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Author Topic: Mercy Hollister; Pilot Cardinal  (Read 32 times)

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Mercy Hollister; Pilot Cardinal
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:10:13 AM »
[TW for child prostitutes.]


Full name: Mercy Hollister
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 146lbs
Race: Human, mostly
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nationality: Aedolian
Residence: Amristah, Aedolis
Dragon: Renegade, male


The tall woman has large brown, almost black, doe eyes that really pop with smoky purple eyeshadow and set inside a generously rounded face. Mercy never has been overly fond of her chubby cheeks, but she can’t seem to make them go away no matter how much she works on keeping the rest of her body in good shape. She loves her full lips though, they’ve got a great pout and once you slap a bit of plum lipstick on you’ve really got something!

Naturally her hair is black and straight. However, Mercy is all about sculpting her appearance to best suit her own unique sense of style. She has an undercut, the sides and back cropped very short, but the top is long enough that she can part it to one side and have it fall to her chin. The long part of her hair is dyed a deep purple while the short part remains inky black.

Mercy has legs for days, with thick thighs and hips. Her waist tucks in before reaching her modest bosom to provide her with a decidedly pear figure. Despite being thick and curvy, she is far from chunky or flabby. Those curves are accompanied by fine muscle definition from a careful workout regimen. That great body is encased in rich caramel skin that is to die for.

There are a number of piercings to mention including: small ear gauges, several studs and hoops in her ears, her tongue is pierced, snake bites in her bottom lip, and the right side of her nose. Her left arm has a complete sleeve with a somewhat macabre theme heavily featuring ravens.


If nothing else, Mercy is extremely dedicated and responsible. She has always made tough decisions she thought were in the best interests of someone else. The exception being cooperating when taken to the ATC, she gave them all the information they could have wanted about what she knew in regards to the gang she belonged to before becoming a Candidate. It wasn’t as if she had much choice.

She is a woman that has seen the very worst of Aedolis and takes no shit from anyone. Jaded and cynical, Mercy gets by on sass and guts, people are terrible but you need other people for various reasons, and that’s all there is to it.


Telepathy: This ability is moderate to high in potential.

Electrokinesis: Mercy’s ability with this is hyper specialized, focused entirely on the nervous system of living creatures. She can numb parts of the body or cause extreme pain. If pressed she could probably kill someone with her psionics very easily.


None anymore, she hasn’t seen any of her family since entering the ATC.


Mercy was born in the ganglands of Aurora, second-oldest child to a gang prostitute and who knows who her actual father is. One of the other gang members or a John, either way it doesn’t matter. She learned quickly how things worked in her twisted world. Mother was always strung out on one drug or another with her legs spread for any man that paid her, and Mercy learned to fend not only for herself, but for her little twin sisters as well.

With her mother spending most of the money she made on drugs, Mercy would steal food to feed them and took care of everything else for them too. Her older brother was running with a gang before he even hit puberty, so honestly he got what he needed from them most of the time, but didn’t much care about helping out at home.

When Mercy turned fourteen she turned to prostitution herself. It paid well, and unlike her mother she didn’t spend the credits on drugs. This was the same time her brother talked her into joining his gang – sure she had to provide sex to gang members, but her little sisters also got more things they needed provided by the gang. That didn’t even touch on the fact that it was safer to have the gang protection than to try to solo fly life in the crime ghetto they were born and raised in.

Life never got easier, it just changed, constantly. She found herself inked up, pierced up, drinking, and smoking, but Mercy never did start taking hard drugs. That was the line for her after watching her mother ruin herself with them all her life and despite her best efforts, her sisters started prostituting and using by the time they were thirteen. The gang was really the only option for them. What else were they going to do? Get an education? Ahahaha!

There were really only two escapes from their shitty life – drugs to numb your mind until nothing was real anymore or death. At least that was what Mercy thought until she got busted at seventeen, several gang members were rounded up and lucky her she happened to be one of them.

Mercy always had been different, always knew which Johns to turn away and which to accept. They practically screamed their intentions at her without opening their gross mouths.

She was shipped to the ATC. Mercy thought life there was a cakewalk. They gave you a bed, three square meals a day, and sure you had to do drills, take classes, and learn to obey without question, but next to struggling (and failing) to take care of everyone it was easy as pie. She had minimal trouble with bullies, kicking a few asses made sure the rest knew not to fuck with her just because she was new.

Mercy was a quick study, especially in her rudimentary field aid classes. Given the nature of her abilities Candidate Affairs saw medical potential in her and, despite her skepticism; she threw herself into the specialty. At 21 she made it to Stage 5, and there she ended up staying for three more years. Those years were filled with advanced classes and shadowing surgeons at DoSaM. At 24 a dragon finally chose her, and she was offered a position in R&D.

Three years on and Mercy has been given what she considers to be a very odd opportunity – they made a medical squad in Amristah and invited her to be part of it. Saying no seemed non-optional.