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Author Topic: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries  (Read 276 times)

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Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« on: September 09, 2017, 11:09:15 AM »
[Open to Valkyries, Solarta PR, and visiting Hellions!]

Jexica was awoken the same way as she always was, with sudden, blinding light and a soothing robotic voice stating it was four in the morning as her apartment whirled to life. With a soft whine and major pout, she pulled the blanket over her head and rolled over in a futile attempt to ignore the world.

Within minutes the covers were forcefully ripped off her, and the cheery, grinning face of her maid was hovering inches from hers. How she sometimes hated that stupid, manically grinning face.

“Good morning Miss Jexica, your hairdresser and makeup artist are waiting for you in the dressing room. Mr. Anderson is also waiting for you. We can’t keep them waiting. Up! Up! Up!” Jexica wasn’t sure how anyone could be so cheery and energetic so very early in the morning. Then again, you’d think she’d be used to it by now.

“I’m up! Meanie.” She yawned and stretched as she sat up, rubbing at her eyes before stumbling out of bed and heading for the shower. Jexica scrubbed quickly, ignoring her hair, and then hopped out into the waiting towel.

By four thirty she was dressed in the grey and neon blue outfit that had been laid out for her and reclining in a salon chair as her hairdresser shampooed and conditioned her signature long blue hair. It was a major hassle every single morning, but they refused to let her cut even part of it off. The fans loved her hair, couldn’t disappoint them.

Jexica dozed fitfully during the very lengthy process of making her presentable to the public eye. Between doing her hair and makeup they worked for hours. All while Mr. Anderson, her primary handler and publicist, rattled off schedules and itineraries for the Solarta trip.

At least that was exciting! She had been so excited when they’d told her the Valkyries had agreed to do this photo op for her new Album that she had actually squealed.

No matter how big of a star she was in her own right, nobody was cooler than Pilots. A major squad agreeing to do this with her was such an honor, at least in her humble opinion. It had been rude of Mr. Anderson to laugh at her and call her a Pilot fangirl, though. They were all so mean sometimes, but they made sure she had everything she could want, so what could she do?

Not a lot according to her contract!

Jexica was ushered onto a private rail car by eight. Luckily she was allowed to sleep on the long trip down to the desert city. All the really fun and exciting stuff would happen on the following day, they were just arriving and setting up today.


Neeko was waiting patiently at the rail station, hands folded behind his back as he watched the rail car approaching the loading platform. His crisp dress shirt was blue and white striped with the front tucked into his black dress pants and shoes polished to a shine in the desert sun. It was always important to make a good impression, especially when greeting people of great value to Aedolis.

The girl was a ditzy propaganda tool, nothing more and nothing less, at least in the eyes of dragons, but her popularity made her very useful.

Uniformed military personnel were stationed and standing at attention, the extra security promised for the little starlet’s protection. There were shifts of soldiers slated to surround the diva at all times, everywhere from her to her hotel to the photo shoot itself.

It was all a big fucking hassle.

Neeko plastered the most welcoming smile he could muster on his face as the doors opened and out popped this tiny little female with her entourage in tow. Of course he knew what she looked like, but it was still shocking to see her in person. Was this thing for real? She was so tiny and bright.

“Welcome to Solarta Miss Jexica, we are so pleased to have you joining us for the weekend.” His extended his hand and she took it with obvious delight, he leaned down to place a kiss on the back of her hand with a theatric flourish, truly playing up the part. “I am Pilot Royal Neeko Reynard, and will be in charge of everything for your stay. Please, let me know if there is more that we can do to accommodate you.”

“Oh my gosh, this is already so fantastic! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this. The promotional material for my desert album is going to be the best yet!  I mean, a real squad of Pilots featuring on my album cover?! You have no idea how excited I am!” The girl’s high pitched voice made Neeko’s ears twitch slightly as he took a step back, still grinning for her benefit.

“But of course, we are glad to share in the publicity of your achievement. We were so happy when Mr. Anderson approached us with the idea. It is a wonderful opportunity for us both. Now if you please, we’re here to escort you to your hotel. I arranged for the very best you can find in our unique city.” Neeko gestured for her to follow as the group began moving, he chatted casually with her about all the various landmarks they passed on the way to the largest and most luxurious hotel Solarta had to offer. Only the best for their little pets, after all. Ryuu had insisted on most of everything he had arranged for.

