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Author Topic: Separate Ways [ Draco ]  (Read 32 times)

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Separate Ways [ Draco ]
« on: December 29, 2017, 03:37:04 PM »

The soles of boots crunching grass underfoot fell on dead ears, a gentle breeze ruffling leaves on trees that were loosening once again with the change of time to dry up and float away to the ground they grew from. The air was crisp with a certain bite to it that might have chilled a lesser creature, but it didn't bother the one born from scales and flames who slid through the forest, a certain aura of cold anger rolling off of her in waves, as subtle and foreboding as the rumbles of distant thunder.

"Please don't leave me."

The warmth had left the softness of that tan skin hours ago and yet he still kept whispering through his tears and the clenching of every muscle and organ with every violent heave of emotion. Yet he kept saying it, over and over with his face buried in silky deep green hair and arms wrapped tight around someone who wasn't there.

"Don't go." "Come back," "Please come back,"

"Please come back."

The toes of those immaculate black leather boots stopped just short of a hulking mass of matted fur, clumped together with dirt and vegetation, bugs no doubt, and whatever else had decided to make its home there in what hadn't moved in ten years. From a bag slung over a strong shoulder a plastic baggie was produced which contained a giant slab of bloody red meat. The zipper was opened and with a well-timed fling the meat hit the ground with a solid wet slap, by what appeared to be the furry mass's head, although it was a little hard to tell with all of the vines and plant growth that had amassed around it, consuming the still creature that lie there steadily more and more every day.

"Get up."

The boiling loathing in a voice that was normally so soft and sultry was unmistakable.

"Wake up. Come on."

She stood there and waited a moment or two, the breeze blowing the few golden bangs that framed her pretty face, the rest of her hair was pulled back into a braided ponytail, long that hit her lower back. When it became apparent she wasn't about to get a response, she rolled her sharp amber eyes.

"Ten years has been long enough, dog, so when I say get up," The winds blew with the slightest bit more fervor as she raised her clenched fist, sparks making electrical jumps between her knuckles, "That means you need to get up!"

For the briefest of moments the tiniest of lightning bolts, like a long needle, flashed between her finger tips and she threw it, the shock making the mass of fur shudder as the inevitable smell of burnt dog hair and forest debris hit Ain's nose and made her recoil. The mass of fur wheezed and coughed, sneezing once or twice as it scrabbled desperately on the forest floor as if it was awoken from nightmares, and as old bones and muscles creaked and shifted as it slowly sat up, clawing at the plant matter still stuck to its face, it cracked open a pair of mismatched eyes, squinting at first against the harsh light of the day before it saw the woman standing there, and then its nose picked up on the meat laying by its front paws.

As much as he didn't want to, as much as he wanted to stay there and never move again, instinct drove him and a pair of powerful jaws opened as deadly teeth sank into that bloody meat and started tearing it apart like he was rabid, snarling with aggression as red coated his muzzle and Ain shook her head with disapproval. She reached into the bag again and pulled out another slab, opening it and tossing it in his direction, doing well to keep her distance while the feral dog did his thing and devoured whatever she threw at him.

When he moved to rip at the food she'd brought his starving ass she was able to more clearly see the still-too-fresh tombstone that marked the grave he refused to get up from, and her brows furrowed as she read the old Connlaothian language engraved into the cold and unforgiving surface. She looked back to the giant dog, who had finished eating his fourth uncooked steak and was looking at her expectantly while licking his chops like he expected she'd have more.

"It's been ten years since I last saw you and all you care about is treats, hell." She grumbled. "No, no more." She held up her hands to show him they were empty. "But you'll get more later if you come with me. You know damn well it's time, you promised him you would search for him and you've taken your sweet ass time, so either get the fuck moving or abandon him forever. Your choice."

Ears swiveled with uncertainty, and the dog lowered his head as he was scolded, his gaze going right to that grave, back to Ain, and back to the tombstone. If he closed his eyes and focused hard enough it still felt like he was there, like it was just any other normal day, the two of them lying in the grass, basking in the sun and running fingers through each others' hair. Sometimes it felt as if his arms were still around him, as if those purple eyes were looking into his and he was still there, patient and loving and warm.

How could Kirkley leave him here? How could he abandon Bifrost when he was so vulnerable, unable to defend himself, unable to so much as lift a finger--

"He's not there, Kirkley."

The dog's head snapped up as he looked at his best friend and saw the worn look on her face, the way her features twisted with sympathy and hurt; she'd been Bifrost's friend too, and seeing the two of them like this hurt, even for someone like her. She shook her head, glancing to the grave before meeting those eyes of his, her voice cracking just a little bit. For her it felt like just yesterday that she'd said her goodbyes, like just yesterday she'd walked away from the two of them holding each other knowing there wasn't a single goddamn thing in the whole universe that she could do to stop the inevitable.

"He's not there, and you know it. He's out there, somewhere," She gestured to the forest behind her, the world around them, "And he needs you and you're just laying here being selfish," She ignored the tears that brimmed in her eyes because she'd missed him, more than she would ever admit out loud, and she was scared, so scared, "While the world keeps moving on without you. Our world is changing Kirkley you've missed so much and he needs you, right now more than ever. I need you."

With every day that passed the news articles on the success of experimentation with dragons and bionics was growing increasingly concerning, and every day that passed more and more of the dragons she knew were disappearing or joining the others like they were fucking possessed, and it was terrifying.

"Please come back, Kirkley. You're the guardian, and we need protection,"

A tear escaped and rolled down her cheek as she fought back the urge to hug him, to scream at him, to punch him in the face as he looked at her with those stupid telling dog eyes that explained to her in depth the hurt and realization and fear that was rolling around in that head of his.