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Author Topic: Garza Oskai, Pilot Candidate Stage 4  (Read 160 times)

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Garza Oskai, Pilot Candidate Stage 4
« on: July 30, 2017, 03:41:26 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Garza Oskai (Gar-zuh Oss-kaye)
Age 22
Gender Male
Species Human with a small amount of Dragon heritage
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 6'8"
Occupation Stage 4 Pilot Candidate
Residence The ATC

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description In the distant past, when Dragons were still bereft of their nonmechanical parts, breeding with others outside of their own species was not unseen. Garza is decended from such a union, and it shows - despite the thinning of the Dragon blood throughout the generations, his heritage remains strong though far too diluted to be of much use beyond his appearance. That said, Garza appears every bit the monster, standing nearly seven feet tall and rather broad. He is quite muscular, and his skin is an ash-grey, with black scales scattered in patches throughout his body. His hands and feet are mostly human and retain full dexterity, though they are tipped with naturally jet black claws, a source of endless frustration from him when he attempts to wield a pen.

His eyes are a bright blood red, yet another sign of his draconic inheritance and adding to his intimidating visage. From the right side of his forehead, a large horn juts forth seemingly at random, and his brow has a smattering of odd bony protrusions, following the line of his eyebrows. His hair is black and messy, something he doesn't bother to do anything with other than cut it now and again, since his horn makes styling it nothing short of impossible. His teeth are all very slightly pointed, making his extremely charming smile only slightly horrifying.

Personality One one side, dedicated and focused. On the other, (and only during what little free-time he's allowed) extremely laid back and fun loving. Despite his monstrous appearance, Garza is an extremely nice guy, and tends to look out for those weaker than him - he sees it as his responsibility to use his size and strength to shield others rather than be a weapon. That said, however, he won't hesitate to bully the bullies.

Due to events occurring during the years before his drafting into the candidate program,  Garza is very uncomfortable with physical attachment to another person. Any kind of relationship beyond simple friendship would require a great deal of trust from both sides. These events also led him to be very aware of his appearance, and so he holds himself to human standards...he views himself as an aberration, and believes that people view him the same way.


Psionics - Likely because his draconic heritage, Garza has access to powerful, raw psychic power, and much of his time at the ATC has been spent bringing it to heel.

Telepath - Garza absolutely hates having this ability for two reasons - first, it got him stuck in the ATC to begin with, and secondly, he has difficulty tuning out other people's voices. He has to dedicate much of his time focusing just to tune out the surface thoughts of others.

Telekinetic - The ability to move things with his mind. He's honed this ability to a high degree, to the point where he can actually use a pen or pencil with it and actually write legibly (cuz claws make writing a real pain). On the other end of the spectrum, he can use it to move and throw most objects or simply project a large wave of force.

He also has for more...destructive applications for this power, but he can't access that power unless he's ridiculously angry or stressed.

Relationships His Mentor, Keithen Nieminen

History Garza absolutely refuses to talk about life before the ATC. However, he had no issues with the first three stages of the pilot exam, save for stage 2, which he had to seriously study for, though the physical aspects were a breeze. Stage 1 was simple, as he found his natural athleticism made the basic physical training feel like morning stretches. He never had a problem with hazing, likely due to his terrifying appearance.

Stage 3 was fun, though his roommate had far too many psychological issues and got TRIMed the first month in. He had no issues with the teamwork aspect, other than having to get through to whomever he was partnered with that, no, he was not going to eat them.

Stage 4 might be his undoing, however, and this is a constant source of stress for him - His telepathy simply won't turn off without extreme focus or dissociation.

The Untold Truth

Garza has absolutely no idea where he came from, or who his family is. His earliest memory is waking up in the hospital after a long coma that left him an amnesiac, and records state that he was the victim of a construction accident at a young age. His only identification was that of his microchip, which stated only his name and age - at the time, he was 15.

Released from the hospital with no one to claim him, he was placed on the lower caste, and there he wandered, basically homeless, until he stumbled upon the Midhaven - there, he was mistaken for one of the monsters of the deep, a beast responsible for taking loved ones into the deep tunnels.

He survived for nearly a year, hiding and scavenging what he could to live off of, until he was caught and caged like an animal. For just over two years after that, he was poked and prodded, jeered at, and having his monstrous appearance drilled into his head. Some of the more superstitious of them would send their women to him and force him to breed whilst chained to his cage.

Eventually, he'd had enough, and something, some kind of mental block within him, snapped. Instinctively, and blacking out and fueled by his rage, he projected a massive and violent wave of pure telekinetic force, destroying his cage and liquifying his would-be keepers. Very shortly afterward, he collapsed, unconscious.

When he awoke, it was to the nudging of a Pilots boot. That same day, he was taken to the ATC, still covered in their blood.

He vowed, then and there, he'd never again give into his anger.

__________________THREAD TRACKER
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