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Author Topic: Hack Morales, "Habanero" - The Herbalist  (Read 138 times)

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Hack Morales, "Habanero" - The Herbalist
« on: November 03, 2017, 09:04:14 PM »

Art by meee

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Hack Morales, aka "Habanero"
Age 32
Gender Male
Sexuality Unknown
Species Unknown lizard man
Ethnicity Edani
Height 6'3"
Occupation Resident healer and herbalist for the Pepper Gang
Residence Wherever the Pepper Gang goes, and homebase of course.
Voice Dave Gahan

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Hack is a decent sized boy, an even mixture of tall and lean with a good pair of arms and a lotta leg muscle for climbing and hanging from shit. His skin is extremely smooth to the touch with only subtle dips and rivets around his round scales, it's a pale olive green-tinted gray for the most part, and once every four months he sheds an entire skin which is extremely itchy and very irritating; afterwards he is all shiny and glossy again for a day or two. He also sports a fairly long and thick tail, the tip of which changes from the gray to olive green, dark gray, and then to a sharp red at the tip. This is a genetic thing to warn animals that he is venomous--and he is. Hack has retractable fangs that function similar to a snake's, when he opens his jaw fully they come out and release a deadly venom, the details of which are mentioned below. They're extremely long and needle-like; the rest of his teeth are mostly back-facing and serrated, and yes his tongue is forked. No he doesn't do that whole 'ssssssss' thing and if you bring it up he'll break your nose. (He totally hisses though but he'll never admit it.) He will open his mouth and just leave it open in a silent hiss when he's feeling particularly pissy or threatened, which is meant to be intimidating but usually it just looks stupid.

The whites of his eyes are black, his irises a bright blood orange. His hair is jet black and often kept shaggy and short, pushed back away from his face, likely with some kinda fixture he made himself. On his cheekbones sit two pronounced black ridges, which seemingly have no point or purpose. He usually tends to smell like wet rocks and dirt.

Hack is best described as a grumpy bump on a log on his best days, and a downright stone-cold bitch on his worst. Usually he maintains a fairly level-headed way of thinking, looking at most everything objectively with the intention of distancing himself from bias, opinions or choosing sides as often as possible. He ain't one to start a fight but boy howdy if his "family" starts one and they try to involve him he'll finish it dammit.

He has little to no regard for manners or politeness, and never thinks of others' feelings before he speaks; he says what he thinks and he means what he says and that's that, and he sure as hell ain't much of a conversationalist. Not for lack of intelligence or whatnot, just because he can't be bothered to care nine times out of ten. That being said, he does care for his fellow gang members deep down, and while he's just as much of a blunt, grumpy dick to them as he is to anyone else, he's a lot quicker to help them whenever there's an issue. Even though he'll say he won't help because they got themselves into their own damn dumb messes, he'll help anyways, grumbling and cussing under his breath the entire time. He worries about them sometimes, not that he'll ever let that on, and would step in front of any one of 'em to shield em from harm's way without missing a beat.

He ain't much of a fan of a whole lotta ruckus, preferring the downtime in between starting shit to get work done; he loves his plants, and rocks. And dirt. He knows everything that grows on Edanith like the back of his hands and sometimes he feels like a rock might be the only thing that could ever understand or sympathize with him. He collects pretty shinies--little gems, raw minerals with pretty colors, that kinda thing. Has a huge hoard of them in his space at homebase, sometimes he gets made fun of for being too "dragon-y", much to his chagrin.

General reptile guy-
-Cold-blooded and not in the slightest a morning guy. He's usually up as the sun rises but he takes a few hours soaking in the rays before he starts actually moving and doing shit.
-Is strictly carnivorous, and an extremely adept and agile hunter.
-Has extremely sensitive sense of smell and hearing, he can hear the scuttling of tiny mammals five feet under the ground, the crawling of bugs, or the flap of a bird's wings a mile away. His eyesight is meh and is more movement-based. Consider him near-sighted, able to see vivid detail up close but as soon as you get about ten feet out things get kinda blurry and hard to differentiate. Fuck glasses he don't need that shit.
-Insanely quick reflexes; Hack hunts by lying still in one spot for a few hours and waiting for something to come along and the moment it does it's toast. His reaction timing is impeccable, and he's incredibly fast and quick to strike.
-Very dexterous, he's good at climbing just about anything and getting into anything he probably shouldn't be. He tends to favor rock-climbing and squeezing himself into dark hidey holes--if he goes in one, good luck getting him out in under three hours. Don't ask him why, he doesn't know, it's just a thing he does, okay?
Hack's venom is fatally poisonous. One bite can kill a human in four hours, and as such he's very familiar with how it works and has also crafted an antivenom for it, which he keeps multiple premade bottles of on him at all times, just in case accidents happen.

After being bit, the victim is prone to a sharp increase in body temperature, increased heart rate (in which arousal may occur,) hyper sensitivity to the senses, an iron taste on the tongue, "everything feeling fuzzy to the touch," etc. As the victim gets closer to death they experience involuntary shaking, muscle cramping, shortness of breath, nausea, excessive sweating and vomiting. A victim may be saved as long as the antivenom is introduced to their system no later than 3/4ths of the way through the symptoms. (Ie, a human can be saved if antivenom is used no later than 3 hours in.)

Ghost- Hack respects him as a leader and has no qualms with the way he runs things; rarely if ever would he question his decisions, and he'll do just about anything Ghost asks of him.
Cayenne- Prolly the closest to a 'friend' Hack has. They like trolling each other, and Hack often cleans up after his messes with bandages and slings and the like. He's an idjit but Hack likes him. He's a good idjit.
Carolina- Annoying to say the least, but Hack knows she's got a good heart, and he finds some of the shit she does amusing, though he'd never outwardly admit it.

Hack was apparently born on some other planet, and his parents immigrated to Edanith in order to have a happy country life on the frontier, thinking they were gonna live like in those Tiny House on the Prairie books they read when they were kids. Turns out the frontier is way harder than they thought, and even though they did fine on their little home in the sand, lil baby Hack's parents done got murdered by a bunch of bandits and thieves one night who took the lil snakeboy with em and sold him into slavery.

He mostly ended up doing chores around rich bastard's houses, and it wasn't until he was bought by a doctor in a tiny town and freed at age 16 that he actually started to learn any kinda booksmarts. The doctor saw his serious demeanor and the interest he showed in rocks and plants and decided to make him his apprentice. The doctor died around age 62 of a heart failure when Hack was 26, and he decided to move on and keep living the live that kind man had taught him. Somewhere in there he found the Peppers and decided they needed someone to look after their strange motley crew and apparently deemed himself to be the one most applicable for the job.

Sometimes he wonders why he bothered volunteering for these shenanigans but he likes the feeling of family and having a home again, and he does kind of enjoy their antics. Deep down. Deep deep deep down.

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