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Author Topic: Jason Venner - Pilot Noble, Seeker  (Read 69 times)

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Jason Venner - Pilot Noble, Seeker
« on: December 25, 2017, 05:00:23 PM »

artwork by meeee 8D

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Jason Venner
Age 33
Gender Male
Sexuality Demiromantic, pansexual
Species Human mostly
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 6'5"
Occupation Pilot Noble, Seeker
Residence Adstreia
Voice Vin Diesel
Themesong She Loves the CREAM [Amazing Nuts! ver] by M-flo

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
He's big. Huge even. Not quite as big as his grandfather, but with the height on his side the added gods-know-how-many pounds of muscle he's packed on top of it make him an absolute tank. His tan skin is for the most part unmarred, save for the few scratches and battle scars here and there, with a Shen ring tattooed on his throat. His sclera are a dark grayish-black, hinting at his slightly more than human heritage, with burning bright red irises. His lips are thin, and his eyes are shadowed by strong arching dark eyebrows. His hair is shaved in a faux hawk, a deep brown-black with the tips toward the front dyed lime green. The bridge of his nose is pierced, as is the underside of his lip which bears a set of snakebites.

He likes sweatpants, all of his shirts are tight fitting due to his size which is a fact of life he's just come to accept, and sometimes he throws jackets on top--when he can find ones that fit, anyways.

On his own, Jason is a well-behaved guy for the most part, often not making too many waves and focusing on being around to do his job and do it well. Hunting is something he's exceptionally good at, and he's always on the lookout for danger and threats. When you get him out on the streets he's always on full alert, though he does a great job of hiding it with his relaxed posture, make no mistake--those glowing red eyes of his are always watching.

That being said, get him in his off-time or when he's with his two younger brothers and you'll see a carefree, easy-going guy who's totally up for causing trouble and making a fool of somebody. While he may not be as quick to jump to the wild ideas that his brothers do (Jackson in particular,) he'll be quick to step up to lend a helping hand when their schemes are good enough, or to pull back the reigns on the younger two and remind them that at the end of the day, they are still Pilots, and there are some things even they can't get away with. With them he tends to waffle between the level-headed voice of reason and the cunning devil on their shoulders. The look he gets when he comes up with something truly dastardly is definitely one to be on the lookout for, because while it doesn't happen often, his ideas are dangerously great and hell to clean up in the aftermath.

Telepathy-- Decent, not great but good enough.
Telekinesis-- Next to none. You want him to pick up that table? Out the window it goes.
Pyrokinesis/geo-thermal kinesis-- Jason is hands down one of the hottest sunuvabitches you'll ever meet when it comes to the sheer oomph he's got when it comes to his flames. While finesse isn't his strong suit, the ability to blast something with so much fire and heat that he can actually create magma can be pretty fucking handy on the rare occasion. As such, the guy is almost always a furnace, always radiating great deals of heat from his skin and jokingly being referred to as a dragon in spirit by his brothers. It's often that smoke wafts out of his mouth, but he doesn't carry a single cigarette, cigar or lighter on his person.

Jackson-- One of his younger brothers, Jason watches over him closely and is always quick to show up whenever Jack might need a hand with something, supportive and encouraging whenever it is needed, or sometimes talking sense into the guy when his head ends up too high in the clouds.

Carro-- Jason's youngest brother, who he seems to be particularly concerned with. Jason saw Carro the least amount as they grew up at home, off to Candidacy the year his youngest brother was born. Despite that, the moment he got out of Candyland he spent every spare moment he could with Carro to keep an eye on him when their father couldn't. He feels in a way almost like Carro is his son, and it's obvious whenever he chides him for doing something slightly too stupid.

Kirkley-- Kirkley is Jason's grandfather, and of the three boys Jason knows him the least but still respects him as much as he does his own dad. He enjoys the times Kirkley drops by to visit, and now that he's an adult the two of them get along even better than before, often challenging each other to even wrestling matches and shows of strength. Currently, they're tied on wins and losses.

Shenzie-- Jason's dragon. A right dickhead who likes to play mind games and use tricks and riddles on his Pilot who is absolutely no good at them. Jason gloats about the few victories he wins over his dragon whenever possible, as they're few and far between.

Jason was an only child for his first early few years, born to a retired military CO who was proud to have such a strong and healthy son. Jason loved sports, playing outside and getting into all sorts of trouble from an early age, all traits which his father encouraged. Once Jack was born, he took immediately to helping his little brother play catch up and as soon as Jackson was old enough to take off running after him their friendship was solidified in gold. At age 14 he was picked up for Candidacy when his father saw him stealing fire from the stove and playing with it (just about burning the whole condo down in the process) and sent him off.

Living with a former war hero for a dad made Candyland easy for him as far as the physical aspect went--getting up early, doing drills, and fighting through the gracie period was nothing. The book work though? Well, Jason's not exactly a bookworm kinda guy, and nearly failed those courses on multiple occasions. He made up for the lost time in his later stages of Candidacy and through graduation, working his ass off to be a strong Pilot that his brothers could look up to and rely on when they needed help.

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