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Aedolis Characters / Halvard Stone
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 16, 2018, 02:19:59 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Halvard Stone
Age 32
DOB December 31st
Gender Male
Species Mostly Human
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 6'4"
Occupation Military
Residence Margad, Aedolis

Playlist: Warning May Contain Explicit or Mature Lyrics and Themes

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description

Halvard has a rugged and built appearance. He's tall, strong, and mean looking. His white hair is shaved close on the sides and back with the top part being long enough to tie back in a small ponytail or bun. He prefers to keep it back rather than lose otherwise it gets in the way. The left side of his face is badly scarred with thin, shiny scars running across his nose, cheek, forehead and lips. His left eye is also milky-white and completely blind though intact. His right eye is bright green with a cat-like pupil. His canines are also a bit more pointed than the average human's. Overall his vision and hearing are also above average though nothing truly remarkable. He can see a bit more in the dark and a bit further than most but that is about it. His body is littered with tattoos and scars, each with their own story to tell. [More on this once I figure it out ha ha ha >.<]


He is a rough around the edges kind of man but with his heart in the right place. He is very serious and disciplined in all that he does, rarely cracking a smile or joke readily. Halvard is a natural-born soldier with loyalty, steadfastness, and intelligence. He is a master of self-control, able to lead the way, make solid and realistic plans, and manage the people that work with him.

That being said, Halvard is very cynical and stubborn. He expects the worst of everyone and is slow to let his walls down enough to let people fully in. His life is compartmentalized so that work and personal do not interfere with each other more than is necessary. He has very high standards for himself and others, making it sometimes difficult to deal with him and his taciturn and cold ways. His family is his everything though and if he considers you part of it, he will always stand beside you.


Precognitive: Halvard has a very unreliable ability to see the future. As a rule it has a very limited appearance in his life. There is only one thing that he has the ability to pick up on and that is the moment someone or something will cease to be. The visions while rather accurate are few and far between and only occur when the outcome is certain without possibility of changing. For example when his his wife died he "saw" it happen mere moments before it actually did. There was nothing he could have done to change it and he curses himself often enough for his own "uselessness."


Mira Stone: Wife, Deceased. Former Samariel military KIA.

Finley Stone: 6 year old daughter. She lives with her maternal grandparents and Halvard gets monthly supervised visits with her along with phone calls some Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The In-Laws: Samariel military officers who absolutely loathe Halvard. They won custody rights over Finley from him and intentionally make things exceptionally difficult for him. They never forgave him from getting Mira pregnant and then marrying her when she was already set to marry someone else.


Born the son of Solartan mudminers, Halvard always felt he was meant for other things. While he was tested and found to possess minor precognitive abilities, with no telepathy and no consistency he was passed over for Candidacy. Restless and stubborn, Halvard eventually enlisted in the military once he was old enough. He thrived in the lifestyle, especially once he was stationed in Samariel. The fast-paced life kept him active and happy. Each new day was filled with new bumps and bruises and scars. Not even the loss of his eye and the deep scarring to his face phased him much. He didn't want for anything when there was "adventure," drink, and warm bodies to roll in his bed.

It was in this manner that at 25 he met his future wife, Mira. The pair had a fun one-night stand that resulted in an unexpected little bundle of joy. Mira was supposed to be marrying another man, so to save face in her family's eyes, Mira and Halvard were coerced into getting married. Truth be told Halvard was not entirely opposed. It was just a new thing for him and he was willing to roll with this new bump in the rug. At 26 he was a father to the cutest baby girl with a wife 8 years his junior. Life was amazing!

Two years later things took a turn for the worse. Mira died when one of the creatures they protected the city from got ahold of her and dragged her to a watery grave. Her loss hurt Halvard deeply as while there had been on love between the pair he had lost his best friend and the mother of his child. To make matters worse, Mira's parents at last had the means with which to make Halvard's life hell for supposedly ruining Mira's. They blamed him for their only daughter's death as well as a great many things.

While Halvard was handling his grief, they built a case against him claiming him to be an unfit parent to Finley and nearly costing him his job. Only his years of service and agreement to the terms of custody kept him from losing everything. He was transferred to Margad, making seeing Finley even harder than it already was. He is supposed to have weekly calls with her Tuesdays and Thursdays unless she is otherwise occupied with her own activities or does not wish to speak with him. Halvard is also granted supervised visits for a few hours once a month. He is not allowed to take Finley out of Samariel, nor is he permitted to see her outside of these visits unless prior permission has been obtained. He makes the best of it he can even if his former In-Laws are still intent on taking his little girl from him for good.

