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Author Topic: Neeko Reynard; Pilot Royal  (Read 95 times)

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Neeko Reynard; Pilot Royal
« on: August 23, 2017, 02:31:46 PM »

Full name: Neeko Reynard
Occupation: Pilot Royal; Solarta PR Department
Gender: Male; technically also a female
Age: 134; Still a young buck for his kind!
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 154lbs
Race: Kitsuni  - fox demon species native to Earth
Sexuality: Bisexual – Heavy Male Preference
Nationality: Aedolian
Residence: Solarta; Aedolis


The first thing people generally notice is that while definitely a humanoid creature, Neeko is clearly not a human. The large, perky ears in all their fuzzy glory that crown his head are a little bit of a giveaway – just like the twin fluffy tails swaying behind him. The dexterous appendages are long enough that they have to curl up into a bit of an S shape to keep from dragging the ground behind him as he walks. Velvety soft fur the color of glacier ice covers his ears and tails, with tips dipped in silver.

Like a human, he’s covered in smooth skin, but his isn’t very pink, more like a ghastly pale with a hint of a blue undertint. His lips are even blue and often look to be lightly frosted, which would make since with the constant stream of frosty breath pushing past them. All that cold flesh is pulled over a narrow frame, neither particularly tall nor considered short. Despite the consistent physical conditioning required of a Pilot, Neeko is not at all buff or particularly muscular. The muscles are toned and defined, but surprisingly sleek. Most are surprised at the strength behind the stringy fox.

Unlike a human, aside from his head hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows, Neeko grows no body or facial hair.

Like most of his species, Neeko has somewhat narrow and foxlike features, with a soft slant to his pale blue, almost white, eye. Silver, like his hair, his eyebrows are elegantly arched over his brow. The left eye is framed by long, thick eyelashes. Unfortunately his right eye is now missing. High cheekbones with a slightly sharp nose and chin give him a somewhat refined look, and there have been many that considered him very pretty.

A large, square eyepatch is settled over his right eye – black in color, but sporting beautifully frosted diamonds embedded into the leather to form a snowflake pattern.


Yep, he has one. It's all over the place. Your results may vary.


Neeko was born a long time ago by human standards, but he’s still fairly young for his species, not even middle aged! Born in Aurora, the small community of Kitsuni makes their money off a reasonably popular restaurant chain that focuses on two specialties – delicious spicy grills and frozen treats.

The Kitsuni have an almost mafia-esque community in the far flung city. Non-human and preferring to police themselves, they avoid Aedolian law enforcement and Pilots as much as they can, working internally within the community to maintain their culture and species without human or dragon interference. Of course they know they’re constantly being monitored, but they make a good effort to keep their family as private as Aedolian society allows.

Raised in such a community, where all of his species was considered part of the family, Neeko was one of very few of his kind with enough psychic potential to capture government interest. Being abducted from his home and placed in the ATC at age thirteen was an ordeal.

His instructors used his mob-mentality to their advantage, transferring that fierce loyalty to his own kind onto dragons, Aedolis, and Pilots with underhanded psychological techniques. They worked, of course, at least for the most part. The bond between Neeko and his people could never be completely broken, but he has been made useful through extreme conditioning.

Given his inhuman nature, Neeko has natural gifts that made him ideal for combat operations, with keen senses and deceptive strength; he was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Unfortunately the war cost him his right eye. After the injury he was moved to PR in Solarta and has been mostly behind a desk ever since.


Telepathy: Neeko learned to communicate telepathically before he learned to speak vocally. The ability isn’t abnormally strong for him, simply developed and refined enough to function very early. Psionics are a powerful species trait for his kind, so to his own kin this was not surprising at all.

Cryokinesis: In their very small community, there are two variety of foxes – fire and ice. Aside from telepathy there are only two possible psionics to appear in their population. Neeko happens to be of the smaller ice side of the spectrum. His ability in Cryokinesis also developed very young. At first simply in that his body has always been cool to the touch and his breath frosts – traits that carry on to this very day as ice is a core part of him and cannot simply be turned off.

Neeko is good at using his ability with finesse, able to perform delicate feats with his Cryokinesis, but he also can pack a punch, knowing how to make the most of his abilities with the least amount of actual psionic energy expended. May also possess passive Cryogenesis – his body literally creates ice.


Parents: Both are still alive, they’re getting old and have little contact with their son now that he’s a grown up and living outside their community.

Nakiri Devoss: Much younger cousin, also a Pilot.

Nishi Tokala: Fiancée from an arranged marrige via their mothers.


Name: Ryuu
Gender: Female


She is small, very long, lithe silver female with gears and hydraulics all over a metallic chest plate.


Ryuu has little interest in the goings on of lesser beings. She has few reasons to speak with Neeko outside of issuing him orders. They have a mutual understanding that the Kitsuni is an inferior creature that lives to serve her.