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Author Topic: Ellis Melledy, Pilot Cardinal, Margad Scorpion  (Read 61 times)

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Ellis Melledy, Pilot Cardinal, Margad Scorpion
« on: December 08, 2017, 02:49:32 PM »
Amaryllis "Ellis" Melledy

Ellis? Pilot Melledy. Melledy. Sometimes Melody.
"TenTickles" in Aedolian chat.



Loves All Things 3

Human - Mostly? A hodgepodge of many other things.


Squad member of the Margad Scorpions

A humble apartment covered in nic-nac's and various cute things in Margad.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Ellis is a young man who's inner sheer joy of existing shines through his eyes. A beautiful forest green, his irises are larger than most, giving him a youthful look to go with his round face and perpetual smile. Around his eyes is a gentle gradient of lavender scales, his cheek bones, up along his temples and over his eyebrows. The tips of his ears are ever so gently pointed, covered by the same scales. Under his eyes is a purple marking, completely natural and he finds it gives him a mysterious look. His hair is swoopy, short and usually styled back. Ellis has never decided if it was a silvery lavender or a lavendery silver but, it's pale, shiny and he finds giving himself silly hairdos in the shower fun. He has full lips, usually in a bright smile with teeth that are perhaps a little too sharp.  There's a line down his lip, from the cupid bow to half way down his chin the same purpley-colour as the marks on his eyes.

Ellis is built slimmer but muscled. Built for speeds more than strength, he got a somewhat dainty frame and slim hips. All his height is in his legs. Legs for days! Taking up his torso and some of his legs is a tattoo of a red octopus. One tentacle crawls up his back and around his neck and the rest go various places. Two of them hug his torso, one curls around one arm each to his wrist, the other ones go down his legs and over his hips. Ellis calls it his hug monster.

A bright and happy young man. Ellis is proud of his country, proud of his accomplishments and proud to be where he is. Proud to have done well by his parents. He's warm, caring and has had to work to keep himself as such. Candidacy put him through the wringer, having lost friends and a loved one but... He's here now. Alive and he's stronger for it. Ellis is mentally strong, stubborn and caring. Another word for stubborn would be pushy. Ellis can be pushy at times, not giving up or going away until someone gets angry at him enough to bark.

Very intent on the end goal, he can get a bit wrapped up in the details and not see the bigger picture which, sometimes, make him come off as a bit of a jerk and a little insensitive.

Another thing of note, as a young man he experienced a rather traumatic head injury. They managed to fix most of it, but a very specific place was left too long and would require too much work to fix. It had healed. However, the scarring on his brain left him unable to experience true fear.

Telepathy: Ellis is decent with telepathy, able to hold a decent conversation while doing something mundane like dishes or cleaning. His go to is looking like he's picking link off a sweater or a coat. His distance isn't amazing, but he's working on it. Always working.

Telekinesis - His favourite 'super' power. Ellis can be notoriously lazy and so his telekinetic abilities aid him in that. He's made entire cups of hot chocolate from his living room and the ability to do this never fails to entertain him and make him cackle. It's not particulairly strong, but he's managed to make it work like many invisible arms.

Umbrakinesis - A specialized ability of illumokinesis, Ellis is near masterful with umbrakinesis. Shadows and darkness are his home and his favourite place to be, not for any particular reason, he just likes it. He practices mostly in his house, taking the light from the overhead and keeping it 'off' as long as possible. Ellis is more subtle and consistent and does his best at working blind and in the dark.

Apple - Ellis's dragon. A large girl, a lovely metallic green with a beautiful regal face who's feet are all mechanical, along with her ribs and some of her spine. Apple's wings are interesting in that they can function as second set of arms - or one pair of arms. She can grab things with them and climb as well as fly. She chose Ellis because she felt like he was hers and she enjoys his sunny look on life.


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