He secretly thought his dragon enjoyed the little singer’s music or something.


The pool was closed to the general public on Saturday, cloth pavilions had been set up for shade, there was a small catered buffet for everyone, chilled drinks, and of course all the equipment.

Jexica practically bounced into the scene, being the last to arrive with Neeko following close on her heels and dressed much the same way he had been the day before when he’d picked their guest up from the station.

Her makeup and hair was already done, but her people were in tow for touchups as necessary. She wore a light, wrap-around summer dress over her swimsuit; it was cute and easy to remove for photos.

The nice Pilot that had been entertaining her cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention, or more specifically the Valkyries’ attention. “Everyone, this is our honored guest, Miss Jexica Holding. I expect you all to make her feel welcome for her brief stay. Now let’s hurry and get business over with so we can all relax and enjoy the rest of the day.”

“Yes!” She agreed, practically bouncing in place. “I am so excited. They are going to let me play after work. I’m so happy that I don’t have to rush off to another appointment. It’s so nice to meet you all. Will you all sign one of the photos with me when we’re done?! I’m such a big fan, like oh my gosh, you don’t even know.”

Of course she couldn’t see Neeko rolling his eyes with a smirk behind her.

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2017, 01:47:00 PM »
After quite awhile of deliberation, Raz decided to forgo the sunblock. He'd simply dressed as he usually did, his typical anti-sunburn attire that consisted of his thin white zip up hoodie with the Valkyrie logo emblazoned on the back (replaced as soon as he'd gotten back from Adstreia), his thin black shirt - both for color contrast and thin enough to keep him from getting too hot, while tight enough to put his torso on display - and completing the ensemble with loose black pants and combat boots.

He hated the sun, sometimes, and he wondered how this was supposed to work out for him. Most of his photo shoots were always inside, both for his health and because he reflected light horribly. But he came nonetheless, seeing the whole idea as an opportunity far too great to pass up - Jexica Holding was going to be there, and he'd be there even if he were missing limbs. Chances like this were rare, especially since he'd moved from Haviah.

And so, he'd found himself gathered with the others, hidden under his white hood with a pair of black shutter shades hiding his eyes, ear buds placed, as usual, in his ears. The music playing was, appropriately,  Jexica's.

He watched her keenly when her and Neeko arrived, and was glad then of the shades - not only did they shield his eyes from the light, but they hid his wide eyed, starry expression from the others. She was even more gorgeous in person than in her videos, and he had to remind himself that he'd promised - sworn, even - that he'd be on his absolute best behavior. This was the person to whom a voice of music belonged, and to him, music was akin to religion.

When she'd mentioned photos, he simply smiled widely, determined to keep quiet for the moment so as to not make a fool of himself - if only she knew he was as much a fan of hers as she was of her Pilot hosts.

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2017, 01:59:10 AM »
He was pretty sure he heard of her on some streaming station some time ago. Some pop song or another that just kind of blended into the background of everything else. Frankly to himself, he usually just listened to whatever rock or metal band he'd listened to when he was younger, and let that rhythm roll on through him when he about to begin a sim run. Grisham took a small sack of rice, lit a stogie and chewed hard on the end of it, and once the smoke was about halfway he put the smoke down and zero'd in.

This wasn't a sim. Hell this wasn't even his event to worry about! But damn if it wasn't damn good fun to just sit around watch all the meatheads work out into stances for their photoshoot. Loveable Meatheads as he figured.  Itwas part of their charm. Grisham chewed on the end of that cherry stogie and having flown in earlier, stole a few hours for a nap, he was as right as Margad "rain" and content to sit back and watch the shenanigans.  A few glares from Jexica's people when he blew smoke their way.

He wasn't here to ruffle any feathers and gently waved away and discomfort on their part. He'd send them some kind of gift basket, fill it with cookie crumbles or something. It'd be just fine. Grisham took a long drag off the cigar and shifted himself in his seat. He was in something akin to shade, at least where part of the seating area in the background was covered with an awning and he wiggled his toes in those sandals.

