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Author Topic: Ludwig Luddon, Barber and Surgeon  (Read 322 times)

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Ludwig Luddon, Barber and Surgeon
« on: December 03, 2017, 11:41:59 PM »

Done by me

+ NAME + Ludwig Marius Ammatio Luddon (Lud-vig Lew-dawn)
+ ALIAS + “Dr. Luddon,” “Lou”, “Luddy (>B[)” “SlicenDice” as his Online tag
+ AGE + 37
+ GENDER + Male
+ ORIGIN + Immigrant, Raised Aedolian
+ SPECIES + Human (Mutated)
+ RESIDENCE + Has a barber shop on Station Cancer 8D
+ OCCUPATION + Ex-Cybenetic Implant Surgeon / Part-time Barber / Sometimes a Doctor
+ FACE + Raven black hair / Silver-Gray eyes
+ STATURE + 6'4” / 230 lbs.
+ SEXUALITY + Whatever is convenient


Raven black hair and silvery eyes tend to be the first things noticed when you meet Ludwig. His hair shines purple when light hits it, and his eyes are often shaded beneath a scowl and furrowed brows, for they're deeply inset. He sports an undercut, leaving his thick hair pushed up and away from his face, fwoopy and disheveled when he wakes up – nothing a few shoves backwards can't fix.  Usually sporting a scruffy beard on his face – as he can't really be bothered to shave.

Shoulder to shoulder, he's athletically built and thickly muscled, covered in tattoos from his chest, back and arms, with a few tagging his legs. His knuckles and hands are scarred over and again, and he's missing his ring and pinky fingers on his left hand, replaced with mechanical prosthetics.

Has an incision mark on the back of each ear, where implants were set in to counter the deafness that onset in his early 20's. He's a bit self-conscious of those scars in particular, and doesn't like to bring them up.

“The fire in my soul rejects my wisdom. 'Cause all you do in life comes back to you.”

Pragmatic and practical, Ludwig is a sensible man insofar as his job is concerned. He's a man of his craft, with a delicate touch and an intense attention to detail. He's very good with his hands, steady and meticulous.

Ludwig leans toward the darker side of humor, loving morbid jokes. The more terrible the better and it'll have him cackling madly. Bit of a crazy pants >>. Ludwig is a bit hot headed, certainly a lot more temperamental than he lets on, although he tries to remain calm in the face of perturbation. But the man is only capable of so much patience.  He's capable of heavy mood swings and petulant ire, to which it is best to let him diffuse on his own.

He has a great deal of compassion toward his friends, and those that have earned his trust, making him very protective. Nothing is more important to him than his family. But is sadistic toward those that have crossed him.

He doesn't believe in good or evil. Life is what you make of it. That being said, if you do bad shit, don't be surprised if awful things happen to you.

- Things! -
- Loves Kaiju monster movies. Is a sucker for awful dubs, and he will try and mimic them if at all possible. Loves cult classic monster movie posters, and has a small collection of them in his hovel. It's his pride and joy. Is often horrifically out of touch with most modern pop culture. He's trying ok ]8 There's just so much.

 Enjoys fine craftsmanship in just about anything, but the more artistically leaning the better. Symphonic power metal is his absolute favorite type of music. He has a small music player and headset he listens to when he's focused. Absolutely without a doubt cannot stand pop music/pop stars. Will not tolerate it. End of discussion.

-Self-induced insomniac, to which he will occupy with some kind of hobby. Or try to.

- A pipe to smoke and a nice glass of cognac make for a very happy Ludwig. And his most favorite way to wind down after a long hard day. Usually followed by sewing, baking, or painting something.  Or getting a tattoo.

- Do not under any circumstances interrupt the man if he's focusing. Will not tolerate it. Minor annoyances and increasing irritation tend to make his accent thicker.

Surgeon – Once a very talented surgeon in the Aedolian military, specializing in cybernetic implants. He still remembers his training all around, and although he doesn't advertise his skills, he has a backroom in the rear of his shop where he still practices medicine to those that have heard of him. It's a decent side-business. You'd be surprised by the amount of people needing a hot towel shave also end up needing to get stitched up.

Ear Implant – The implants installed more than a decade ago to counter growing deaf have ended up being stronger than anticipated. Ludwig can hear pulses very well, changes in breath pitch, and tends to use it to listen to the blood flow in a patient. He can also hear whispers a next door room, and can even have trouble sleeping from time to time – has become a bit of a self-induced insomniac as a result.

Sven “Smiling Jack” Luddon – His younger half brother and the only other person other than himself that he cares about. Cocky, smug, and hotheaded with a glasgow grin, Jack (as he prefers to be called) has a remarkable nose for trouble and smuggling. Ludwig is more or less content in the knowledge that he can take care of himself. They occasionally have drinks together, share stories, and if necessary, Ludwig goes with him on runs, or sutures him up.  Ludwig will refer to him by Sven just to irritate the absolute shit out of him. Likewise, Jack will refer to Ludwig as Luddy.


Short-short version

Something something Ludwig immigrated with his mother to Aedolis, in search of a better life, etc. Fought in the military and was a combat medic during the Edani War. Lost his fingers in said war, got married and divorced. Mother was accused of conspiracy to commit treason, thusly executed. With nothing to keep him in Aedolis, he got smuggled out and tried to find his father – which his half brother Sven – “Ahem Jack” - inherited a ship and a smuggling business from. Bought a barber shop and makes his living doing hair and stitching up faces.

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