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Author Topic: Rampage, Raider  (Read 406 times)

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Rampage, Raider
« on: February 15, 2017, 11:47:53 PM »
+ NAME + Rampage
+ ALIAS +  Rampage
+ AGE + Early 30's
+ GENDER + Male
+ STAR SIGN + The Riverstone
+ BORN + Year's End
+ ORIGIN + Teinari outpost
+ SPECIES + Human (Mutated)
+ RESIDENCE + The Wasteland
+ OCCUPATION + Raider / Sandrunner
+ COUNTENANCE + Neon-Green eyes / Reddish-Brown hair
+ STATURE + 6'3” / 218 lbs.
+ SEXUALITY + Been There, Done That

CH. I – Painting a Portrait
Tall, powerfully muscled, burly, with wild unkempt hair. It's shaggily cut, with a blunt-edged knife and his face is unshaven. His eyes are rather piercing, although they seem to lack the edge of his sister's.  His nose his large and broad, with his brow heavy and deep set eyes. A large 'x' on the left side of his face is telling, marking his temple well.

Other than his scars, not much else.  Maybe a small discoloration of skin on his lower back that serves as his birthmark.

CH II – Mental Make-up
Life in the wastes is largely all he's known. Anything before that is a blur, and what he knows is survival. He's not the brightest bulb in the stockroom, but he is more thoughtful than his former Raider leader.  He's developed a reputation for wholesale destruction and taking no prisoners, except where there might be profit.  With a short fuse, and a physique to back it up, few people care to stand in his way.

 Except his sister.  Things are complicated.

What's that?


CH III – Social

Ruckus, His Younger sister, Alive (unfortunately)
   His only living family and relation, he loves her but they seem to butt heads on just about everything. So they joined separate raider gangs. He hates her, mostly, but no one else has permission to speak bad about her, or made threats against her.

CH IV – Abilities / Skills
 A raider of the wastes, surviving by scavenging and pillaging other survivors in the wastes. He's adapted since being raised here, able to breathe normally in the toxic atmosphere and even see more clearly in the dark than other humans, as if his vision is in a higher contrast. He's also good with his hands in both fixing things and fighting, and is pretty good with a rifle.

CH V – Gear / Equipment
His motorbike, and his assault rifle.

CH VI – Reflections of the Past
Born with his sister in a Teinari outpost closer to the Wastelands, they didn't have much of a chance to grow up there.  The outpost was attacked and the young ones taken by raiders, raised to live into their fold.  It might have been easier to sell them, but Rampage supposed the leader found them to be a half-decent investment.

When they grew up more, the siblings went their separate ways since they couldn't seem to agree on anything, ever. Except that they knew how to survive and thrive in the harsh land. 

Rampage excelled in another gang, rising through ranks until he was the boss' second. Recently, a failed attempt to sack a Teinari outpost left him dead, leaving Rampage to take his place. As reluctant as he is to do so, he thought his leader was an idiot to begin with. The others backed him and that's been that.
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