It felt weird, not being in boots, or regular pants, or even just wearing a towel for that matter. Thankfully the attention wasn't really on him, he was an eyesore enough as it is. Burns on part of his right torso and thigh, bullet scars that were now healed over. It wasn't a mess he found embarrassing in the slightest, it was what it was. But it was nice to sit in the background. Grisham relaxed back on the poolside chair he sat on, shirtless and keeping the towel over his lap, and admiring the show as it were. He wasn't much of a pool guy, but he could make an exception.

Another long drag on the smoke before Grisham reached across to pluck the sweating glass beside him, a tall cold brandy. The ice was already melting. It wasn't too early for drinking. Not at all.
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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2017, 10:45:35 AM »
Today was a pretty good day.

Despite the sun being out in its blazing glory, the temperature wasn't too unbearable. Then again, the pools tended to be a bit more merciful in terms of environmental control, the water catching on the artificial breeze so even out of the shade it wasn't too bad.

It was excellent napping conditions, but unfortunately, napping was out of the question. There was a shoot to do, and with a tiny, cute little thing like Miss Jexica, there was also his squad to keep in line. Yavul loved his squadron, would trust them with his life, but he knew exactly how they could get without an established leash, and this was too big an event to let the dogs loose, so to speak. It was a thankless job, but someone had to do it.

At least there was swimming and grilling to look forward to, and so he pulled off the grey tank top he'd arrived in, leaving it on a chair and making his way across the synthetic beach in logo-emblazoned board shorts. Representing team colors and all that. Typically he'd just go in whatever he was wearing at the time-- swimsuits were expensive as hell-- but that would not have flown with PR. Not today, anyway. Something about 'you can look like a hobo at home'.

At any rate, Jexica looked so damn excited it was hard to resent the nitpicking over his wardrobe, and so he made his way over through the sea of assistants and photographers and lighting experts, catching Neeko’s super subtle eye roll as he did. Yavul quirked an eyebrow at the nonhuman over his own shades, before turning back to what appeared to be masses of blue hair attached to a human being. Damn, he did not envy brushing that every day. Her neck must’ve been sore 24-7.

“Welcome to our sunshiney city, cher,” he said with an easy grin, holding out a hand for her to shake. “I got some huge fans a yours on th’ roster, heard nothin’ but good things.”

Of course, he wouldn't mention that it was a very specific member of the team, a very specific member who was doing his damnedest to look professional right then, and not dissolve into a fit of starstruck awe. Poor Razzle Dazzle, he looked sweltering in all those clothes, but when the alternative was burning like bacon, well, some sacrifices were better than others. Yavul turned his attention back on Jexica with practiced ease, hands jammed into the pockets of his shorts.

“So you're gonna join us for grillin’ an’ all after? You an’ Razzy can talk music an’ shit, y’all should get on like a housing complex on fire.”

Somewhere over Jexica’s head, something green caught Yavul’s eye, and he snorted in amusement to spot Grisham settled in on a chair of his own. No real time to say a proper hello, Yavul could only nod and make a mock salute in the other commander’s direction before they were all swept up in the shoot. The bastard even had brandy, something Yavul envied him mightily at that very moment, wanting nothing more than to kick back and get buzzed and enjoy the sun.

Ah well. At least this shoot didn't involve fancy outfits or anything, just an amusingly awkward application of powder to bare skin. To photograph better, from what Yavul heard the assistant saying, though it was hard to tell over the poor thing’s stammering.

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2017, 12:05:14 PM »
There was never excitment at being around celebrities. They were just people and they'd been molded into interesting little shapes. Harley wasn't blown away, if anything all that hair was more impressive than her music. Harley fluffed his own hair while he walked past the cluster.

Of course his ears were perked but he was helping. He wasn't the main coordinator. Harley wasnt even really sure why he had to be here besides running stupid errands. A quiet grumble while he walked along the fake sand.

His cryo abilities were working over time to keep him cool and he rubbed at his forehead. If he didn't leave Solarta an amazing cryokinetic he'd be super pissed. Mismatched eyes darted around, quietly noting Raz's sweatered excitment and Yuval. Eyebrows slowly climbed up at the removal of the shirt.

Following the line of visual contact -- Grish!

