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Author Topic: There's a Skeleton Inside  (Read 52 times)

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There's a Skeleton Inside
« on: January 07, 2018, 01:46:11 AM »
The rain was fake. 

It was rain though, which was cool because he couldn't really picture it anywhere else. All sorts of green crap here. It had been a restless evening and it was closing in to midnight faster and faster until Ellis decided he really couldn't sleep and to just get up and go for a walk. Being so unused to the sound of it, he couldn't really sleep when rain did fall, it was so... Noisy. So, pulling on a coat and tucking his feet into some weird waterproof boots that didn't quite fit and were made of shiny material that didn't soak in water -- They also had a pattern of tiny happy looking squid -- Ellis made his way ... Around.

It was a simple wander. Hands in his pockets, head down, water soaking through his silvery hair. He'd never hated the water, he just hadn't gotten used to the sound of it yet. Though, he'd heard people tell him it was soothing he just wasn't to that point. While he walked, he listened, letting his eyes close briefly and just soaking in the noise of water when in the distance there was a terrible retching sound.

Curiosity welled up in his chest and he turned his head towards the noise, a dark alleyway with rivers of water pouring from it and a strange black cloudyness to the water. Ellis slicked his hair back and rolled his shoulders before he meandered down there, boots splashing in the small puddles that collected. Another retching noise and his eyes adjusted and...

"Hello?" His voice was as gentle as he could make it before he found the person hunched over, throwing up whatever that was. Ellis pursed his lips and reached out a hand, resting it on the middle of the persons back and giving soothing rubs between the shoulder blades. Or as soothing as he could manage. "You doing okay, Buddy?" His voice was firm but gentle and his hand continued the rhythmic motions. No one liked throwing up, and in a cold alleyway in the middle of the night? "You have somewhere to be? C'mon, I'll take you home." Ellis held out his free hand and was more than ready to escourt this person to his home to dry off and get warm.

 That's what kind people did, right?

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Re: There's a Skeleton Inside
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2018, 12:16:57 AM »
The sickening, thick and oozy splattering sound of black bile hitting the pavement blended in with the sounds of the fabricated rain pattering around him, on the pavement, on the dumpster lid, rolling down the walls. Splashing off of the soles of boots. He could hear it all, in painful, crystal clarity, rattling around in his skull and Shini reached up with a trembling hand to card fingers through thick, black, tangled locks as he retched again and more splashed out onto the pavement.

Black black black. Black. BLACK. So much black today.

It was running from his nostril, he was sure of it, could feel it pouring from his ears, his tearducts, oozing from his pores, or was that all sweat? He didn't know, he couldn't see. His eyes squeezed shut tight as his body gave another violent shudder and more spilled out as he dropped to his knees there in the alley, the hand from his hair going to support himself on the cold pavement as his other hand had wrapped itself around his gut.

Every organ was hurting, he felt like his skin was too tight, like he needed to break out and breathe--

He couldn't remember what he'd been doing before this, where he had been. The imminent sense of danger was always there, always lurking, dreary and oppressive in the shadows. They were looking for him. They were going to find him, one day. Let today not be that day. Black. Let today not be that day. Black.

Black and... Black. So much. So much, why wouldn't it stop? It hurt, it hurt,

it hurt,

make it stop--

Something touched his back and he coughed and choked, starting violently as his bright, glowing neon eyes snapped open and he lunged forward. For a moment, his body flickered in and out of existence as he turned on a heel, crouched low to the ground, black oozing from the corners of his mouth down his chin until his eyes found boots and then moved up a body and saw... A rather pretty face. One laced with concern, pity--it wouldn't have been, if he knew what This One was, what This One really was.

For a moment This One contemplated killing him, but no no no no no no no no, that wouldn't do, no no no. Draw attention. Unnecessary. Unwanted. Must stay hidden.

Home? No. No no no. Black. So much black.

Fuck it really hurt.

He winced, eyes darting nervously around before he slowly, wearily, stood up to his full height, all long pale and gangly limbs with a mass of black hair that had been drenched with rainwater that was clinging to his head and his shoulders. He wore a simple black tanktop, black ripped jeans, and some black boots.

"Home?" He echoed with confusion, his voice sounding gaunt, surprisingly deep and crisp in clarity for a man like him.

His brows furrowed, a shaking hand reaching up to rub at one of his temples, wincing at the sound of his own voice, it was so loud. So loud. So loud and there was so much black and it hurt. Everything hurt. He swayed a little and he had to reach out with his other hand, unwrapping it from around his midsection to place a slender-fingered hand against the cold wet side of a building to steady himself, swallowing thickly and resisting the urge to hurl again, as a drop of the black bled from his left nostril down to his lips.

Offline Draconian

Re: There's a Skeleton Inside
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2018, 10:29:43 PM »
Ellis just... Felt bad.

This poor guy looked pretty bad and he chewed on his lip briefly before Ellis backed off a step or two to give him some space. Let him breathe. Or something? Guy looked like he breathed. Which was good. As much as he enjoyed zombie movies he didn't really want to live one. Still, this guy looked pretty human and he sort of just... Smelled damp and like the rain.

Real pretty too, so that was a plus.

Well, real pretty aside from the looking kinda sick thing. Ellis watched him look dazed and confused and he continued to peer at him, concern on his face. Then a little disgust when that gunk oozed out his nose. Damn, he was in bad shape. Ellis didn't hesitate, he leaned forward and without asking or making sure his hand wasn't going to be ripped off he swiped his thumb over the strangers face, wiping away the black ooze.

Ellis quickly wiped it off on his pants before he drew his finger over again to clean up what he could and he squeezed the mans arm. "Yeah, Home. My home. You can spend the night. Get a meal in you and feel better tomorrow hopefully," Ellis looked up and pushed his hair from his face and ignored the shiver that ran through him from the chill in the air.  He smiled though, bright eyed and friendly. "My name is Ellis, by the way. You having a bad night? Will you be okay?"