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Author Topic: Pilot Royal Gregor Volk, Squadron Commander [WIP]  (Read 89 times)

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Pilot Royal Gregor Volk, Squadron Commander [WIP]
« on: October 24, 2017, 03:59:40 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Gregor Volk

Age 46

Gender Male

Species Human

Ethnicity Old-timey Aedolian, and proud!

Height 6'4"

Occupation Pilot Royal; Squadron Commander of the Travica Titans

Residence Travica, Solartan by birth

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description Gregor looks every bit the war veteran, grizzled and scarred and just plain built. Salt and pepper hair tops his head, the sides shaved close to the skin while the rest is permanently swept towards the back of his head. His skin is only lightly tanned, and thin lips are framed by a stubbly beard. His right eye is a deep, dark green. The left is cybernetic, an orb of polished steel with one larger red optical lense, one smaller lense that sees only in the infrared spectrum, and another smaller one that houses an advanced targeting system. Running from the eye socket towards the back of his head is a dark, ropey scar, evidence of a bullet wound that had once cut a furrow into his skull.

Personality Gregor is first and foremost a Squadron Commander, and secondly a war veteran. His Squad comes first, always, as he sees them not only as his compatriots, but also as his family. But while this remains true, he's not afraid to bring down the hammer on any squaddie that besmirches the name of the Titans.

Long years of living away from his city of birth have all but completely driven out his mistrust and suspicion of immigrants and non-humans, having spent the last thirty-odd years rubbing elbows with them both during his candidacy and as a Pilot. However, seeing someone new - that is, a new type of non-human - can give him a mighty powerful twitch of the eye. He's most susceptible to this in the presence of races not native to Earth, though he does his best to hide it.

Once, a long, long time ago, one could have described him as a laid back, almost uncaring individual - even shortly after his graduation and during the first few months of the war. However, warfare and hardship - not to mention a very nearly fatal bullet wound - forged him into the grizzled man he is today. He's very perfunctory, very succinct, and when he's not in the mood he won't put up with any form of bullshit. If he's caught in a good mood, however, one couldn't ask for a better conversationalist, and he has been found quick to joke, laugh, and snark with the best of them.

Magic/Abilities Telepathy - Far more than powerful enough to be a Pilot, though this is an ability he rarely uses outside of communicating with his Dragon.

Telekinesis - Moderate strength, able to exert roughly the same amount of force as his physical capabilities. Also capable of manipulating more than one object at once, so long as the combined weight of the objects doesn't exceed his normal capabilities.

Teletechnopathy - Gregor is remarkably capable with this ability, able to communicate and manipulate the programs that run most machines as easily as some od the best programmers can at a keyboard.

Relationships None as of yet

Dragon TBA

History TBA

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