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Margad / Re: Waffling over Coffee [Goblin]
« Last post by Moonie on February 16, 2018, 01:39:03 AM »
For one terrible moment Maddy froze, packet of sugar in his hand as he prepared to dump it in his coffee, a very deer-in-the-headlights look coming over his face. The dude thought he was a hooker trying to proposition him?


Most people would have been highly offended by such an assumption, but as Maddy began to breathe again, calmly dumping the sugar into his mug he only smirked, eyes flashing with nothing short of amusement as he stirred and then promptly forgot about his coffee.

“I have never used that line before in an attempt to pick up a handsome stud like you, nope, that’s a Maddy one hundred percent original right there just for you.” Maddy leaned over the table, putting his chin in his hands as he gazed across the table at Halvard with a cheeky grin. “To the chase then? I was absolutely looking for a good time, but I only get paid for sex when they’re filming it, and I don’t see any cameras. This is just me having fun on my own time, handsome, sorry, but the flattery is genuine. You seem so surprised, and that just makes me a little sad.”

Halvard apparently was not used to getting attention from people wanting to jump his bones, or was simply hypercritical of himself and obsessively self-conscious about the perceived faults with his looks – all nonsense, of course. Maddy saw nothing wrong with the scars across that side of his face, or the milky eye that sat blindly in its socket, and even the mangled ear didn’t faze him. The man was handsome and built, the scars just made him more interesting.

“Well, since you know what I do, how about you big guy? I’m guessing something dangerous and exciting. Military?” Maddy finally took a sip of his coffee, looking at Halvard intently over his mug, his smile was only somewhat subdued now that being ravaged in the alley out back seemed off the table.

It wasn't like he didn't have days where he just wasn't feeling up to anything. Besides, wanting something and not getting it only made Maddy want it more. Right now that was Halvard.
Margad / Re: Waffling over Coffee [Goblin]
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 15, 2018, 07:15:29 PM »
Halvard made a noncommittal grunt in reply. So pretty boy Maddy was a sex worker. Great. He wouldn't be the first prostitute trying to prey on the lone wolf card with the marred face. Some had been lucky enough to win those credits for their efforts too. But, no, not tonight. Halvard was not interested in a quick one-off in some hotel room before crawling home tired and even more alone.

"You use that line on all the men you try to pick up in waffle houses? I don't expect you get much business that way," he commented with a slight tilt of his head. "Listen, I've had a really long day. So let's cut to the chase. I'm sure you're a lovely guy but if you're looking for a paid-for good time, I'm not interested."

He scrubbed at his face tiredly with his hand while sighing heavily. "If you really want to talk though then I'm sorry and if I haven't insulted you then by all means stay and talk. You don't need to keep trying to flatter me though. I know what I look like. I don't need it sugar-coated," he huffed grumpily. Maybe the mouse would scurry or maybe it would stay, either way Halvard had said his piece and he would be content with whichever way the pieces lay.
Margad / Re: Waffling over Coffee [Goblin]
« Last post by Moonie on February 15, 2018, 05:45:42 PM »
 “Excuse me good sir, but I do not settle for anything less than what I want, and what I want is to sit and talk with you, because I think you’re interesting.” Maddy turned his cup before plucking up a creamer and pouring it into the steaming coffee, his voice was still light and teasing. “Before I spotted you I was just going to go home and sleep.”

Every bit of that was truthful, those had been his plans and he did find him very interesting. Mostly from a raw sexual attraction level at this point, but that was always the best place to start, right? Of course it was.

“Oooh, Halvard, I like it. Fun to say.” Maddy practically purred the name, putting emphasis on it. Not a typical name, sounded strong and unique. He tucked that name away for later, because he was going to have a lot of fun screaming it. “Ah, I did eat, yes. I noticed you when I came in, but when I saw you were still mulling over here with nothing but a cup of coffee I couldn’t resist introducing myself. I don’t run into such attractive men at waffle houses often, you understand, and definitely not all on their lonesome.”
Margad / Re: Waffling over Coffee [Goblin]
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 15, 2018, 05:26:53 PM »
"And so you decided to settle and come sit with me," he replied dryly as he deftly poured a second cup of coffee and slid it across the table in front of Maddock. The bowl of little creamers and sugar soon followed to be closer to the other man's reach. It was not as if Halvard needed them. He blew gently on his coffee before taking a sip.

If he noticed the way Maddock was eyeing him though he said nothing on the matter. He knew he was an unnatural sight with his scarred face, tattered ear, and milky-white eye. The military life was not easy for those that served in the line of fire and Halvard had faced his share of demons and monsters over the years.

