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Author Topic: Grisham Alberich, Pilot Royal and Commander  (Read 536 times)

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Grisham Alberich, Pilot Royal and Commander
« on: June 13, 2017, 10:20:16 AM »

Mr. Dynamo Exclusive
Art Done by Me

+ NAME + Grisham Lewis Alberich
+ ALIAS + Pilot Royal Grisham Alberich, “Grim”, “Mr. Dynamo” (By some comedian in PR)
+ AGE + 39
+ GENDER + Male
+ ORIGIN + Adstreia, Aedolis
+ SPECIES + Human, mostly
+ RESIDENCE + Adstreia, Aedolis
+ OCCUPATION + Pilot Royal, Squadron Commander for the Adstreia Hellions (Onyx Team)
+ COUNTENANCE + Forest Green hair / Blue-Gray eyes
+ STATURE + 6'3” / 222 lbs.
+ SEXUALITY + Pansexual


Grisham may very well be a human wall of muscle. His powerful form complements his rather harsh personality, but he's a rather gentle giant when he doesn't have to make a show of it. His right forearm is a prosthetic piece that has had a number of improvements over the years. Synthetic flesh over it certainly feels real enough.  With a low brow and his medium lips drawn into an eternal frown, it's no wonder he's earned the nickname 'Grim'.  A large heavy nose sits at the center of his face with a square jaw and a number of minute scars strewn across this lips and cheekbones, the facial hair growing haphazardly on his face, sporting unruly medium length hair, graying sporadically.

The right side of his torso and hip and upper thigh are burned and the flesh is still quite tender from time to time. Grisham is rather apathetic about his scars. He earned them, but he doesn't see them as a badge of pride.

The Hellions logo is tattooed on his back, various aviation themed designs over his shoulders and arms and chest.

Not unlike his nickname, Grisham is an old war dog has fortified himself into being the strong capable Pilot and leader that he is. He's serious, with a very dry and morbid sense of humor. And it's not uncommon for people to not get his jokes. He throws himself into his work, training the Hellions, and looking for ways to make them better due to a melancholic sense of duty. He has a respect for the other squadrons, although he doesn't enjoy participating in the Aedolian games, but will do it for his team and for Adstreia. He's proud of his city, his team – which has become his second family. Or in this case, his only family.

Experiences in the war have hardened Grisham. Although he may not always seem like it, he's quite meticulous, eyes always looking for a shortcoming he can exploit. He is not easily goaded, but nor does he back away when faced with a threat. He fights like an animal, using any possible outlet to survive, to get the job done. New bloods can be particularly irritating. But if they earn their place, then he's much more forgiving. If he likes you, you'll know it. He'll go to hell and back for those he cares most for.

But when the daylight wanes, Grisham goes home to his empty apartment, tries to find thing to do distract himself, and rarely sleeps. He keeps himself alive with cigars, whatever he can cook, and sometimes a bottle of brandy or wine. The truth is, he's incredibly lonely, often reflective, he wants to relate to others, to have a long deep conversation, but is often awkward in how he goes about it. He is not much for flair, but his gestures are no less genuine.  He has no taste for posh or ritzy things or folks, whatever is simple works for best for him. It's what's inside that's the most real. And it's that reality sometimes that terrifies him.

- Things! -
- Fought in the War with Edanith and Libra, that cost him his right arm and burn scars along the lower right side of his torso. He doesn't consider himself a 'hero' and wants only to do his job as he's meant to do it. Buries his unpleasant memories deep inside.
- Heavy smoker. Usually has a cigarette hanging from his lips, and really doesn't give a shit what people think of his habit. Also carries a boot flask because he's 'that guy'.
- Has the name “Isaak” engraved on the back of his dog tags
- Has recently taken up blacksmithing as a hobby and uses the facilities at the Stellarium to work on projects. He's gotten really good at making tiny scorpions.

Grisham's particular talent with empathy stems into an almost psychokinetic level. In battle, he is capable of influencing the thoughts of enemies enough to see horrific visions, to trick them into believing that what they're seeing is real, although it's little more than a projection of what Grisham is thinking/feeling at that time. In their temporary mania, an enemy can possibly turn on themselves, their allies, flee, or become paralyzed with fear.  These horrors, in order to keep from believing they are real himself, are imprinted into objects so that they might later be destroyed. Training has taught him to control when he does this, and he's as per usual a little more sensitive to the emotions of others.

Being able to read thoughts and memories in an object might not have much bearing in a combat situation at first consideration. It's true that it is a psionic ability that Grisham uses very little except for when he actively imprints a memory, whether real or not, into an object to be stored for later. He does this as means of mental cleansing, storing awful images of things he's seen, or created, into small glass marbles. These ones he's destroyed. And some memories, no matter how hard he's tried to erase, they stay burned in his mind. He's learned to block out reading most of the emotions/memories in every day objects (door knobs, drinking glasses, etc.) but sometimes little flashes have been known to get through.

In addition he has very strong telepathy, to better communicate with his squadron across vast distances in space. His telekinesis is below average.

Isaak Alberich – Son, deceased
Lisle “Lisa” Wiseau – Ex-Wife, STATUS: Alive. (They are not on speaking terms. Don't ask her. She doesn't wanna talk about it.)

Kurush Suhail, Pilot Noble, Squadron Leader of the Adstreia Hellions.
Jaime McLeod, Pilot Cardinal, Squad Member of the Adstreia Hellions
Sparrow Anderson, Pilot Echo, Squad Member of the Adstreia Hellions
Vaas Sayd, Pilot Echo, Squad Member of the Adstreia Hellions
Locusta Sadeghi, Pilot Echo, Squad Member and Medic of the Adstreia Hellions

Yavul Hyakinthos Pilot Royal, Squad Commander of the Solarta Valkyries - Fellow Rival and one of his best friends.

Haruxhir (Ha-Roo-Sheer) - Dragon

From a long line of Pilots and upstanding military family, Grisham Alberich knew he was going to be a Pilot. He'd dreamed of it, and he couldn't have been more ecstatic when he was inducted into the Candidate program. Life was going according to plan, then the war happened, and it was as if everything was accelerated to light speed. Much of it feels blurred in hindsight, graduating, being inducted into the Hellions, the fighting, his marriage, and the loss of his son, and the subsequent divorce that followed.

Accidents happen, they said. No matter how many precautions are taken, there's always room for fault. Sure, that's how it always went.

At the end of the war, Grisham was given command of the Hellions when the old commander perished.

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