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Author Topic: Deacon Chambers; Duo Mage  (Read 66 times)

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Deacon Chambers; Duo Mage
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:57:51 PM »

Full name: Deacon Chambers
Nickname(s) or Alias: Acid Viper
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 169 lbs
Race: Mostly Human;  Crotalus durissus
Residence: Libra
Occupation: Pilot Duo; Mage
Voice Claim: David Draiman
Playlist: Deacon


Acid Viper

Boasting a lean, athletic body of average height, unruly hair that is midnight black at the root and shock white throughout the rest of the length, and brilliant acid green eyes; he’s got no shortage of unique good-looks. Deacon has pale skin and a rather elegant facial structure, but elegance does not imply femininity. There is a slightly aristocratic handsomeness about his face, with just a hint of an alluring darker beauty.

The vibrant, almost venomous green eyes are framed by long, thick lashes as dark as his roots, and they hold a tenuous balance between expressive and mysterious. His dark eyebrows hold a very pronounced arch, adding a depth of character to his facial expressions to rival his full lips. His teeth are very white, straight, and he is in possession of slightly pronounced fangs that are only truly evident when he grins.

Deacon has a few unusual physical traits to mention; the first being that his eyes, while unusual in color and intensity, look fairly normal most of the time; however his pupils can contract into vertical slits, much like a viper. The other truly notable aberration to his human appearance is his tongue. It is quite the interesting feature, to be sure! His tongue, much like a snake, is forked, though otherwise human in appearance the appendage is far more dexterous than a human tongue and can be extended further from his mouth. He is quite capable of flicking his tongue out like a snake to scent taste the air.

Unnatural modifications and gaudy punk style aren’t exactly “in fashion” in Libra, but Deacon hardly cares what other people think about what he does with his own body. There are black diamond studs in both ears, but his primary love of self-decoration is tattoos. In green bubble text the words “Acid Viper” are splayed across his shoulders, very finely detailed green, black, and silver vipers are twisted and tangled down both his arms.

Black plus neon bright colors are Deacon’s jam when it comes to his wardrobe. Goth punk style just suits him so much. Of course he wears his military flight suits and uniforms when necessary. He makes those look good too.


Deacon is impulsive, brash, and straightforward. Not at all a real schemer, he doesn’t tend to have ulterior motives. He says what is on his mind and doesn’t beat around the bush; although he really, really tries to be clever and witty with his comebacks and insults. It doesn’t always work very well. His tendency for bluntness can get him in trouble at times and makes it difficult for him to make friends, because let’s be honest, not everyone can put up with someone like Deacon.

While his line of work can be quite physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding and he goes about it with a great amount of vigor, Deacon would much rather be lazing about, conserving energy, and indulging himself in general.

•   Loves both opera and rock. Jokes a good rock opera is all he wants of life.

•   Has a beautifully deep, raspy voice with a great range. He positively loves to sing.
•   Mildly obsessed with Sweet & Sour sauce, almost won’t eat rice without it.

•   Loves snakes but is terrified of cats. High-pitched squeals inbound.

•   Hates Aedolis and Edanith both.

•   Disagrees, quietly, with Libra’s policies regarding psychics.

•   Is on the side of people supporting finding a planet to terraform. If Edanith can do it by golly Libra can do it better.


Deacon has enhanced speed, strength, and senses that make him particularly good at tracking his prey if he gets them out of open space. He is very well trained in combat, both unarmed and with knives and sniper rifles.

The most important part of Deacon’s arsenal is, naturally, his magic. He’s a uniquely gifted shadow mage of excellent caliber. Shadows are his playthings, he can teleport objects and himself through the manipulation of shadows. They can be used as looking glasses to see and hear things far away or they can be made to seem alive, manifesting into terrifying shadow monsters. His Starfighter is designed to create the conditions he requires for optimal shadow play even in the vacuum of space.

In addition to those useful skills, Deacon can produce potent neurotoxic venom, which he often coats his blades with. Depending on how diluted he mixes these concoctions, they can simply paralyze for a short time or completely shut down the nervous system of his victim, killing them in minutes. He can also “talk” to snakes.


Darla Chambers: Deacon’s much beloved mother. She died of cancer a few years ago, shortly after Deacon graduated and right after he came back from a routine patrol mission.

Misha Chambers: A Duo Mage just like his son. Unfortunately his ship went down, and him with it, during the Aedolian-Edanith war. This is a fact Deacon is quite bitter about.

Monty: Deacon’s pet ball python. He is a phantom color/morph, 9 years old, and 3 feet long.

Eit Noerel: Duo jockey partner and constant source of cat-related terror. Enjoys cussing him out over his pranks, but also wouldn’t have him any other way.

Gray Torai: Fellow Duo Mage, friend, and sort of a pet? They demand attention and fish regularly.


It’s really a fairly typical, boring story about a boy falling for a girl, marrying young, and having a baby together before they really even knew what they were actually doing. Deacon’s parents were young, in love, and he was born into a happy little family. His father was a Duo Mage, the military paid him well so the family was never one that struggled or wanted for anything.

Being an only child probably did spoil him a little bit, but Deacon was a normal, healthy boy growing up on Libra. He did well in school, had plenty of friends, and loved his parents. Sure, they knew early that he was going to be a mage just like his father, but that was never a bad thing.

It only became bad when Aedolis and Edanith started their damned war over terraforming technology. A fight that Darla and Deacon firmly believed had nothing to do with Libra and that Libran men shouldn’t have to fight and die over it. Misha, of course, did his duty when he was called to fight on behalf of Edanith when Libra took their side in the conflict. Deacon was only thirteen when his father was gunned down in the war and he became bitter and withdrawn over it – no matter how many times they tried to call his father a war hero.

As soon as Deacon was old enough he enlisted himself. He had plenty of reasons for doing so – the military paid well, a sense of duty to Libra, and most of all a hatred of both Aedolis and Edanith. A long shot at any type of revenge with peacetimes being what they were, but better than no shot at all remaining a civilian.

Plus he wanted to be like his father. He made it through basic and advanced training, and then also finished an officer’s degree at the academy. Like any Duo Mage, a custom magitech ship was designed just for Deacon, catering to his style and magic.

Darla became sick shortly before he’d gone into basic. The cancer was caught late, and she fought admirably, but days after Deacon returned from one of his very first patrol flights, his mother passed away in a hospital bed while he held her hand. It was not easy on him, to lose her when he barely felt like an actual adult, but life isn’t fair and he accepts that. Not to mention he could tell she was suffering and at least now she isn’t.