"My name's Halvard. It's nice to meet you, Maddy. Did you," he paused, elongating the word as he tried to think of something to say, "already eat?"
Margad / Re: Waffling over Coffee [Goblin]
« Last post by Moonie on February 15, 2018, 05:11:23 PM »
Maddy didn’t hesitate to slide into the chair across from Mr. Hunk when a nod of permission was directed that way. The flirty smile only grew more impish at the suggestion that boredom must have played a big part in why he’d come over. Although even more importantly, that voice, sent little tingles through the small demon.

Oh sweet cheese and crackers had Maddy stumbled on to something here. The stud seemed confused by his approach, but he was ticking so many of his boxes right now.

Tall? Check.

Muscles? Check.

Rugged? Check.

Voice to die for? Fucking check!

“Please.” He bit his bottom lip, red eyes flickering to the coffee pot when it was offered. At least having the cup would give some pretense that he was there for something other than a pure desire to have those rough hands squeezing his thighs while their owner whispered naughty things in Maddy’s ear with that lovely gravel-growl.

“Well it was a boring and lonely evening, yeah, but then I happened to notice there was a very good-looking fellow a few tables over from me and would have been a fool to not at least try to say hello. I’m Maddock, by the way, but most people just call me Maddy.” Delicate fingers brushed through his silver hair as it was pushed out of his eyes, they were bright red as they studied the man across from them with appreciation.
Margad / Re: Waffling over Coffee [Goblin]
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 15, 2018, 02:43:11 PM »
It was Tuesday night and that usually was a good thing, fantastic even if things were going well. It was a Finley day. But, things had not gone well. The same time he called every Tuesday and Thursday to speak to his daughter and as was the case more often than not he was denied the right to do so. "She has homework," they would say or "she's out playing with her friends." Tonight it was "she has a dance recital." Funny how he was never invited to come see her too or be a part of her life beyond what little tidbit was required of her guardians to allow him.

He was too tired to cook and too awake to just go to bed so Halvard had dragged himself off to the AHOW a few blocks from his lonely little apartment. The way things often went in his life the staff knew to expect him at least 3-4 times a month and that was only if it was a good month.  There were times where he was coming twice a week for months straight. Tuesdays and Thursdays were either really good days or really bad ones.

They sat him down in his usual table with his usual cup of black coffee, a refill pot at his elbow should he need it. Truth be told he almost never did. Halvard would sit there and stew, nursing his lone cup until it went cold. Sometimes he would order something and sometimes not, regardless he always tipped well and left without causing trouble.

Tonight he was engrossed in a card game on his phone. He was losing badly but continued to idly flip different cards in mild hopes of winning. Halvard barely registered the figure approaching him until they were suddenly speaking. He twitched slightly at the intrusion of personal silence before ever so slowly dragging his gaze up to stare at the petite man with his one good eye.

The stranger wanted to...join him? This was certainly rare though perhaps not so new. Was it a dare? His eye darted about his surroundings expecting to see more hooligans peeking out of a booth to giggle and chuckle over the man with monster scars and the unlucky soul sent to go talk to him. There was no one though.

Halvard shrugged and nodded with his head to the open chair. If the man wanted to stay then fine he could stay. He did not expect any trouble from him and he certainly was small enough that if he was looking to start something Halvard could handle him. Curiosity and perhaps a touch of loneliness invited him to stay longer as Halvard sat back and straight. His scarred lips pursed close together as closed the screen on his com and took in the sight before him. The boy, (was he a boy?) was rather cute in a very delicate and adorable way. Ten years ago he would have been Halvard's type to a T but now, well times change and Halvard wasn't exactly a winner himself.

"Got to be a case of some real boredom if you decided to come sit over here," he joked gruffly, his voice dry and rumbley in a way that made it hard to determine if he was growling or laughing. "Coffee?" Halvard drained his cup and poured himself a second while he nodded to the clean but upturned mug still sitting by the carafe. Offering was the least he could do and if for only a moment it gave him something to say or do to make himself feel less awkward and out of place. Most people tended to just leave him to his own devices. It was not every day a pretty little thing decided to mosey on hop to him as if he was the hottest Pilot in existence.
Communication / Re: To Halvard From Maddock
« Last post by Moonie on February 15, 2018, 12:17:26 PM »
---Text Message Sent 12:15PM---

Oh don't you worry, big boy, I always bring that. ;3

Communication / Re: To Halvard From Maddock
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 15, 2018, 12:07:16 PM »
---Text Message Sent 12:06PM---

It's a date! Meet you there at 0700. Don't forget your appetite ;)

Communication / Re: To Pilot Echo Dau, from Pilot Noble Dei
« Last post by GoblinFae on February 15, 2018, 12:05:27 PM »
Ren :)

I certainly hope you got yourself something equally soft and comfy. It's like being wrapped in the most gentle and loving of hugs ^-^ I absolutely love it! Although this "cuteness" you speak of...I do not know this word. I'm sorry your message has gotten all garbled...what's that- chzzzzz :P

Seriously though, Ren, you don't need to thank me for being a friend, for being "human," for having compassion like everyone else should. This is what we do for each other. Yesterday you, today me, tomorrow the next person. I'm really glad I was able to help though. I was afraid I was too much. I didn't want to bother you when you didn't respond so I left you be.

