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Author Topic: Abigail Finch; Frontier Mage  (Read 41 times)

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Abigail Finch; Frontier Mage
« on: December 15, 2017, 02:31:10 PM »

Full name: Abigail Finch
Aliases: Abby, Gail (mother), Aquamori (online)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 113lbs
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: Edani
Residence: Edanith Frontier


What is there to say about Abigail’s appearance? Quite a lot, actually. You know that person? You know? The one that makes you do a double take while walking down the street? Yeah, that’s Abigail Finch. She was born with the most amazingly blue-grey eyes imaginable, couple that with her long cinnamon locks, a small waist, and rather appealing curves and you have the prettiest little lady you could ask for.

Abby has naturally very pale skin, but is soft and smooth and totally touchable. Ah, but what about the body that this rich, creamy skin belongs to? Well she’s got a fairly decent height for a woman, she’s not tall, but she isn’t really short either, somewhere around average. Okay, maybe just a tiny bit short, but don’t ever tell her that.

As far as build goes she’s got a petite, delicate frame. A very small girl, but don’t get me wrong, she’s got a nice rounded butt and breasts that aren’t gigantic on her frame, but rather fit quite snuggly on her body-type to balance out the curves at her hips.

Back to her hair; it is a thick, rich light red-brown that naturally spills down her back in soft waves. As for her eyes, they truly are an amazing shade of blue-grey. The best comparison for the shade that I can muster is chips of ice with flecks of flint.

Like all proper Edani mages, Abigail has two ports, one in each temple. When not on duty and in active need of her magical abilities, she wears her headband which plugs into the ports and transmits her magical energy to the closest receptive tower. It doesn’t seem to bother her that she’s essentially a human battery the majority of her time.


Abigail is a rather demure woman; quiet, observant, soft-spoken, and thanks to the events of the past year extremely distrustful and cautious. If she can’t trust her supposed best friend and her parents, well then who can she trust? Naturally she now assumes that answer to be nobody. It is a new personality trait that should server he well as she heads out to the much more dangerous frontier.

Some ignorant people would assume that demure equals weak and those people are idiots. Abigail may prefer to remain quiet or avoid confrontation where possible, but she knows when something is wrong and will fight to make it right. If she wasn’t willing to do that, she’d still be in the same mess she’s currently running away from, wouldn’t she?


Abigail is a water mage! She can manipulate water and stuff.


Alex Marsh: Abigail’s first Mordecai handler. They are not on speaking terms any longer.

Jacob Finch: Father, alive and well in Tynova. They have a strained relationship.

Angela Finch: Mother, alive and well in Tynova. They have a strained relationship.


Abigail Finch was born and raised in Tynova. Her parents were mages; they lived in the government housing for mage families. The majority of her life was spent being groomed to also be a useful, productive mage when she became old enough, especially given her highly prized magical focus of water.

Being a well-mannered girl, and raised properly patriotic, Abigail was excited when she met her assigned Mordecai handler, Alex Marsh, for the first time. He was young, like her, and seemed to share her enthusiasm to begin their partnership in servicing Edanith. For a while everything was going exactly as she thought it should. Alex was charming, smart, and a great conversationalist. Both her parents had great friendships with their Mordecai and it made her happy that she seemed to get along so well with her own.

Things turned sour without warning when Abigail was twenty. While she’d become good friends with Alex, she viewed him as just that – a friend. She thought they had a great platonic bond, but was rudely and harshly shown the truth of that when she began dating a mage a few years older than them.

Her friend Alex suddenly became not friendly at all. Despite the fact that Abigail was free to roam the city as she pleased, she learned that going anywhere without Alex was unforgivable to him. He became possessive and controlling. The mage broke up with her a couple months later without giving a reason, and she highly suspects that Alex is to blame.

During this shift in her relationship with her handler the ones she had with her parents began to strain as well. Both of her parents couldn’t understand how she could claim horrible things about Alex when the year before she’d seemed thick as thieves with the Mordecai. Her mother had the gall to suggest that if she would only apologize for being unthoughtful and disregarding of Alex’s feelings that everything would clear right up and be right as rain again. They thought she was being dramatic and ungrateful when she told them that she had actually become afraid of her former friend.

Realizing her parents were not really on her side, encouraging her to dive deeper into the twisted relationship with Alex, Abigail did the only thing she could think of to get her life back: she put in a heartfelt plea for a transfer. She didn’t care who went or where, but she begged them to reassign her handler.

Thankfully her request for a transfer was honored, but they did not investigate her concerns. She feels that they view her as the real problem, and given her transfer out of the safety of the city and onto the frontier that is probably true.

All she can hope for is this fresh start with a new handler in a new place will turn out better. Then again, it’s not like it could be much worse.