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Author Topic: Thank You For Calling Tech Support [Cheesi!][M][That escalated quickly :D]  (Read 406 times)

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Re: Thank You For Calling Tech Support [Cheesi!][M][That escalated quickly :D]
« Reply #20 on: November 23, 2017, 11:22:09 PM »
If Otto had more time-- or rather, if the heady buzzing in every last nerve ending weren't so overwhelming-- he might have enjoyed taking his time exploring all the little divets, the old scarring and the subtle raise of tattooed skin, nigh imperceptible except by a delicate touch. A sensory smorgasboard, to be sure, and Otto's fingertips itched to touch, to feel, to map out and just sink into every last perfect imperfection.

But the way Kirkley growled, the way that soft little rumble caught in Otto's spine and shot sparks up and down the length of him, the way heat collected in its wake and pooled low in his abdomen, all this said that Otto's time would be (at least temporarily) otherwise occupied. And he genuinely was having a difficult time finding a reason to be disappointed with this revelation.

Especially when Otto caught sight of just how Kirkley was smirking.

At Kirkley's concerns, however, at first all Otto could do was blink, before the intimation caught up with his train of thought and his lips pulled in a slow smile all his own. Hard time feeling anything, was it? Well, Otto was no medic, but he did know a few things. Like all you really needed to do when a limb fell asleep was get the blood flowing back again.

"I see. Let me just... have a better look then. See what I can do for you." The vibration in his veins increased almost a hundredfold, Otto's vision tunneling as he watched his own hands move back to the towel at Kirkley's hips. It felt a bit like moving through a warm haze, his boarders more than pleased with this turn of events, and urging him on even further. Which Otto was more then happy to do.

His hands slid down over Kirkley's thighs, and the further they went, the more Otto moved to follow, easing his way down onto one knee as he did. The other man was so tall, he genuinely needn't have bothered lowering himself to reach, but hey, being thorough never hurt anyone. His fingers grazed over the towel, and then just beneath the bottom edge of it, pressing up and into those strong thighs.

"Feel anything yet?" Otto asked, looking up at those mismatched eyes and not at all trying to hide the low, husky amusement in his own voice.
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Re: Thank You For Calling Tech Support [Cheesi!][M][That escalated quickly :D]
« Reply #21 on: December 16, 2017, 10:48:20 PM »
There was always that brief moment of waiting for a reaction that was the utterly hands down worst feeling in the universe; that moment where every doubt in your mind popped up and in this case it was a tiny voice in the back of Kirkley's head that said there was no way in hell Otto might accept such a request, or at last, not when worded so cheesily. But if anything, that had always been a part of who Kirkley was.

Cheesy pickup lines, a sharp-toothed grin, eyebrow wiggle, and then somehow or another it usually ended up working in his favor and he got some pretty someone or other in bed with it anyways.

And tonight might be no exception.

He watched attentively, licking his lips almost in a way that was almost predatory as his too-sharp canines caught some of the harsh light medical lights. His skin tingled, threatening to start a fire wherever Otto touched, and the farther his hands moved downward the more heat started to flare up and go right to his belly. Another low growl escaped him, a rather satisfied one as he watched the man gracefully lower himself to one knee, the towel shifting and having a difficult time containing what lay underneath.

"I appreciate it, I'll owe ya big time.~" He purred with that grin, "Careful though, might just poke one of those pretty eyes out."

It was only very obvious the effect Otto was having on him, those pretty, slender fingers of his so close and yet so far away from touching him where he really wanted him, it really made it hard to be a good boy and let the mechanic take his time, which Kirkley most definitely wanted him to do. It was like watching an art form, and it was a performance he'd hate to interrupt.

As he had spoken he'd reached down to let calloused fingertips brush a few strands of hair behind Otto's ear, sliding down his jawline to tilt his chin up just so the light hit him better and Kirkley got a moment to admire how fuckin pretty he was.

"You might just be too gorgeous for your own good, yknow." He said, that grin turning just the slightest bit more feral as he smoothed the pad of his thumb over an angled cheekbone, "Makes it real hard for a guy to hold back the urge to steal you away from the rest of the world."

