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Author Topic: PICC Words With Care [Neph]  (Read 36 times)

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PICC Words With Care [Neph]
« on: January 12, 2018, 08:55:19 PM »
She had found somewhere to simply sit and be in the aftermath of Sashi Enu's wake. The young woman's words had cut deeper than she would ever know, leaving Blu feeling raw and off-kilter. She could not bring herself to return to Galahad yet. She could not put on that glowing, cheerful face and be his bluebird of happiness right then. The Pilot just needed a moment to breathe and find her ground again.

For a doctor, she had always despised working in or being at DoSaM. She hated how soft the doctors seemed, untrained and unable to keep up with the demands of a battlefield. Her own years serving as a combat medic had driven her to seek and need the adrenaline rush of the faster-paced, reckless life. Lobbying for the Angels, while a noble and necessary cause had been about more than that for Blu Moon. She had a point to prove and she wasn't about to let anyone stand in her way of that, not even Sashi Enu, a doctor Blu had reviewed and passed over for her lack of combat experience.

The woman sighed tiredly, scrubbing at her face with her burnt hand, her healing but still fractured one resting across her lap as she did so. In that moment she would have killed for a glass of wine and an old jukebox full of twangy Solartan tunes to match her mood. Perhaps when she went home she could set the stereo system up finally like she had been promising herself to do for months now.

Wallowing would get her nowhere quick though. Blu knew she was a xenophobic creature of habit. Hearing someone else point it though left a sour taste in her mouth. Hatred was easy to deal with but disappointment actually made her feel ashamed.

Blu never considered herself a good person or even a humble one. She knew how fallible she was as a human, a fact that had never bothered her in the past as she fought to do what she felt was the right thing. During the war she had defied direct orders to save lives. She had overcome a great deal of her own personal hangups to keep good men and women alive and back into the fray. She had lost the ones she had loved the most to do it too.

To come home a war hero had meant nothing to her as her life crashed down around her. But, to have a young woman who reminded Blu so much of herself at that age, tell her how disgusted and disappointed she was in her, crushed Blu faster than a bumpkin with an empty beer can.

Gritting her teeth, the Pilot shook her head, casting aside thoughts and memories best to be addressed int he privacy of her own four walls. The last thing she needed right then was to be put under psych evaluation because she had gone and had a mental breakdown in DoSaM over some little kitten with claws.

Her gaze drifted then, back in the real world as it fell upon a young man's back as he worked on a patient to insert an IV line in the room across from where she was sitting. Blu's head tilted slightly to the side as she watched his movements and control that spoke of textbook knowledge and nothing more. He was rigid, yet confident and sure. She could admire that about him. There were some things though textbooks just couldn't teach you.

She moved quietly to lean in the doorway for a few moments before finally speaking up to stop him. Her voice was soft and gentle so as to not startle him too badly. "You'll blow the vein if you continue to insert it like that. Your technique and angle are correct but you're struggling with flashback after advancing the cannula, correct? Allow the patient to dangle his arm to increase bloodflow thereby reducing the vasoconstriction. Go on," she beckoned with a nod of her head back to the patient, "try again." Blu did not expect for a second that she would be disobeyed or defied as she refocused her blue eyes back on where the magic was currently underway.