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Author Topic: Vaughan Liik, Pilot Candidate  (Read 198 times)

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Vaughan Liik, Pilot Candidate
« on: February 06, 2017, 07:05:28 PM »
All Art By Me!
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Vaughan Liik
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Old Timey Aedolian
Height 6'1"
Occupation Pilot Candidate
Residence Haviah

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description

Vaughan is.... Not intimidating. As tall as he's gotten, he still has an easy going posture to him and while he stands straight with his shoulders back he stands... Nice. The physical activity of being a candidate has buffed him up and where there used to be lean muscle is well, being a little buff. He's still dainty looking though, perhaps even 'waify'. He's smooth lines from his shoulders to his hips to his feet and it's clear that all his height is in his legs. If he weren't forced to be a Pilot he probably could have been a model.

He's got a intense golden eyes, tell tale inheritance from his 'pure' Aedolian bloodline - not that he could track it. Nor would he want to. His hair is black naturally, though occasionally he dyes it red with a great deal of effort and only cuts it when it's demanded of him. Vaughan enjoys the red bits as a visual reminder that he's stubborn and nothing was going to change that. He has two tattoos that are more pretty than symbolic, at least, that's what he'd tell you.

 At the top of his spine is a little golden heart with intricate designs, two wings sprout from that little heart and the wings fold over his shoulders and under his arms along his ribcage. A second, almost mirroring tattoo rests under his belly button on his hips. Again, a little heart, this one silver, with black wings that go around to hug his lower back.  He has never told anyone what these tattoo's mean to him.


Vaughan is honest, caring, sweet and he wants to do what's right. That said, the candidate program has beaten and bruised him. Made him question his morals and do things he'd really rather not. He's amazing at putting up fronts and he's even better at keeping secrets and what was once an out going boy has turned into a bit of a In Your Face man. He isn't afraid to say no, he's not afraid of standing for what he believes in (Within reason that won't get him a bullet in the head). Personality wise, he's a strong individual with a healthy sense of ego and a good view of himself... Mostly.

An incident during his early candidate years left him 'hand shy'. He dislikes physical contact that isn't initiated by himself and he grows tense in crowds. Not around crowds but being part of it. Vaughan is aware of this and does what he can to deal with it, but sometimes it's just easier to hide under some stairs and catch his breath. Despite that, he still tries to be friendly and diffuse situations and, should he need to, offer a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

Vaughan's major psychic ability is a sort of 'anti-empathy' and a reverse empathy. Empath's feel from him what he wants them to feel, not what he himself is feeling, and he can project feelings into other people. The crushing pain of losing a loved one, excitement, stress, grief, relief, utter peace or calm. Anything he can focus on and has experienced himself. The forced feelings doesn't work quite right on empath's if they're talented enough to recognize it and his powers do not work on himself through unintentional training. He could, in theory, trance his teammates into berserkers who feel invincible but he himself would still be a freaked out wreak. He does not have to focus to keep people feeling this way and it does wear off, how quickly or slowly depends on the person and their own mental fortitude.

His mental fortitude is outstanding, having unintentionally protecting himself from his own abilities since a young age and even in an untrained state, he'd be hard to read if he didn't want to be. His telepathy and telekinesis are adequate with the telepathy being the better of the two.



Vaughan was a run away at a very young age and was taken into a sort of halfway house. He got himself an education and he taught himself the piano through books and hours and hours of practice. Eventually, he started to sing and it all kind of went up hill after that. A few times he'd go out with a guitar, pluck a tune out and sing. People seemed to like it. Vaughan liked it. So, at about sixteen he started to try to get into gigs. A few of them were called back and he preformed the first time at a night club. There were call backs and places asking him to come play.

He'd made a little name for himself in the indie scene.

Which was also his downfall. If he'd never hit a piano key or plucked a guitar string, if he'd never sang, he wouldn't be a Pilot Candidate. The main source of his psychic abilities at first was when he was singing and that's where he was found. During a concert. It wasn't huge, a couple hundred people. Enough to keep him happy and excited and hopeful for the future. Then, the end of the concert, a Pilot came to meet him and a few days after that it was off to the ATC. Life changed forever, just as he was making a name for himself.

It sort of worked in his favour, his picture showed up on a few music news sites. Vaughan was disappointed and angry, so angry, at having his life stolen from him. The uphill climb was a quick drop and the first year was bad. He had to learn how to not be mouthy and when he'd once  enjoyed physical touch and would go seek it out, an attack from another candidate left him different. Angry for other reasons. Vaughan grew up though. Learned how to forgive.

Vaughan stopped being angry and started trying to survive. Grew a backbone. Squared his shoulders and kept going forward. Learned how to (almost) master his strange form of empathy. Continued when he could manage, where he could manage, to pluck at musical instruments and sing. Vaughan has a lot more growing up to do and despite his scars and how they've limited him in a few ways, he wants to grow. Become wiser. His goal in life is to be a shoulder to cry on and be a rock to people he cares about when things seem bleak and hopeless.

Candidacy Timeline
Stage 1: 17
Stage 2: 17-18
Stage 3: 18-19
Stage 4: 19

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