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Author Topic: Remi Talbotte, Pilot Noble  (Read 252 times)

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Remi Talbotte, Pilot Noble
« on: February 06, 2017, 09:52:04 PM »

__________________Q uick Stats
Name Remi Talbotte
Name Meaning --
Nick-names None
Age 39
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Not interested. (Pansexual though.)
Single or Taken? Widower (also single)
Species Faerie/Human
Height 6'0"
Weight 180
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color ‘Sunflower’ yellow
Affiliation Aedolis
Religion None
Occupation Pilot Noble
Birth Place Haviah
Location Citadel
Finished Threads
Current Threads

__________________I n-Depth Stuff

Physical Description Remi would look very androgenous if he didn’t have a large diagonal X scar across his face which brings out his masculing features. Though, the only thing androgenous about Remi would have been his face, while his shoulders aren’t broad, they’re wider than his hips. If someone were to catch him naked, they’d see that his torso was covered in scars, not so much as many little ones, but a few large ones. The nastiest of the scars lies in from his left shoulder to his right hip, a present from his own Dragon. Khuno.

Unfornately, that would left him with only one nipple; his right one.

His skin is tanned and he has possibly the brightest natural hair colour. It is sunshine yellow and hangs around his face in a shaggy mess, his eyes are pink and he's generally scowling.

Personality: Remi tries to be tough and shelled. A strong front would make him a strong person. The thing he came away with from being a candidate would be that his self and his pilot job were two different things. Generally the “Pilot Remi” is quiet, fairly grumpy and distanceses himself from what he’s doing, people he knows and gets the job done.
Since the death of his wife, Remi is usually in ‘Pilot mode’ because actual Remi mode would be him withering away.
‘Actual Remi’ who is curled up in a ball in the far corners of his mind, was a joking happy young man. Hardly a pilot, the difference between the two ‘personalities’ was obvious, but more and more the line is being blurred and the quiet sullen young man is becoming Remi.

Weaknesses: Personal questions, bringing up his wife, being bored.

Strengths: Remi is average in most things. His physical ability is fairly good, and his mental abilities are more subtle and glamour than brute force and knocking the other psychic away and put him out.

Likes: Izzy (his daughter), simple food, his bed, sleeping,

Dislikes: Being im-*muffled*

Magic/Abilities Remi is a psychic. Because of his Fae heritage, he cannot out-right lie, though he can ‘lie’ by giving another truth. His psychic skills also are heavily with going into someones brain and tweeking with their senses. He can make himself and specific things seem invisible to average psychics who do defensive things  and normal humans. He’s strong with telepathy and has average telekinetic powers.

Wife - Human - Izyasica- Deceased
Daughter- 3/4 human, 1/4 fae - Izzy (Isabelle) (17 1/2) - candidate
Mother-In-Law - Deceased
Father-In-Law - Deceased
Mother - Faerie - Lourienne - Living in Haviah. Raising Izzy.
Father - Human -  Brock - Living in Haviah. Raizing Izzy.

Friends: None. His daughter?

Foes: None, though he finds most people very, very annoying.

History: Born to a Fae mother and a human father, Remi looks more like his fae mother, though he gained his fathers height. At an early age the half-breed detested what he looked like, also, showing early sighs of telekinesis he was placed on the list for possible candidates. When he got to the ATC at a fresh eyeed thirteen, Remi was already a rather surly young boy. Teased because he had elegant pointed ears, bright yellow hair and pastel pink eyes. It wasn’t until he was sixteen that he met the woman he was going to marry, Izyasica.

Though they were mentored by the same person, their mentor never had them work together because they were on very different mental levels personality and maturity wise. Izyasica met Remi after he’d cut off the points of his ears, bleeding, shaking and crying silently in the dead of night. Instead of taking him to the infimiriary she hovered by him and helped him patch himself up after the bout of self mutilation. Their mentor found them together, noticed that Remi was missing half of his ears, but didn’t question it.

The closer and closer they grew together the more irritated their mentor became. In a bout of ‘how does this feel’, their mentor made Izyasica cut Remi’s face, giving him the scars he sports to this day. As a reminded of ‘you’re a pilot, falling in love is going to suck if you can help it don’t do it.’ The two couldn’t help it, and luckily they both passed and became pilots.

A few months before Remi gained his very first candidate, when he was aged twenty-one, he and Izyasica got married. Despite the odd look of his candidate  both pilots were charmed by the strange alien and Izyasica lent the boy a helping hand when he stumbled. Remi was the scary Pilot Pillar of Doom when he had to be, and Izyasica was always the little hand that pushed and pulled.

A year and a half after they got married, Izyasica became pregnant, both were very very happy. Nine months later she gave birth to Izzy who immdiatly attached herself to the candidate who seemed more like family than a candidate who could still possibly fail. Though neither Remi nor Izyasica would let the candidate fail, not after getting so attached.

Then Izyasica died.  On a mission, her dragon came back without her and told them the news. Put images in Remis head of her broken mutilated body, of course he broke down completely. A few days after that Remi took his daughter to live with his parents in mid-level Haviah.

His candidate got pushed to graduate, which he did, and Remi slowly grew more quiet, more reclusive. Eventually, a long time down the road, the candidate, now Pilot also disappeared and Remi does his job quiet, effectively and he generally pays no one any mind. He is quick and no non sense, perhaps even cruel in his practice.

He was understandably heartbroken when his daughter was found to be a talent psychic.

Stage 1: 13
Stage 2: 13-14
Stage 3: 14-16
Stage 4: 16-17
Stage 5: 17-18

Cardinal: 18 - 22
Echo: 22 - 27
Noble: 27 - 29 --- General forces, no specific job, goes where he's needed. (probably good at paperwork and being an asshole)

Commentary:  YAY! It's a Remi <3


Khuno is Remi's dragon. Rather, Remi is Khuno's human. He's a nasty foul tempered dragon who lashes out first and asks questions later, his way of getting pilots is to see if they survive a good swipe of his claws. Remi survived such a initiation, losing a nipple in the process, and Khuno has been his faithful pain in the ass. He hates humans, he loaths his own pilot. The loss of his two back legs, which were replaced with stronger mechanical ones give him a healthy dose of asshole to add to everything.

He dislikes dealing with lower ranking dragons, although he gives the utmost respect to those higher in rank, seeing as how they deserve it.

If he wasn't an Aedolis dragon, there would be a good chance he'd live beside the ocean and hunt fish, his vice like jaw.

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