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Author Topic: Cinnamon Rook, Pilot Echo  (Read 281 times)

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Cinnamon Rook, Pilot Echo
« on: June 09, 2017, 08:21:38 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Cinnamon Rook
Age 45 ( very young adult)
Gender male
Species Kulshedra
Ethnicity Red
Height 6'5"
Occupation Pilot
Residence Citadel

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description Cinnamon is... Imposing. He's every bit the lethal creature from the tip of his nose to the tip of his thin whip like tail. Tanned skin - where there is skin - and dusky red scales everywhere else. His eyes are almond shaped, irises large and golden yellow. Pupils a slit ( or big innocent circles). He has four defining features. One is his hair, cropped short and the same red as his scales, his ears, which he can move every which way - sometimes having a hard time keeping his emotiond from them.

Then, theres his tail. Slimmer and more prehensile than his same species brethren, it is also longer. Finally, the part that makes him Kulshedra is the ability he has to open his mouth like a snake. Bite down on necks. Consume.

The days of needing to use such a feature are long since passed. Its still fun to creep people out and show others how to catch fish with your mouth. Party tricks.

Cinnamon is built. Broad shoulders and slim waist. The scales are on his throat to the top of his chest, his forearms and hands down between his shoulder blades to his tail. Along his thighs and finally, to his less than human feet. Digitegrade feet, ending in claws.

He also has a few thick red lines along his lips and chin - they are natural and should he have been born into a more traditional family they would have meant something.

Despite his oddities, when he isnt grinning to creep out, he can be handsome enough.

Personality  jokester, button pusher, annoyer. A massive instigator.

A longer version is... Cinnamon is the ultimate thrower of shade. He tosses it like it's infinite and isn't afraid of any sort of backlash he may get. Being a confident young man, it's hard to get under his scales and he rolls with it easy, taking it as good as he can give it - should anyone rise to the occasion. That isn't to say he isn't without a non-mean sense of humour it's just easiest for him to poke and prod.

If there is a chink or a dent in the armour he will pick at it. Some times this is a part of him people get used to because no one is safe and othertimes, it pushes people away. Either way, Cinna doesn't care but should words be exchanged in an adult like manner he usually stops picking. Usually.

Being inhuman, he embraces differences and loves them for what they are. Unique bits that add obstacles or take them away. An interesting part of Cinna is that he does try to get along with everyone, he's just also an asshole.

Aside from all that he tries to be a very private person. With everyone able to get inside his head, his own private life is that much more important.

Bits and Odds.
Cinna does his best to keep his distance from people because he is easily attached. If he likes you and enjoys your company that's the end of it.

When he's excited he has a bit of a hissy-lisp.

He's recently discovered that when he's pleased he makes a weird trill. He can't control this - rather, it doesn't happen enough for him to have learned how.

Magic/Abilities decent telepathy and telekinesis.

He is adept at pyrokenises. He isn't beyond amazing, but it's a tool that he knows how to use very well.

Deego - Elder brother. They get along great but there will always be the sibling element present. Cinna only groans when he tells jokes.

Almond - A neice he's recently discovered he has. He, of course, loved her instantly.

Boop & Beep - a pair of sister kittens he adopted from a fellow Pilot. They have quickly become the center of Cinnamon's life because he's never had to actually take care of something before that wasn't just violence. They are appropriately spoiled. Beep wears a green collar and Boop wears a purple one - otherwise he cant tell them apart yet.

The Harpies - theyre his squishy human('cept Royal) family and he would die for all of them.

Soba - A person of interest. Cinna is guillable enough but knows enough to continue on when silly stories happen. Cinnamon wasn't expecting to enjoy Sobas company as much as he does.

Leoru - Dragon. White female with a pretty crown. She's vain and regal. Her lower jar has been replaced and her throat and most of her organs - so her stomach area - are machinery.


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