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Re: Thank You For Calling Tech Support [Cheesi!][M][That escalated quickly :D]
« Reply #22 on: December 17, 2017, 10:01:55 PM »
   Towels really hid nothing. The one around Kirkley’s hips was no exception, the cloth shifting the more Otto explored warm skin, still slightly damp from the shower not too long before. He found himself leaning in, shifting that much closer to that radiating heat, the near constant cold of outer space life making the warmth of another body (and Kirkley was massive) a precious commodity indeed. Especially one so incredibly… willing.

   Otto made a soft sound, a teasing sort of snort as he tilted his head, hair falling over his shoulder as he pointedly stared at the large tent in Kirkley’s towel, before flicking his gaze back up with nothing but mischief in them. From what Otto had glimpsed before, Otto knew Kirkley wasn’t a small man, the thought of which sent little shivers down his spine, warmth flooding him in a heady wave before settling right between his legs.

   Poke those pretty eyes out, indeed. Otto genuinely had to keep himself angled, palms against Kirkley’s thighs as he moved his legs again, settling into a squat to maintain proper eye-level. Or rather, mouth level.

   Kirkley tucked Otto’s hair behind his ear just as Otto found the twist in Kirkley’s towel, the cloth sliding away to reveal—

   Something to make the hybrid’s mouth water. The earlier glimpse was nothing compared to his, the larger man’s cock standing proud and heavy, heavily modified and pulsing with every insistent beat of Kirkley’s heart. And fuck, Otto wanted it. Especially when he glanced up to see Kirkley downright grinning at him, like some kind of stalking predator who’d finally ambushed their prey.

   The boarders didn’t know how they felt about that. Otto knew he fucking loved it. His void suit was downright painful-tight, his own aching cock pressed against the inside of the form-fitted material. But the way the light caught Kirkley’s teeth, how sharp that grin looked both literally and figuratively, spoke of nothing but deep, lustful bites and long, aching moans.

   But that was getting way ahead of himself. Otto didn’t like the quick highs— his tastes lied entirely in the slow burn, the long, lingering boneless sensory smorgasbord of an evening well spent. And sometimes the morning after. One look at Kirkley confirmed the idea that Otto wanted this to last as long as possible.

   Considering they needed to get Ironsides to a shop, and then get him fixed, well… Maybe a couple morning afters, if Otto could swing it.

   Too gorgeous. Makes it real hard. Steal you away.

   Otto laughed, quiet and warm, at the notion. Not likely, but the concept was nice. Otto liked being around other people, and being around other people in the intimate sense, that was even better. He slid his hands up, one curving around Kirkley’s hip while the other moved inward, his thumb ghosting just over the very base of Kirkley’s cock.

   “Well, we are pretty far away from any local worlds,” he cooed, leaning in to press an obscenely chaste kiss to the throbbing head before him, the sweetness of the gesture immediately ruined as Otto parted his lips and flicked his tongue against that hot skin. “So perhaps… for the interim,”

   Another, longer lick, starting lower down the shaft and moving up and over the slit, his eyes on Kirkley’s face the whole while.

   “Maybe you could steal me a little.”

   Otto smiled, nearly became a grin as the whole talk brought to mind silly ideas of some caveman barbarian version of Kirkley tossing him over his shoulder and walking off. It was hysterically cartoonish, but the implication was downright divine. Otto moved his hand, sliding it further up Kirkley’s considerable girth, his fingers barely making it around the shaft. He began to stroke, slow and languid, leaning in again and wrapping his lips around the head of Kirkley’s cock. It reeked of deja vu, some forgotten but familiar sensory memory, but the hot, heady sensation numbed Otto to much else outside of the taste of Kirkley on his tongue, breathing hard through his nose.

   Fuck, yes, he needed this. There was no better natural high, better stress relief, than the overwhelming tingling warmth that filled him to be sucking dick. If his void suit had been tight before, it was overwhelmingly so now, and with a muffled whimper he moved his free hand down to unzip the material a little lower to ease the pressure there, his own member throbbing in the cool air.

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Re: Thank You For Calling Tech Support [Cheesi!][M][That escalated quickly :D]
« Reply #23 on: December 18, 2017, 02:12:53 PM »
There was something about the innate sense of power and the high that came with it whenever Kirkley found himself looking down on a pretty face about to give him head. Something about the look in their eyes when they realized just what kind of a monster they were dealing with--some reacted with shock, a bit of concern maybe, and then there were others like Otto who, upon seeing the challenge they'd just set themselves up with, faced said challenge with an eager grin and a look in their eyes that made Kirkley silently promise that he'd wreck them so hard their legs would be wobbly for the next three days straight following.

