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Welcome Wagon / Re: Greetings Programs
« Last post by DoctorNotaFool on Today at 01:35:07 PM »
Haha oh apologies, I'm in the U.S. so tomorrow is thanksgiving for us. :)

Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome Wagon / Re: Greetings Programs
« Last post by Draconian on Today at 11:23:36 AM »
I dont know what holidays you're on about.

But hi! Welcome. (8
Adstreia / Re: Mudslide, Part Deux [Neph!]
« Last post by Lion on Today at 07:34:34 AM »
"What's a-matter, Dynamo? Can't get your old bones movin' enough t' make this a fair fi--AAYE!"

Now that was the beginning of a lovely crescendo of sounds that made Grisham execute a splitting grin in sheer satisfaction. Why the heck not, since Yavul was getting so cocky even with what little mud he had. Even the vague realization that he'd given him even more mud to throw didn't ease the amount of satisfaction he got from hearing that yelp, and semi-musical splat that followed. Some blessings didn't wear disguises.

Between snickerings, and trying to find the best cover possible behind those huge round planters, Grisham felt the sting of mud several times over that splattered between them, and his face was littered with that cold wet gray, and he could taste the bits that entered his mouth. He was gagging and spat out the minerally dirt. "EUGH!" Not even the cigars he'd been sneaking that day had made him hack up his robolungs so hard. 

"I'll get you for that!"  Cue gratuitous empty threat. Check. Let enemy reload and reinforce their position. Check. Rain unholy fire down on them that they couldn't prepare for.  The moment Yavul popped over that couch to gather up a bucket for themselves, Grisham didn't even care, and flung as much mud as he possibly could at he exposed portions of his legs, and....his muthafuckin' couch cushions!!!!

Rat Bastard!  Grisham soon found his own bucket empty, and he cursed at having exhausted his own ammunition, but the buckets there were plenty.  All he had to do was get to them. Yavul's position had given him the couch and a loveseat in the corner, and the fucking coffee table. These planters didn't protect from jack shit. Behind him, an eye to the bedroom door and he slipped back quickly, not even thinking or worrying about how stupid it really ones to yank off the sheets of his mattress and with a grunt, pull it up and shove it through the door, gripping the top edge of it.

It barely breached the door way - barely.  But it was huge enough to give him cover and he dragged it across the mudstained flooring toward the ammunition stores, taking a bucket in hand, hooking it on one arm, and gripping a second one, and keeping that one in hand, while his roboarm snagged at the top of the mattress and dragged it back to his bedroom door.

The only fair game he'd allow was the exposure of the buckets. And maybe that wasn't the best plan because after fifteen minutes of robbing the nearby loveseat of cushions, Grisham had made himself his own planter-bunker fort and walls of his apartment looked like it'd gone through the best part of a mudcar rally. End on end, there were handprints, feet prints, and far-off flunged mud stains in that dilapidated mess of an abode.

Grisham didn't care, he played to win.  And he knew that he couldn't stay hidden behind cover for very long. The mattress was in fucking ruins. Yeah there was no saving that thing.  It was here and now. One mudding to end all muddings.

Grisham's posture as crusted over with drying bits of mud and the pants he'd been wearing and undershirt sagged with the weight of it. The only thing not covered in mud was underneath and well maybe his eyeballs. He could still feel the muddy flavoring on his tongue here and there. Eugh!  He peeked out from the portion of his cover and when it was a little too quiet over there he knew that was the moment to strike. Couldn't have Yavul rearming himself yet again, even if there was but one bucket left in the corner.

Grisham ducked out and ran for that bucket, the last one. The mudbucket that would end this awful battle.  But the moment it was on his hand, he didn't run back into cover. No, he snatched the lid off and made for Yavul's bunker, spying that opening and making a dash for it. Grisham pried off that cushion and shoved himself inside, throwing the contents at ye olde coyote man at point blank range.
Welcome Wagon / Greetings Programs
« Last post by DoctorNotaFool on Today at 06:45:29 AM »
Name is Andy, been rping collectively for about 17 yrs. Both table top and forum, though recently more table top. I had been wanting to get back into forum rping, assuming it had faded away when aol shut down, but was surprised and glad to see the community is still active. Love what I have read so far about the universe here and look forward to building some great adventures with you lot.

