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Author Topic: Banning Lockhart, Pilot Royal  (Read 573 times)

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Banning Lockhart, Pilot Royal
« on: February 20, 2017, 12:16:41 AM »
+ NAME + Banning Lockhart
+ ALIAS +  Pilot Royal Lockhart
+ AGE + 33-35
+ GENDER + Male
+ STAR SIGN + The Raven
+ BORN + 83 Standard days into a new year
+ ORIGIN + Cauldron Rock, Aeodolis Colony
+ SPECIES + Mutated human, Lycanthrope
+ RESIDENCE + Haviah, Aedolis
+ OCCUPATION + Pilot Royal
+ COUNTENANCE + Lavender Eyes / Dark Violet hair
+ STATURE + 6'3” / 230lbs.
+ SEXUALITY + Bisexual

CH. I – Painting a Portrait
Banning wouldn't consider himself a very attractive man, but rarely does he look at himself in the mirror. He's strong jawed and with well-evened features, a long broad nose, and stern brows. His face is almost always covered in the shade of beard no matter how much he tries to shave, it can't be helped.  He's well-muscled with several scars here and there, and a series of tattoos marking his body.

Done by the lovely Nephero!

His tattoos are paralleled lines along his left and right shoulders, crisscrossing across his shoulders and back. He has some markings on his chest and abdomen, and even designs of various things along his thighs. A lot of them are old album covers of rock bands, or artwork from underground artists.

CH II – Mental Make-up
Reserved except within the right company, and opinionated when people are annoying, Banning is largely a kind soul. He's generous, yet firm when he has to be, and is something of a private person, as impossible as that is with his Pilot status.

He's studied archaic faiths in ancient days, and has something of a scholarly interest in them. But nothing serious.

He can be prone to intense mood swings and a voracious appetite when the moment strikes him.

CH III – Social

Pilot Noble Isabel "Rainbow Sprinkles" Kiers, Girlfriend <3

Hyperion, Dragon,
   His friend and the link between them is strong. He's stern but forgiving and knew he was going to choose someone like Banning. He's calm when he has to be, and fierce in a fight. Hyperion is an older dragon, and had sections of his body gradually replaced with biomechanical ones. Among them is an armored chest plate, and his right arm has been replaced with a mechanical prosthesis.

Done by the amazing Olathelamshin @deviantart.com

CH IV – Abilities / Skills
Able to sense and read the energy vibrations of others. Which may contain stray memories, feelings, moods, and sensations (wellness, etc). They appear in mind like echolocation, bouncing off of solid objects or radiating off a person. It takes a lot out of him, and he suffers from migraines the moments his gifts become too overwhelming.  He can manipulate vibrations as well, influencing how a person might be feeling in a moment, triggering anger or lethargy, or another of other emotions and physical states. And may also heat up objects by increasing the vibration of molecules in said object. His telepathy, and telekinesis are decent.

Banning possesses many lycanthropic traits without many of the drawbacks that comes with such a condition. He's stronger and his senses, in particular smell, are more acute than others, but he's also prone to fits of rage despite his demeanor and his transformation isn't quite as wolf-like. He get's hairier and his fangs and claws grow out.  He only changes once every few months however and can usually sate his appetites before they get the better of him.

CH V – Gear / Equipment
He has a sweet pair of laser revolvers that he got from his mentor on his graduation day. He's used them on more than one occasion and they are his only real prized possession.

CH VI – Reflections of the Past
He has a history!  As soon as I think of it.

Stat Report:
Stage 1: 14
Stage 2: 15-16
Stage 3: 16-17
Stage 4: 17-18
Stage 5: 18-19

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