Harley grinned widely, having not expected to see him. Did he say thank you for the weird bittersweet nightlight thing? Carefully Harley made his way over, steps ovrely graceful for the sake of his balance. "You came here to roast?" He perked up before grabbing an elastic band from his wrist and tying a little of his hair back.

Harley was dressed in a plain white tank top and a pair of black swim trunks. Which left most of his weird mottled scales visible. He crouched beside Grisham and quick as could he, plucked the glass from the green haired mans hand and drank it down. A grimmace and a cool empty glass later, the sound of crunching ice and a hum. "Thanks, this shit is stressful. Do you know how many coffee's I've gotten people today? Not even the fun kind." A sigh and he grinned, "want another of those? I have to swing by and make sure Neeko doesn't need anything." Then he wrinkled his nose, "or anyone else."

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2017, 01:36:20 PM »
Honestly so far the day had been a letdown. Sparrow, of course, jumped at the chance to come when Grisham invited her. Really she would have done anything to get back in his good graces after the stunt she had just gotten past. Even if leaving Adstreia was something Sparrow hardly ever did or wanted to do.

So there she was, walking up to the pool and trying her best to keep away from the Valkyries and their photoshoot. On the outside, Sparrow was the picture of confident, while on the inside she felt like she didn't know a single person there. Yavul was easy to spot out, she had met him before. Even the ever annoying Raz could be seen in the cluster of pilots surrounding the blue haired girl.

As she walked Sparrow continued to pick out who she may know in the crowd. The one guy, with a tail rolling his eyes. Had to be Neeko. Yep, that was pretty much it other than her commander who was casually relaxing in a chair across the way.

Making her way over Sparrow noticed someone approach Grisham... a black and white fellow that she could only match with the profile she read of Harley. She approached just at the end of his statement. Something about being stressed, coffee and not having fun.

Poor thing.

"Get me one..." Sparrow chimed in, immediately realizing that may have sounded ruder than she intended. "... I mean if you are already getting one for Commander...uhm please?" Her eyes shifted towards Grisham. "I'm being as polite as I can. At least I didn't ask for coffee." she thought, hoping it would reach him. She really was trying and in her opinion, she thought she was doing a damn good job.

Taking the chair next to Grisham Sparrow laid back, lifting her glasses up over her head to expose the vibrant emeralds that were hidden beneath. Her eyes scanned the pool again and locked on the blue haired girl everyone was swarming around. Again... poor thing.

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #6 on: September 10, 2017, 01:40:30 PM »
Maybe this wasn't his event but that sure as shit didn't mean he wasn't going to enjoy himself. He was divorced, not dead, and he could enjoy eye candy along with the best of them. And with the Valkyries there definitely wasn't any shortage of it. Grisham quietly cackled and snorted as he scanned the squadron. Silvery and emblazoned with their logo. It was weirdly adorable, watching Yavul try and maintain his composure while being nitpicked over his outfit.  And then there was Razzle Dazzle, the little guy barely able to stay in his skin for all the squirming he was doing.

Sparrow had her own little PR gig, but with that commercial and ad campaign having aired all over Aedolis, Grisham so no reason she couldn't enjoy a weekend by a poolside shoot. Back to the grind come the week though, back to work, back to the grind, back to everything. Don't over think what it was you had to do later on. Stay in the here and now, he chided himself.

A grin soon followed and he waved back to Yavul's goofy greeting. Ha! What a nerd. And coming from someone born and raised in Startown, that was quite a compliment. Grisham grunted comfortable back into that awning, only really sweating a little now. The brandy was quickly getting watered down.

"Oh, hello Quin what's up...Hey!"  Then the brandy was gone. Just like that. Just helped himself, the little bastard!  Grisham sat up and only could scowl beneath his sunglasses. He took back the empty glass, took off the shades and stuck his eye almost to the rim, as if to make sure the drink was really gone. Rat bastard.

"I came to swim and have some food yeah. So to roast is pretty accurate," Grisham mumbled. No use in crying over drunk brandy. "I don't need any coffee, Quin. Have a seat."  Grisham shifted and took Quin by the arm and with a tug yanked him down to sit by him. "Good thing I brought my flask. And you can make ice. So do the ice thing and I can pour another glass."

