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Author Topic: Iridescent Nebula, Pilot Royal Inquiry Acquisition Agent  (Read 158 times)

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Iridescent Nebula, Pilot Royal Inquiry Acquisition Agent
« on: October 13, 2017, 12:09:36 AM »

Iridescent Nebula

Iri, Eerie, Rainbow,





6'2" - Lithe, slim, sleek muscles

Inquiry Acquisition Agent - AKA BlackBagger

Where ever he is needed

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Iridescent is decently androgynous. He's a delicate looking man with a slim build, elegant is a good word. Being half-kulshedra he has a few key points of the species. The digitigrade legs end in dainty scaly feet that he has custom made shoes for. It's a strange mix of genetics that made him look the way he does. His ears aren't as floppy, he has no split cheeks like his father - though that's for an entirely different reason - he was born a girl.

Like other Kulshedra, Iridescent has scales. His however, are a rainbow of colour. Opalescent or a rainbow of colours. The base colour is a pearly sheen and if the light is dim, he just looks very pale his hair is long, to just above his shoulders and like his scales, is the same lovely opalescent. Rainbow like in the light. What isn't scales is tanned flesh. He naturally does not posses a tail.
 Iridescent has let his personal growth dwindle so he could better his abilities - it paid off, he's amazing at what he does. However, he can come off as cold and calculating. His job requires him to be. Iridescent doesn't really know who he is beyond a scythe for the dragons and the Inquiry.

Due to his job - a quiet killer for the Inquiry, he is very well trained in anything he needs. When there's an enemy to the country, he's one of the few that are set out to snuff the beginning flames of rebellion and get out without a whisper.

Iridescent is excellent at hand to hand combat. His denser build due to his kulshedra heritage put him at an advantage in regards to weight and muscle mass.  He is proficient with most weapons - from knives to snipers and has the abilities to pilot multiple crafts. Whatever he needs to do, it is likely he can do it.

Telepathy - Like all Pilots, Iridescent can communicate via telepathy. Iri is subtle. A whisper on the wind. A gentle brush of a feather. His distance is good and his reading is better. If there is a mind and it's got a crack, he'll find it and if he needs to he'll listen. Mostly Iri is good at listening and catching communication than replying. Like a one way walkie-talkie with very good distance.

Telekinesis - Iridescent's telekinesis isn't amazing.  Of all things, he's talented enough. He can't bend steel beams but he can move multiple things at once. Not strong but concentrated.

Illumokinesis - His key ability. Iridescent is an illumokinetic. A bender of light. Instead of making light happen, his abilities mostly have to do with making himself invisible. Whether it's from taking light away from someone to make them temporarily blind or making himself completely invisible by bending light around him. Because of his outstanding ability in becoming literally invisible to someone who isn't looking - and even then, if they are they'd have to know what to look for.  When concentrating he can extend the 'invisibility' to a few more people, though not for nearly as long. If need be, Iri could keep himself cloaked for days. Many people though would be only a few hours.

Empathy - Iridescent is able to project feelings upon people to a small degree. Mostly to make people uncomfortable with where his location is. If someone is close by he makes their spine tingle and want to go away. It helps people not find him if he's on a stake out.

Amelia Nebula - Mother - Deceased
Emerald Nebula - Father - Get on well enough when they see one another - which is rarely for no other reason that neither really have time.

Jacob - Iridescent's dragon. A no nonsense dragon, Jacob loves efficiency. Iridescent is a good partner for the singular fact he doesn't beat around the bush. Jacob is a larger dragon, a little bit bigger than an elephant. His natural colouring is orange and the lower half of his spine and back legs are mechanical.  Because of Iridescent's job, Jacob mostly does... Dragon things.

Iridescent was born to two loving parents. Emerald in his sixties - though not looking a day over 29 and Amelia in her mid forties. Both parents were ecstatic to have such a beautiful child. Amelia was over the moon that she had a daughter to put into pretty dresses and play with her hair - which she did despite a few protests. As the years went on though and they were good citizens who got their child screened, Iridescent tested positive and was drafted into the candidate program at 13. She - before Iridescent even realized she was a boy- went through it with little trouble too occupied with wanting to pass and becoming an amazing Pilot to give his parents luxuries they couldn't imagine before.

It was a number of years before Iridescent looked into the mirror and it clicked. A lot of internal looking between being sent out on a mission. A lot of questions. A lot of answers. Over the years he'd contacted his parents less and less, finding his job too hard to take while pretending to be a jovial child. His mother was an old woman now and his father looked as young as ever. It was hard admitting to his mother than the little girl she loved wasn't a little girl anymore, that she was a boy in the fleshy case of a woman's body.

Iridescent's fondest memory is the one of Amelia pressing kisses to his cheeks and telling him she loved him after he'd told her. To the center of the galaxy and back. And there again. And back again. It was a year or two later that she died, a tiny old woman with fluffy white hair asleep in her bed. Emerald and Iridescent didn't contact one another often, both workaholics in their own right, two very different jobs. Emerald loved his son which he made a point of telling him when he could. For the most part, Iridescent had a completely normal childhood and a very normal family.

His job takes a toll on him and as he was more and more successful the higher ranks he climbed. More clearance. More jobs. More work. Sometimes he gets breaks but Iri gets antsy and irritable. His focus on work has left him with not so great people skills and he's never been on a date - for the pure reason  that he's awful with people. His best friends are in books and he's never learned how to dance.

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