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Author Topic: Vaas Sayd, Pilot Echo [WIP]  (Read 144 times)

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Vaas Sayd, Pilot Echo [WIP]
« on: September 10, 2017, 02:06:01 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Vaas Sayd (Pronounced Voss Sade)

Age 26

Gender Male

Species Human

Ethnicity Aedolian

Height 6'2"

Occupation Pilot Echo

Residence Adstreia

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description Talk and broad, Vaas keeps himself fit with a strict and sometimes harsh fitness routine, pushing himself until it hurts. He's not overly large, but still very muscular, well toned, and well defined.

His hair is jet black, straight, and shoulder length. He typically styles it rather messily, though not so much it appears unkempt. His eyes are a steel gray, and frequently wear an intense, burning glare. He is moderately tanned, with a smattering of scars mostly on his hands and forearms, and some on his upper chest and shoulders - a mixture of burns and small cuts from working on machinery.

His clothing generally consists entirely of black and red, and he can typically be found wearing a red muscle shirt  (he has many, some actually being t-shirts with the sleeves torn off, some with burn holes or oil stains, but most are kept pristine. He simply doesn't throw anything away if it can have a use), a black jacket with a white fur collar, and black pants. He also has clothes for formal occasions, but only a couple outfits; whenever possible he's always dressed casually.

His left arm has a stylized Hellions skull tattoo on the top of his shoulder, with a pile of bones and broken skulls underneath to form a sleeve. His right arm, starting at the wrist and running all the way up and across his right pectoral, is a stylized flame in red, orange, and yellow.

Personality Headstrong, arrogant, impulsive, and sometimes angry - Vaas is hot-headed, and hot-blooded. However, he knows how much is too much, and is quick to put a lid on his personality if he senses he's being overbearing. When among friends, however, he's got a rather dry and sometimes harsh sense of humor - sometimes someone has to really know him to understand that his scathing sense of humor is just that - humor, meant for amusement and nothing more.

Magic/Abilities Telepathy - Very good, in the sense that he can communicate from a fairly long distance. He's able to 'link' with people almost similarly to how a Dragon bonds with someone, and that personal connection is even more powerful.

Telekinesis - Able to move objects with the same strength as his body.

Pyrokinesis - Powerful enough to create flame from nothing, though doing so is extremely mentally taxing. Manipulating existing flame is much easier, and he usually carries a lighter in case of such a need. He can, however, cause the temperature in an object or a nearby area to rise substantially with little trouble.

Relationships His father, whom he has cut all contact with. Also his elder sister, whom is in the regular military, but he rarely speaks to.

His Dragon, Raijin, once an electric blue dragon though now he is mostly entirely mechanical on the outside.

Sparrow Anderson, fellow squadmember, best friend, and secret girlfriend.

History TBA

__________________THREAD TRACKER
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