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Author Topic: Spike Sutton - High End Hooker  (Read 68 times)

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Spike Sutton - High End Hooker
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:38:29 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Spike Sutton, Mezzoforte online
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Unicorn
Ethnicity N/A
Height 5'0"
Occupation One of the most expensive whores money can buy
Residence Haviah, Aedolis
Voice Rob Swire
Themesong My Demons by Starset

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Spike is a toned man who looks far younger than he actually is, perhaps early to mid twenties at most. His eyes are a pale silvery blue, framed with thick lashes in a slanted almond shape that makes his default expression permanent bedroom eyes. He doesn't smile, he smirks, with thick lips featuring a snakebite piercing under the lower one. His nose is perhaps a bit big but fits his face well, the bridge pierced twice with two silver balls on each side, and a septum piercing. His eyebrows are thick and expertly defined, pierced twice over each brow, and his hair is kept short and layered with possibilities for countless styles that always ensure he looks pristine. His hairline fades to a perfectly maintained chinstrap, goatee, and slight five o'clock shadow, giving his face the barest hint of pricklies that keep him from looking too boyish. Both ears sport numerous piercings as well.

His skin is a nice mocha tan, and his body is riddled with pale scars that at this point make him look more like a calico cat than a victim of abuse. His waist can taper in to a shocking 19 inches when fully cinched, and his body is wrought with lithe muscle most noticeable in his thighs from all of his practice at pole dancing. But perhaps his most interesting feature of all is the long, short-furred, slender aqua tail that protrudes from his lower back, longer than his legs that ends in a graceful tuft of white fur with the slightest hint of a blue iridescent shimmer. His left forearm is decorated in the jewelry tattoo that tells of his affiliation as an entertainer of Red Lotus, elaborate and intricate, mocking a faceted heart-cut ruby set inside of a lotus at its center.

Spike has been slowly losing the bitter hatred that's tainted his being for so long, and is now returning back to the young man he used to be some 6,000 years ago. Though he's accumulated knowledge and wisdom, and perhaps he truly acts his age in the responsibility he feels towards the newer ones who have joined Red Lotus, he can still be every bit the sassy fuck he used to. His wit and sarcasm know no bounds, a trait that has garnered much love and adoration from his fans due to his ability to reign it in with humility and good timing. He isn't just pretty arm candy, he's sharp and to the point, someone a beau can be proud to have on their arm at a party of politicians or a corporate event. He holds his own, only backing down from a challenge when it's in his--or Red Lotus's--best interest to do so.

Spike specializes in stripping, dancing (which includes on a pole,) singing, and of course, being an excellent event host with his charm and charisma. He has an incredible eye for aesthetic and fashion, his custom tailored outfits always sure to make jaws drop whenever he walks into a room emanating seduction, mystique and luxury.

-Immune to diseases
-Teleportation, Telepathy, and shapeshifting [these three are kept absolute secret]
-Basic purification powers [he saved a politician once from getting poisoned, press went nuts]
-Adept at the manipulation of sound and ice. This is something which is used more for show, using tiny ice crystals to make his body glitter, or his control of sound to make sure his voice is heard in a crowded room, however he can use it for combat most exquisitely, and has made a point of not doing so in centuries to avoid negative attention. He still keeps up with rigorous exercises that keep his skills sharp however, after all, you never know when you might have to save your own skin.


Spike has been around for a very long time, much longer than most citizens of Aedolis can count. Yet, perhaps unsurprisingly, his history is as common as any other's--or at least it would have been, from his younger years.

Spike was born like any other unicorn, into a herd, pure and blissful and serene, until one day he was captured by traders and sold into the world of slavery. They stole his innocence, beat, raped, and abused him, forcing him into a world he was never meant for, until one day he won his freedom by the skin of his teeth, and some years later, he met Lonely Bird.

Another unicorn, broken and discarded from the world they came from turned slave trader himself, Spike quickly took a liking to him and fell in love with him on their journeys to retrieve Lonely Bird's stolen horn. Upon retrieving it, however... Lonely Bird, overwhelmed by years' worth of emotions and memories he couldn't control, betrayed Spike  and sold him back into the world that had destroyed him. Two months later he tracked his Spike back down again, but those two months spent in misery in the very hell it'd taken him years to break out of left Spike furious. He was freed, and the two went their separate ways, with broken hearts and broken spirits.

For centuries Spike wasted away, falling deeper and deeper into the darkest pits of mankind, turning to piracy, drug rings, and prostitution with no hope or aim or clue as to why he kept on persisting at life. That is, until he was picked up by a group looking for beautiful creatures to bewitch the wicked and save the people of a country that was slowly starting to devour itself. And with them he still is to this day, as one of the most expensive, lavish and highly recommended (and exclusive) houses for entertainment known to Aedolis, and they are known well.

His every move and decision from day to day is pre-planned, sometimes weeks in advance, and as a member of Red Lotus ever since it started from its humble beginnings, Spike is the one arguably most used to the schedule. His public appearances cause fan mayhem, as he's one of the most well-known and well-admired prostitutes in the country, famous for his mysterious disposition and the exotic nature of his looks as well as his impeccable taste in fashion. He's been doing this gig now for centuries, and it shows in how expertly he handles it. His days are filled with meetings for publicity, fittings, lavish and expensive dates with high-paying customers, who often need to book at least eight months in advance for simpler bookings such as simple entertainment (dancing, singing, dining with the patrons, etc), and as far as a year for anything that involves tapping that expensive ass. The cost alone of spending a night with him could buy one several luxury model cars, and yet people still choose to buy him instead.

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