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Author Topic: Jackson Venner - Pilot Echo  (Read 68 times)

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Jackson Venner - Pilot Echo
« on: December 25, 2017, 05:08:31 PM »

Art by meeee \o/

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Jackson Venner, goes by Jack, Lec, or Lectyr online
Age 27
Gender Male
Sexuality Pansexual, leans towards men
Species Mostly human
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 5'11"
Occupation Pilot Echo, Ranged heavy weapons/explosives expert for the Haviah Harpies
Residence Haviah
Voice Patrick Nissley
Themesong Comin' In Hot by Hollywood Undead

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Built like an upside-down triangle, Jack has slender hips with broad, muscular shoulders and a body builder's physique, because when he isn't at the gym he's... At the gym. His skin is a light mocha tan, and adorning his torso and arms are a mix of scars and black tribal tattoos. His hair is a dark brown to match his grandfather's, cut short with a goatee and a bit of stubble along his jaw. He has a slash across his left eye, the eyeball itself is actually slightly split and completely blind. His eyes are both a shocking forest green, eyebrows dark and angular, with a strong jaw and even, full lips to compliment it. He prefers tight t-shirts, tanktops, shorts, and blue jeans on his days off.

Jack is a hotheaded sunuvabitch who takes the phrase 'the whole world is your oyster' to new levels. Carefree and free-spirited, there's rarely a time where he's not grinning or making a joke or being a smartass. He lives to enjoy life to the fullest, and can best be described as a party animal who makes himself the center of attention and loves it under the spotlight. One thing Jackson surprisingly knows is when to tell the difference between times to be serious and times to play. He can be surprisingly intuitive, and often has good instincts regarding the emotions of others; he knows sensitive subjects when he sees them, and is surprisingly caring in that he'll gladly take time out of his day to be there for someone who needs it the most. He's a good guy, even if he can be a reckless fool most of the time, particularly when you get him in the same room as his two brothers. The three of them together make the stupidest jokes, often able to drag others in with their merriment, able to lighten up just about any mood with their idiocy.


Telepathy-- Meh. Good enough to have a dragon, that's about it.
Pyrokinesis and electrokinesis-- These are his two main strengths. He can electrocute you AND blow things up, making him a literal explosive nightmare to deal with on the battlefield. He's an absolute power tank, hitting hard and fast and destroying everything in his path when need be. That being said, he sucks, sucks, at fine tuning and minimizing his powers like his younger brother can.

Lupo-- Jack's accidental husband! So far? He thinks Lupo's pretty fucking awesome. If the sex wasn't enough, waking up to those breakfast cupcakes? Jack's pretty sure this might just be the best thing ever. 

Carro-- Lec's youngest brother, he's extremely protective of him and proud of him for turning out as good as he has given his and Jason's lack of involvement in raising him due to Candidacy. He adores his kid brother and loves being a little shit with him, the two of them often spurring each other on to do dumber and dumber shit.

Jason-- The oldest brother of the three, Jason has always been the more down to earth and level-headed of the bunch, usually responsible for getting Jack and Carro out of the idiotic trouble they get themselves into, or helping them patch up wounds or dragging their asses to the hospital when need be. He watches over both of them like a guard dog and they love him for it, often using his fondness of them to get things they want (but always only harmless things.)

Kirkley-- Jackson's grandpa! He's awesome. Like super awesome. Jack loves him like his other brothers do because when they were kids he'd let them climb him like a goddamn tree. A lot of his tattoos are inspired by Kirkley, and whenever the old man visits the family dinners are always kickass and he tells them all his cool adventures from way out in space.

Arvadi-- Jackson's dragon. She's built a bit like a bulldog, yet despite that has an incredibly sultry personality. She and Jackson could be considered best friends, it's rare that the two aren't in each other's heads. She likes to help him decide whether or not to bang certain persons, because she finds it hilariously amusing.

Jackson and his brother Jason were born only a few years apart, and were therefor pretty much raised together, doing what brothers do and starting up trouble wherever they went. Just about inseparable throughout their childhood, Jack was the real shit-stirrer, and Jason was the big scary brother that always bailed him out of punishment, as far as school went. At home they were raised by a retired military operative father who'd had enough of peoples' shit; they both grew up with the discipline to excel through Candidacy when they were both picked up via screenings, and are capable of just about anything when they work together.

He, like Jason, is extremely protective of his little brother Carro, and worries about him quite a bit now that he's going through Candidacy the same as they did.

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