And that was exactly what he decided to so the moment he saw Otto's reaction, that primal sense of aggression rolling up from the warmth pooled in his belly to blossom outwards and make his skin and fingertips tingle. There was no way he could hold anything back, not when his companion for the evening looked at him lile that.

A low growl rumbled deep within his chest at the feeling of those soft lips pressed to his head and the touch of those languid fingers around his base and shaft, it sent a shiver up his spine as he resisted the urge to grab a fistful of Otto's hair and roll his hips into that sweet mouth that almost dared to challenge him as if he thought Kirkley wouldn't do exactly what he said he might and steal this man away from the rest of the universe.

The slick of his tongue made Kirkley's breath catch in his throat, and the more Otto played the more Kirkley's fingertips wove into that silky black hair, never once breaking eye contact or losing that feral grin. The feeling of Otto's hand moving up and down his shaft was satisfying enough, but the feeling of his lips around that sensitive head, the cold metal of his prince albert no doubt quite the temperature change on that warm tongue made a visible shiver roll down his spine and shoulders.

"A little?" He growled, voice low and making his chest rumble with it like rolling thunder, "I think I'm gonna steal all of you in your entirety." He favored a sharp, dog-like canine with his tongue before he tightened his hand in that silky black mane of hair and encouraged him to take Kirkley in further if it suited his fancy--he wasn't going to be picky about Otto's style and was more than happy to let the man do whatever he pleased.

For now.

That thought made it hard to reign in his natural impatience; if only Otto knew how accurate that little mental image was of Kirkley tossing him over his shoulder, because that was exactly what he was going to be doing as soon as he finished holding Otto down against this examination table and taking him like a fucking animal with all those harsh fluorescent lights shining down and emphasizing every drop of sweat and sharp intake of breath while Kirkley raked his fingernails down that pale skin and left marks to last that would claim him for a week straight.

Not that he could really get any solid planning in when he was so distracted by the feeling of Otto's mouth around him, toying with and teasing him which fuck all he was good at, no all Kirkley was limited to for now were the brief images that flashed across his mind as he drank in the scent of Otto filling the room, tasting the salt of his arousal on the air if he paid close enough attention, and fought back the urge to yank him up and pin him against a wall just a little bit longer to enjoy this while he could.

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Re: Thank You For Calling Tech Support [Cheesi!][M][That escalated quickly :D]
« Reply #24 on: December 19, 2017, 01:24:44 AM »
   Otto loved the feel of fingers against his scalp. Not even just in the sexual sense, with hands buried in his hair and urging him forward, though that was certainly a great feeling. And this was no exception; Kirkley tightened his grip, pulling at his hair and sending delicious prickles of featherlight pain along Otto’s scalp, a soft little moan escaping him even as he slid his head down and over that thick cock.

   What he could fit, at any rate. There was just so much of the other man, even without his modifications, and Otto barely made it halfway down before that prince albert touched at the back of his throat. He wouldn’t be able to do much more at this angle, and so focused instead on working his tongue along the shaft. He slid back up, pressing in between those raised pearls as he did, pulling back and away just enough to run his tongue over the metal at the tip of Kirkley’s cock, teasing it back and forth before he dove right back down again.

   Once he figured out just how much he could handle, Otto settled into a slow, easy rhythm, his head bobbing up and down and eyes fluttering closed as he simply let himself enjoy this. One hand still around the base of Kirkley’s need, Otto gave him a gentle little squeeze as his free hand slid down to palm his balls.

   The ache between his own legs, however, demanded some relief, and so Otto’s hand continued downwards to wrap around his own cock and give it a few strokes. Not enough to get too carried away, of course, but just enough to keep him from going completely wild. Now that they were here, his boarders were losing their collective minds, buzzing away and urging him on further, sending waves of heat over every nerve ending in a way you just couldn’t get in pill form. Otto let out a muffled moan, taking Kirkley in deep and swallowing before sliding back once again, letting that thick girth leave his mouth so he could catch some air.