Grisham waited for Harley to do just that and then poured whatever was left of his flask into the glass, sealing it back and tucking it back under the seat. Empty now, but he needed his drink and didn't appreciate it being stolen. "You ok now? Or you still on edge? Brandy is good for taking it riiight off. And no, this one is mine."

"Ok Sparrow. You can enjoy yourself. Your commercial was amazing by the way," Grisham projected back to his squadmate, flashing teeth at her. He stuck the stogie back in his mouth. "You can get your own drink Sparrow. Quin is taking a break."

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2017, 07:35:50 AM »
The eyeroll was for the fangirling, obviously. So far Neeko had spent the most time with her, and had pretty much spent most of it listening to her gush about how cool pilots were and how excited the girl was to meet pilots like them. He supposed to civilians squad pilots really would be the epitome of awesome. Still, the level of enthusiasm was going to exhaust him before the energetic pixie left Solarta behind.

“Oh wow, really?” Jexica took Yavul’s hand with a surprised giggle. The girl looked like she was about to explode from pure happy excitement. “I honestly hadn’t thought I’d have fans on a squad. I mean, you’re all way too cool for me!”

Beefy pilot hunks seemed more like they’d be into something a little more hardcore than her brand of unabashedly girly pop. A hefty percentage of her fan base was teenage and pre-teen girls.

“That means good, right?” Obviously she’d never heard that expression before, but it sounded sort of like he thought that she’d get along good with Razzy; although it took her a minute to realize who that might be. She knew about all the squads and which pilots were on them, because she loved watching the games every year. “Ooooooh, do you mean Pilot Echo Razican Eleria? Isn’t he one of the newer members of the Valkyries? That’s so neat. I can’t wait to meet him! My uncle said that he had a friend on the squad named Razzle Dazzle, so I’m guessing that’s him.”

She was giggling again, at least until Neeko came up and gently put a hand on her back, guiding her towards to set. “We’ll have lots of time for that soon, but let’s get started Miss Jexica, we’re going to get off schedule.”

“Oh right, sorry! I just got excited.”


The shoot itself was mostly a flurry of artists coming in to do touch-ups between Neeko and the photographer giving directions on how to pose for each shot. Well, that and Neeko and Mr. Anderson going back and forth arguing in hushed whispers on the outskirts of the activity. They both had to agree to every shot that would make it into actual publication. If either said no to a picture it was automatically out.

They must have taken over a hundred pictures of twenty or so poses before Neeko waved the photographer away. It had been roughly two hours.

“Alright, that’s enough. We’ve gotten what we need. Will all set personnel please pack up your things and kindly vacate the area? You’re not invited to the after party. Pilots and Miss Jexica only.” Neeko turned to Mr. Anderson with a grin. “That also includes you. You’re no longer needed for today. I will ensure one of the Valkyries, along with her military guard; escort Miss Jexica back to her hotel safe and sound once the party is over.”

The man left scowling, clearly unhappy with this arrangement, but knowing better than to argue with a pilot. Jexica was more than a little amazed at how easily her personal babysitter had been sent away. Mr. Anderson almost never left her alone anywhere.

“Oh sweet! This is going to be, like, the coolest cookout ever!” Two hours in the sun, being posed like a mannequin hadn’t seemed to take any of the pep out of her step. Her sundress had been discarded at the very beginning of the shoot, leaving her in a silver ruffled bikini with bright blue trim. They’d thought silver quite appropriate given the occasion.

“I do hope you’ll have a grand time, Miss Jexica.” Neeko turned to wave at probably the only person as excited about this whole thing as the girl was. “Razzle, come entertain our guest.”

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2017, 12:48:06 PM »
During the course of the photo shoot, Raz had been given some sort of lotion, and was ensured, several times over, that even the sunlight in Solarta wouldn't be able to burn him, at least for several hours. Professional grade cosmetics for the fairest of skins, he was told.

He wondered if they took albino's into account.

Nevertheless, he was finally convinced to change into a pair of black swimming trunks, dominated by a silver Valkyries logo motif on both legs. As soon as the pictures were over, he still put his t-shirt back on. He hadn't tried to a crisp yet, but he took no chances - he also noticed, with a smirk, that in the light his thin shirt was nearly sheer, and his ink was still prominently on display.

