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Author Topic: Beauregard Nocturnus, Pilot Echo - Drill Instructor  (Read 226 times)

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Beauregard Nocturnus, Pilot Echo - Drill Instructor
« on: February 07, 2017, 07:47:42 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Beauregard, Beau. Gard. Pilot Nocturnus. Catguy.
Age 34
Gender Male
Species Amariah
Ethnicity Acceptable
Height 6'6"
Occupation Drill instructor
Residence Haviah

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description  Beauregard is a large man. He's broad shouldered, slim wast and generally just... Large. He's tall - not counting his ears - and Beau is fit. He finds himself unwilling to discontinue his physical abilities simply because he can make a steel pipe into a pretzel with his mind. As an Amariah he is, basically, a human with cat ears and tail. Still, a few features cross over. His hair is long and black, the ears on top of his head can swivle and -unfortunately for him - are a tell-tale sign of what he's feeling.

His tail is long and furred, reaching the ground and curling slightly so it doesn't drag on the ground. His skin is tanned and his eyes are cornflower blue. He has no tattoos and very few scars - scars mean you got hit. His hair is long, probably too long, silkiy black that goes to his waist. He pulls his hair back from his face to tie it behind his head but lets the rest remain loose. Beauregard means real business when he ties it back - sort of a calm before the storm.

 For attire, it's mostly casual tanks and jeans unless he's in uniform or teacher.   

Beauregard hates wearing shoes and takes them off whenever he has the chance.

Always up for a good time, he isn't kind but he isn't mean.  Beauregard treats everyone sort of 'how they want to be treated'. If they're kind to him, he's kind in turn. If he gets attitude, they get it back. Of course rank and such don't come into this but when it's actual people and not a rank, it's different.  Beauregard falls into a 'pack' mentality easily and while he finds himself a bit of an Alpha, he's good enough at pushing his instincts down and showing his belly when he needs to.

He does what he can for the students he gets. Most of the time he works them until they cry but if they ask for help, he'll give it. He's here to help them pass and become good Pilots, not to grind their bones into dust to butter his bread.

As a not-human, Beauregard has heightened senses. His sense of smell is excellent and sometimes an awful burden. He can smell almost everything that makes someone's hormones change. Fear. Arousal. The salt of unshed tears. He can also smell when 'that time of the month' happens - but is polite and doesn't mention it.  Along with his sense of smell, his hearing is good and he can move his ears around to catch sounds better. He is also capable of leaping very high - at least ten feet and dropping from double that while landing on his feet. He's built very sturdy and while he's big all over he's quite the acrobat.

The reason's he's a Pilot is that he is also a psychic.

He's excelled in telekinesis.  Beauregard can do many things at once. He's hard to distract and he's very good at multitasking. His telepathy is decent and his mental defenses are kinda like the rest of him - buff. He has no other abilities worth mentioning or worth growing with so, he's done the best to be amazing at what he can to. Telekinesis and pull ups.


Probably has some.


Beauregard is the first in his family. All tall, broad buff people. They kept their blood line 'pure' and he's probably, also, on some registry so he too can have pure babies. Not that he cares, really. His candidacy went average, of course he excelled where he chose and Beau wasn't the most amazing, but he was good at what he wanted to be good at. Usually pull ups. Nothing much interesting happened with him. He's grow to dislike some of his job, but... It's his life.

He's 'business as usual' in regards to recent events. If they let a few incidents break their ranks, they weren't very sturdy ranks to begin with.

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