longer had a need for the researchers, but it still could not function outside of the host. It also had no desire to be autonomous, as a computer program it required secondary directives delivered to the network by an outside source. As the researchers were now considered a threat to both the AI and the host, they had to be destroyed.

Given the nature of the facility finding materials to craft explosives was an exceedingly simple task. Stealing a small ship was also easy, as he simply downloaded the operator’s manual.

Wolf left little more than a pile of rubble behind and made his way into open space before any authorities could discover and investigate the explosion.

Through a complicated series of mishaps and misfortunes, Wolf eventually found himself on the space station The Cancer. Fumbling his way through this very strange new world, he managed to program himself as a mechanic and has contented himself to finally live a quiet, sort of normal, life with an honest trade.