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Author Topic: Virgil Stark, Musician and Lead Singer of Mortal Coil (WIP)  (Read 279 times)

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Virgil Stark, Musician and Lead Singer of Mortal Coil (WIP)
« on: November 08, 2017, 12:03:46 AM »
+ NAME + Virgil Adan Stark
+ ALIAS + Virgil Stark
+ AGE + 34
+ GENDER + Male
+ ORIGIN + Adstreia, Aedolis
+ SPECIES + Half-Human/Half-Kulshedra
+ RESIDENCE + Adstreia, Aedolis
+ OCCUPATION + Lead Singer for the band Mortal Coil
+ FACE + Oil Black Hair / Magenta eyes
+ STATURE + 6' / 244 lbs.
+ SEXUALITY + Bisexual


Decent height, but built like a tank, barrel-chested, buff af. 8D

Grumpy boy. Brooding. Quiet and reserved. Force of nature while on performing,

- Things! -

Four octave vocal range, higher highs, and deep baritone lows. He can also play guitar, very well, as well as a number of instruments.

Kulshedra blood gives him pretty black scales along his face neck and chest. He's also physically stronger and more built as a result.

Stark Family – Adopted him when he was a baby. Strict military family and expected him to fall into the fold. Virgil does his best to visit them as little as possible. He doesn't miss them at all save for his little sister.

Annaluna Weaver – Best Friend and drummer of 'Mortal Coil'. They spend their holidays and down time together. She's the only person Virgil really calls his family, and he wouldn't know what he'd do without her.


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