On the topic of being enough though...I wish I knew who took the stars from you. I wish I knew who made you believe these horrible lies that you are not enough, that you are not worthy of care, that you have to be something other than who you are. I wish I knew because I would tear them to pieces with my bare hands for trying, and I thank whatever deities exist for this, failing to shatter you.

YOU are NOT a failure, Erenys Dei.

Read that again, I'll wait. You are not a failure. You are enough. You are beautiful, and smart, and hilariously funny! I don't think I've laughed as much as when I receive a letter from you in a long, long time. You have two hearts of absolute gold and the cutest freckles to match! :P Seriously I don't think you realize since I'm so short how hard my jaw hit the floor when I saw you in person. They say Ravens are terrifying and yet all I see when I look at you is a very kind and giving and beautiful man, inside and out.

It's okay to be tired. It's okay to feel weary when you've lived so long and yet are still so young. You're barely older than I am, Ren. Seriously, think about that. We're so many titles and names and things that we forget for a moment, we're still young too. We're Pilots, and soldiers, and children, and parents, and siblings, and friends, and colleagues. But, we're beings too. We exist and I think sometimes people forget that buried beneath all the titles and all the fame and glory and fortune, we are just people. We make mistakes, we bleed, we hurt. Goddess do we hurt like nothing else. And then in the morning we put on that brave face and we smile and we play and we work. It's exhausting. I'm exhausted.

But, that's why we have friends. That's why we have each other to pull us through it. Because anyone that dares say you are not enough, anyone that dares make you believe you are not worthy of them is not worthy of YOU. So screw them, right? You don't need that. There are people that truly care and love you, Ren. Being around you is a blessing not a curse, not a nuisance. Anyone that says or treats you otherwise is a fucking fool. So don't you dare apologize for being you. Not to me, not to anyone. Don't apologize for giving me the honor of your friendship and sharing who you are with me. You are not a burden. You are a friend. And that is a precious responsibility that I am truly blessed to have. So thank you for your friendship. Really and truly I mean that, thank you.

Ah, "whisper on the wind" Clever Ren. You found me! Or maybe I found you ;) Am I really that obvious? Perhaps I need to start looking for a new job :P Get myself transferred into some desk job like transportation. Blegh!

And aww yes you did mention about the hospital and your friend. Did Nym go and do something stupid again? I know he's your commander and friend but I just don't understand him. Too reckless for my tastes maybe. Regardless I hope he feels better. On the upside you could look at your little hospital adventure as a means to make a difference in someone else's life. Maybe you're meant to be there for someone, even a stranger who needed you just in that moment. Or it's a sign you're meant to take a rest of your own. A reason to keep you still and at peace. OR and the most likely of them all...the goop monsters of the universe are out to get you and are slowly enacting their plan of world domination via hospital internment and isolation. Definitely be on the look out for bits of purple slime just oozing their little ways along the walls and halls. That's the first sign you're in danger.

I'm looking forward to you coming as well. You'll be here when you're able and that's all that matters. The when isn't as important.

Both. Definitely both. Rory I'm sure will understand. He is such a generous and loving fuzzball, and don't let Cabe lie and fool you. Aww I miss that beautiful boy so much though. He always gives the best furry snuggles. Sorry Mitra and Amice but you can't compete with a ball of warm purring fluff.

But yes if you have the time to be home and all you should get a cat. They're lovely. I loved when Cabe would let me kittysit Rory. I just am not home enough with work to be able to manage caring for one. I worry about the first mission I Have to be away from home a long while with the mice. I know Jesse said the autofeeder and everything will work but....my track record with fish has been rather depressing.

Enough about me though! You thought you could distract me but I will not be deterred! Right, that was definitely me distracting myself who are we kidding. You could get a kitty hoodie though. Then when you come to Samariel we can match. Also I'm sorry Ren but you cannot lie to me. I read your birth certificate. Your middle name is CLEARLY printed as Cute. So lies and slander you most certainly are cute. Own it. Because it's either that or I know the EXACT hoodie I will make you wear when you come here. I walk past the shop that sells it every day and it always makes me smile.

Fish Hoodie (made by newproductions) :P

Just keep me posted what you're up to as you find the time and think of it. I'm not going anywhere XD Take care of yourself and hope your friend feels better <3


P.S. Wisp is cute ;)
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