Should be posting character info soon. Have a great holiday, programs!
Haviah / Re: Sticky Little Fingers
« Last post by Draconian on Today at 12:00:05 AM »
Little one?

If that didn't hammer in the disinterest from earlier he'd have to be denser than rocks. Aesir looked away, head downslightly and trying to ignore the hollow feeling in his chest. Hair ruffles and little ones. There was a glance up but he quickly glanced away not quite able to force himself to pretend to be happy.

Aesir pushed his hands through his hair and sighed.

"I don't know? Waffles and bacon?" Not that he was expecting that. Aesir couldnt remember really eating breamfast. Out the door. Eat some lunch at school or work or whatever. Aesir pressed a hand to his breastbone and tried to breathe in. It all worked fine. Just... Felt so hollow. Empty.

Like everything had been taken out and made to form a gieant beast of a man.

There was a pause and he sighed loudly before shuffling off the bed. Why did not being wanted by the giant stranger feel so bad? He stretched his arms hivh above his head wifh a squeak and sighed. "Can I help?" He asked softly about the kitchen work with a small oddly eager smile.
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Slowly Fading From the Misery [Goblin!]
« Last post by Blink on November 21, 2017, 11:45:22 PM »
Another flinch as Heather called her Princess again. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Heather pick up a notebook, even noted how she had adjusted the headphones that Aspen had concluded weren't even hooked up to anything.

She tried funny, she tried nice, and she tried apologetic. Nothing seemed to get through to Heather that Aspen wasn't here to ruin her life.

Her fingers ceased movement as Aspen looked up at Heather. "You know what..."

Was she really about to do this?  Yep.

Pushing herself up off the bed Aspen turned around and began fumbling through her bag. Within seconds she had pulled out her own notebook, a few of her music players, headphones, pencils... everything. And just as quickly as she pulled them out she flung each item one by one towards Heather.

"... since you don't care I guess it's okay if I just put all my stuff on your bed too. I mean, after all, I am here to take everything over right? That is what princess's do right?" It was clear Aspen was agitated as she started picking up clumps of clothes and purposely started flinging them onto Heather's bed as well. In the end, all she had left was her keyboard, something she contemplated throwing over but chickened out in the end. The last thing she wanted was for Heather to break it.

"Bit of advice though I'm probably sure you don't care to hear it. There is more out there than what's in here." Aspen pointed at her temple, never raising her voice beyond slight agitation.

Okay, time to wait and die now because surely Heather was going to kill her.
Adstreia / Re: Mudslide, Part Deux [Neph!]
« Last post by nephero on November 21, 2017, 11:01:07 PM »
"Lucky shot the fattest part a' my ass!" Yavul crowed back, near barking with laughter as he bolted for cover. The couch, of course, was the most viable option, being of a good enough height to keep even Yavul's considerable frame from being terribly exposed. It still left the problem of ammo, and with some semblance of desperation he began to scrape at his legs to get the half-dried mud off his thighs and into respectable mud-balls.

"What's a-matter, Dynamo? Can't get your old bones movin' enough t' make this a fair fi--AAYE!" Yavul took the brunt of the wave of mud with a loud yelping sound, the cool substance hitting his bare skin with a loud splat, followed by several more as Yavul shook his head violently to get the worst of it out of his face without sparing his scraping efforts.

Oh, oh, it was on. Grisham had made one crucial miscalculation, and that was giving Yavul more ammo. He dropped low, scooped up mud, and flung it hard at the trio of planters Grisham had chosen to hide behind. Rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat until once more, Yavul was scraping the bottom of the barrel. Er. Or in this case, the bare floor.

Yavul launched over the couch back then, grabbing up one of the large cushions and holding it up like a shield. He needed to get to one of those spare buckets, and so he began the slow, slippery journey to gather up a bucket of his own. He made a mad dash back to where the couch could help shield him, slipping here and there and thankfully still having that couch cushion to use as a kind of bumper so he didn't crash headlong into the couch in question.

Bucket opened, and thus freshly armed, Yavul began to return fire in earnest, cackling the whole time and not minding that he kept getting slapped with mud every time his head crested over the safety of the couch. He really needed to fortify, start building up his defenses, and so divided his attention between throwing mud and gathering up the couch cushions to be a better shield.
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Be Good To Yourself [Goblin!]
« Last post by Cheesigator on November 21, 2017, 10:54:59 PM »
Addie's smile only grew bigger at the returned affection from their dear Ice Princess. It meant she might forgive them, at least a little bit, and that was a start, right? They pressed a kiss to the top of her head, sliding an arm gently around her waist to pull her over to sit on their lap so they could have even better access to give both ears pets!