   Both hands back on Kirkley now, Otto squeezed at the base while his other worked the rest of the shaft, thumb moving over the prince albert and playing with the smooth, slick metal. Mouth no longer occupied, Otto licked his lips and looked up into Kirkley’s face, eyes flicking between mismatched eyes and that same predatory grin.

   “Nezhdja zhlodje,” he purred, easing himself back down onto his knees to better steady himself, head turned up to press more wet kisses to the underside of Kirkley’s cock. “And how do you plan on doing that?”

   Otto had quite a few ideas, concerning that. All of them requiring him to be far less dressed than he was, and so he paused in his playtime just enough to wiggle out of his shirt, tossing the thin fabric to the side without much of a care for where it landed. Raising up a little higher on his knees, Otto pushed down on where his void suit still barely clung to his hips, the material pooling nicely around his knees and lending some buffer between him and the medical bay floor.

   The increasingly messy floor, for how much he was dripping over it, Otto returning to his prior task with gusto, tracing the pearling pattern with his tongue.

   “Because I have… options.”
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Re: Thank You For Calling Tech Support [Cheesi!][M][That escalated quickly :D]
« Reply #25 on: December 30, 2017, 09:35:14 AM »
With all the blowjobs Kirkley had had in his long life it really was difficult to remember some over others, because it was rare that you came across a really fantastic one. Otto, it just so turned out, was one who knew what he was doing and did it really fucking well, but it wasn't until he heard that snippet of foreign language that he realized this didn't feel familiar simply because it was another day with a guy with long black hair or something.

No, as he groaned and watched the other man's pretty face as his head slid over Kirkley's cock with such excitement and practice he realized that this all felt familiar because they might have done this before. Otto's scent was somewhat familiar as well, and while it nipped at the back of his mind he really couldn't focus on it much more than that--how could he after all when he had to put so much of his concentration on keeping his hips still rather than losing it and rocking them into Otto's mouth so the poor guy could work his magic without being choked.

He was a great tease, Kirkley's favorite part of all being when he was able to watch Otto reach down and give himself a few relieving strokes, that pretty cock of his dripping on the floor with his excitement. His scent was only growing stronger and it made it hard to hold back the growl that threatened to bubble up in his chest in between his own needy moans.

He tilted his head a bit to the side as he refocused on Otto, watching the man strip down as he licked his own lips, eyes narrowing as he followed every line of muscle under that smooth, pale skin, and Otto asked him just how he planned on stealing him.

The kisses pressed to the underside of Kirkley's dick were short lived as he reached down, running fingers over the man's scalp before sliding down his jawline to his chin, pushing himself off of the examination table to take a step somewhat behind the man on the floor, scooping him up as if he weren't heavier than a sack of flour as he sat him on the edge of the table where Kirkley had been not moments prior, that predatory smirk of his still gleaming mischievously in the light as he yanked Otto's flightsuit off and tossed it somewhere behind them.

"Easy," He answered in that same foreign tongue Otto had used not moments prior, "By taking you till you can't move anymore of course."

As he spoke his calloused hands smoothed over those soft thighs and spread them apart to press his own hips between them, keeping their bodies close together as he leaned forward and stole Otto's lips in a hungered kiss. He caught the man's lower lip gently between his teeth before swiping over it with his tongue, one of his hands grasping the technician's length and giving it a testing squeeze and a few agonizingly slow strokes while they explored each other's mouths and Kirkley committed the man's taste (through the taste of himself still on Otto's tongue) to memory.

Not that he intended to keep things that sweet for long; as he kissed him he guided him down until the man was lying on his back on the cold metal of the table, that pretty black hair fanning out nicely behind his head as Kirkley dragged himself away from those sweet lips to nip his way down the man's throat, over his clavicle and chest to lav his tongue over one of Otto's nipples. He continued those slow strokes all the while, his fingertips getting slick with his drops of precum before his hand slid down and he pressed two into Otto's warm entrance, a growl rumbling deep in his throat with the satisfaction he found there in how tight the other man felt.

As eager as he was to stuff himself inside that heat he wasn't entirely a savage, he didn't know how adjusted Otto was to taking guys of his size, and lube wasn't exactly within reach. Besides, he had plenty of plans to take him like an animal later if Otto could keep up with it.