He'd been resigned at first to simply recline in a lounge chair for a few minutes, shades on and hiding his eyes. He stole glances at their guest every so often, said glances hidden behind the aforementioned shades.

Damn, but that bikini looked good. She really did look even better in person than in her vids, and he'd never seen her in swimwear before. He felt as if his shades were all that stopped his eyes from rolling out of his head.

And so, he remained that way for several minutes, juggling between feigning disinterest and trying not to look like a staring creep, until Neeko called him out.

For a moment, he wished he could pretend that he didn't hear, but anyone here that knew anything about him would know he could hear just about anything...he had never hated being a sono more than he did just then.

It wasn't as if he didn't like her - he was intimidated by her. He was a fan, and she was the idol. He may be a Pilot, but he was also still a person. Music was his bread and water, so to speak, and here she was - a siren, the person behind the voice that millions screamed for.

He felt unworthy.

Yet still, he managed to pick himself up from his chair, and make his way over. He could feel and hear his heartbeat pounding in his chest and ears. Maybe he'd have to get the tattoo on his chest removed - his heart clearly was protesting its existence.

"Um...hi. Miss Jexica. I'm Razican...you can call me Raz...or Razzle...or whatever. I collect nicknames." He smiled somewhat sheepishly, before taking off his shades, and looking to her with startling sapphire eyes.

"I have...um...all your music. I hope you've been having fun?"

For fucks sake, he felt like a jackass. Was he nervous? Couldn't be, he didn't get nervous. He killed raiders and mutant creatures for a living, using gun and sound.

....yet his heart was racing, and he was sure his face was turning red. Monsters and raiders, sure, no problem.

A pop star diva? He thought he'd die right there, with stars in his eyes.

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #9 on: October 08, 2017, 03:45:49 PM »
You know, when something isn't happening to you, it results in a 300% increase in being funny. If, of course, those math nerds were to be believed. But looking at how Raz was, how he tried to play it so cool under the blazing sun, like the sweat the assistants were dabbing off in between strings of shots were only due to the heat.

The poor kid was so starstruck star-smitten, and it was adorable.

But man, standing around in only minutely differing poses for two solid hours was painful. Yavul snuck in what movement he could, cracking his neck or scratching his nose when the nearest assistant’s attention was elsewhere, slipping right back into pose as soon as her eyes (Like the devil’s own pet hawk) were on him.

When he didn't need to pop a cramping joint, he kept himself entertained by making as many faces as he could at Jexica, trying for at least a giggle until Devil Hawk Woman gave him the sternest glare known to mankind. That about put an end to any further nonsense, and then finally the whole of it was done.

Whooping loudly, the Commander celebrated the success of the shoot by running along the beach to where a false outcropping was constructed over a sufficiently deep end of the pool, up the “cliff” and right off the edge.

No better way to wash off sealant than a copious amount of water. And then shaking the majority of it off in a wide arc like some kind of stray.

Not that heavy grade cosmetics would be so easily rinsed off, and certainly not after how many layers they'd ended up using. He'd be cleaning that out of every last crevice for days, it felt like. But eh, maybe a couple more jumps would do it. The grill had to be moved in and set up and get heated, after all, he wouldn't need to get to cooking for a little bit.

That, and the water felt DAMN fine after a long time in strong sunlight.

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #10 on: October 09, 2017, 08:25:39 AM »
If the option between baking in the sun for two hours and sitting in a mildly cooler shady spot had been any easier, Grisham was ready to melt right into that chair and stay there forever. As it was however, when the staff was finally gone and they were free to do what they wanted and interact as they pleased, Grisham didn't want to be that guy that did absolutely nothing the entire time he was here. Although the temptation definitely was growing stronger and stronger the longer he remained.

He glanced over to Harley and pat him on the shoulder as he shifted around and took another good drink of that brandy. He was hungry and the grill wasn't on yet, but he could use a dip, so watching Yavul catapult himself off the edge of that false edge was all the convincing he needed to get off his ass.

"You coming, Quin? I don't think Neeko needs you for anything else, come and have a dip in the water!" he gestured Harley to follow along. He set his drink down on the nearest table and as he stood at the edge of the water, he removed the towel from his waist, tossing it onto the chair. Grisham  placed both hands on his hips, presenting that red missile speedo, observing that water and when the heat was suffocating enough, he slowly meandered into the deeper end of the pool.