"Ahh, yeah I've been there a couple times! They have some good shops, and a lot of things that would look cute on you Ice Princess. Can we play dress up and put you in all the pretty things? You're just so cute I can't resist.~"

They said it with a grin as they wrapped their arms around her waist and buried their face in the crook between her shoulder and neck, breathing in her scent and letting it help them relax as they let out a soft sigh against her, starting to feel more and more at ease with every passing moment.

"After all, royalty has to have a good wardrobe." They teased, raising their face from her just enough to look up at her face, "Fancy dresses and shoes and all that~" They paused a moment, leaning in and whispering, "And maybe we could find some stuff Neeko might like for you too?~" They stuck their tongue out at her playfully, giving her a soft hair ruffle.
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Be Good To Yourself [Goblin!]
« Last post by GoblinFae on November 21, 2017, 10:20:58 PM »
Nishi melted and purred at the touch. Her eyes immediately drooped shut as her full weight was leaned up against Adele's back. In their hands, her ears twitched and swiveled this way and that to get all the best attention in all the best spots. It was involuntary but not something Nishi would have wanted to control anyway. This was bonding and they needed this. They needed to get over this hurt and do it together, whatever that would take because family did not fight with family and Nishi could not bear it any longer.

At the question posed to her she simply shook her head, her nose rubbing lightly against Adele's collarbone. "Never went shopping much. Hasn't been much I've wanted or needed since I got here though. Do you need something, Adele? Have you been there yet?"
The Rest of Aedolis / Evett's Regrets [Super Tragic Violet Wake Thread]
« Last post by Blink on November 21, 2017, 09:55:42 PM »
[OOC: Open to anyone who would have come to the ceremony at the greenhouse that morning. Thread takes place afterward at The Third Wind (bar with mechanical scorpion.)]

During the ceremony Mia couldn't help but feel like she was back at home, the warm sweet air clinging to her skin as she stood in silence in the greenhouse as the ceremony took place. The past few days had been almost a blur, only certain moments really standing out among the countless hugs and sympathies she had received. One thing she knew for sure being that everyone had stepped up and been there for her regardless of how silly this may have all seemed.

Mia knew Violet was just an insect to some people, nothing more than a silly bug that belonged to a silly girl. Yet despite that, the love and support she had received had shown her how much of a family she actually had here in Solarta. No one questioned it or blamed her for feeling as broken as she had about it. In some ways, Violet's passing had opened Tamia's eyes to more than just what death was like.

So now as she stood inside Third Wind, Mia stared at the mechanical scorpion in the middle of the room. Violet wasn't one completely, yet the machine brought some form of heaviness about her. It was clear from the ebony attire that adorned the normally bright and cheery girl that this 'silly' event had affected Mia more than she was letting on. She had tried to go back to smiling, even her usual crazy antics back in play as she attempted to touch the butt of every pilot in Solarta the day before. Yet still, at the end of the day, she found herself crying over all of it.

Azure and Emerald broken eyes remained locked on the metal contraption for a few more moments before she finally managed to rip them away, a deep breath released she hadn't realized she had been holding. This was really it, it was finally all over. Violet had been laid to rest and now she had to go on. She had to find a way to live with the fact she would never see or hold her again.

Another deep draw of breath as Mia wrapped her arms around herself, holding in whatever feelings she felt were about to spill out all over again as she slapped the smile back on her face.

"Gotta do this..."

Unwrapping herself Mia walked towards the bar, pushing one of the stools a little closer before using it as a step to stand atop the counter.

"Ahem!" Mia cleared her throat while she clapped her hands together.

"I just want to thank you all for coming today. Violet would have been so happy to see the love and support you have all shown today. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming." Mia cleared her throat again and let a small awkward silence break up her speech.

"So as special thanks, all drinks are on me today. Have fun and cherish the people standing around you. You never know when your time with them could be cut short." And with that Mia looked at Evett and winked. Yep, free drinks for life was sounding pretty good right about now.
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