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Author Topic: Nakiri Devoss; Pilot Echo  (Read 140 times)

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Nakiri Devoss; Pilot Echo
« on: September 29, 2017, 01:32:43 PM »

Full name: Nakiri Devoss
Gender: Male/Hermaphrodite
Age: 37
D.O.B: August 10th
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 111 lbs
Race: Kitsuni
Sexuality: Homosexual
Nationality: Aedolian
Residence: Apcintoch


Nakiri doesn’t look like what most people probably imagine a Pilot would look like. For starters, he has a soft body, not at all chubby, but years of Candidacy did not tone him in the slightest. In fact, he almost has a slightly feminine body, with hips just a tiny bit wider than you’d expect on a man, and a small bubble butt. Rich, creamy skin the color of honey runs smoothly over his perfect, untarnished body.

The feminine traits don’t fall solely on his body, because Nakiri has a very pretty heart-shaped face with full pouty lips and long, thick eyelashes. Large and softly slanted, Nakiri’s eyes are a warm pink with dark red rims around the iris, but that’s nothing compared to his flaming pink hair. Long and luscious, his strands are made up of various shades of pink from very bright to almost red. Honestly it isn’t uncommon for him to be mistaken for a flat-chested girl.

Aside from not looking like one would expect for a military man, he’s quite obviously not human. Very large fox ears covered in dark red fur and tipped with black poke out from his impressive mane of pink hair. A matching set of tails swing behind him, giving him quite the exotic look.


Flamboyant, vain, lazy, and selfish – Nakiri likes being pampered and very much dislikes drills, but being on a squad, especially one as fabulous as his, gets him lots and lots of attention, which he loves. He’s very flirtatious and not at all shy about, well, anything honestly.


Telepathy: Nakiri learned to communicate telepathically before he learned to speak vocally. The ability isn’t abnormally strong for him, simply developed and refined enough to function very early. Psionics are a powerful species trait for his kind, so to his own kin this was not surprising at all.

Pyrokinesis: In their very small community, there are two variety of foxes – fire and ice. Aside from telepathy there are only two possible psionics to appear in their population. Nakiri happens to be of the more common fire side of the spectrum. His ability in Pyrokinesis also developed very young. At first simply in that his body has always been very warm to the touch– a trait that carries on to this very day as fire is a core part of him and cannot simply be turned off.

Nakiri is not very good at using his ability with finesse, he packs a huge punch. May also possess passive Pyrogenesis – his body literally creates heat and fire.


Parents: Both are still alive, they’re getting old and have little contact with their son now that he’s a grown up and living outside their community.

Neeko Reynard: Much older cousin, also a Pilot.


Born and raised in Aurora, Nakiri isn’t just part of the mob-like family that is the Kitsuni community; his mother is something of a matriarch among them. The Devoss family is the biggest and most central Kitsuni family, with the most wealth, power, and influence among all the sub-families.

To say that Nakiri was spoiled would be putting it mildly. There was a lot of tension and animosity when the military came and took him for the Pilot Candidate Program. It was especially insulting to their family that the dragons had the nerve to send one of their own lost children to steal yet another child from them. Neeko Reynard still receives a lot of distrust, hate, and suspicion for his role in recruiting Nakiri.

Candidacy was excruciating for him. Losing the bond with his kin devastated Nakiri and despite his strong psionic potential he was nearly TRIM’d because of severe trauma and depression.

It took him years to make it through each stage, except the first, which is always six months. Indeed, he spent six years alone as a Stage 5 Candidate. Graduation came just shy of his thirtieth birthday, when he was bonded to a dragon named Lark.


Name: Lark
Gender: Female


She is large, red female with mechanical legs.


Lark is a very lazy and prideful.