There wasn't any need for exuberant displays, not this time, but the pleasure of being in that pool alone was apparent all across his face, and he kicked off the ground to start swimming laps around Yavul.

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Re: Pixie Divas vs Valkyries
« Reply #11 on: October 10, 2017, 06:39:27 PM »
Enjoy Herself. Funny.

Air escaping her lungs and through her lips Sparrow just pulled her sunglasses back down, leaning further back in the chair. With arms crossed behind her head and knees propped up, she looked up at the awning while she ran everything else she could be doing right now through her head.

Why was she here again? Oh right, because she fucked up. She really wasn't quite sure how many times she had cursed herself for throwing that damn coffee the week before. It had done nothing but cause her more trouble than it was worth.

The sound of Grisham moving next to her caused Sparrow to sit up, only to slap a hand over her mouth to keep the laughter in. Leave it to Grisham to even at poolside have more balls than anyone around. That red missile speedo had to be a custom-made piece of work just for him.

Regardless of how hysterical she found it, Sparrow realized she was now alone. No company other than the chair that now held Grisham's towel and sweating glass next to it. Some may have seen this as an opportunity for a free drink, but Sparrow was no idiot.

Pulling her legs in Sparrow sat with them crossed as she watched the pool and flurry of people around it. She thought that now may be the time to run while no one was paying attention.

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As far as modes of death went, drowning sucked.

Even partially drowning sucked. You coughed abd hacked and choked and generally made an ass of yourself, which kind of made you at least partially thankful for the water in the first place, because at least then you could splash some into your face to help with the inevitable mess of respiratory failure.

And so, there Yavul stood, on the balls of his feet and still shoulder-deep, coughing and spitting and trying to expel pool water from his lungs. All because he'd broken the surface after his last cannonball just as Grisham had decided to pose like some kind of goddamn Dippenchales superhero. Rocket Man, or something equally amazingly awful.

And like a turkey in Margad during hydroring rotation, Yavul's jaw had dropped, and he gulped down several lungfuls of chlorinated water. Gobble gobble.

Fucking speedos.

Still coughing even after Commander Alberich had made it into the pool and begun swimming laps, Yavul's only form of revenge was to turn, bringing his arm around just underneath the pool's surface and sending a wave of water splashing into the other man's scruffy face.

"H!" Yav yelled back to shore, where the tiny kulshedra in question so lightly sparkled in the sun where he sat. "C'mon, chicken fight, you an me!"

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A smirk.

Harley watched after Grisham, an eyebrow lifting, his head a little fuzzy from the alcohol he'd kept stealing from Grisham. His eyes were sleepy looking but he was alert, dreary blinks he watched the going ons with interest. He was loud and intrusive and nosy but observant. He saw Sparrow, saw the lines in her body while she tried to 'hide'. Briefly he chewed on his lip before he cast his eyes back to the pool.

Watching Yavul while Yavul watched Grisham. Grinned widely when the he sucked in a mouthful of water before Harley flicked his eyes to Grisham and just watched for a moment. Look calculating. Another glance before he stood up and stretched his arms up high above his head. He removed his tanktop before tossing it on the ground, frowning slightly at how pale he looked. Fit and slim. He dragged the back of his hand along the scales along his side but...

Did he want to be itchy?

The choice was made for him when he was called to again. A little smirk and he glanced to Grisham before he rolled his shoulders and bolted into the water, splashes kicking up around him and once he was deep enough he dived under the surface and swam. The sun glinted off his scales like a fish and he was decently deep in the water when he finally surfaced and took a deep breath.

The water was nice.

"What's a chicken fight?" He said, swimming towards the older Pilot, hair slicked back with a pleased little smile on his face while he doggy paddled. "I didn't bring my chicken," He teased, nudging Yavul's shoulder with the back of his hand. He looked to Grisham, "Grisham!" He yelled, voice echoing off the water forgetting for a moment that he was so close to Yavul and he should probably do his best to keep his wide mouth a little more closed than usual.

"Did you bring your chicken! Yavul wants them to fight!"
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