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Author Topic: Reva, the Weapons Mechanic  (Read 247 times)

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Reva, the Weapons Mechanic
« on: September 15, 2016, 10:16:11 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Reva; "Reevs" by Thade, "Overdrive" online
Age 34
Gender Female
Sexuality Unknown
Species Half-demon Cyborg
Ethnicity Canceran
Height 5'4"
Occupation Chief operating officer, designer, and weapons specialist for the Galley La Ship Company
Residence Cancer
Voice Reol
Themesong VIP KID

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Reva is a tiny little thing. At only 5'4", people tend to underestimate her based on appearance. She has soft, pale pink skin, bright pink eyes, and blonde hair cut in an A-line bob with angled bangs, the tips fade from light green to a bright aqua. Two small horns break through her hair, hardly threatening when her arms are taken into consideration.

Her biological arms are long gone, instead replaced with mechanical ones, that can be swapped and upgraded whenever she pleases. They're maintained by her telekinetic powers and the use of electro-magnetism to keep them afloat and moving, and are outfitted with varying extra abilities, such as small jets for maneuvering in free space, a surger in each of her fingertips for frying circuits, and many other things. She prefers snug-fitting clothing that shows off what curves she has, considering she's fairly flat-chested, and likes the shade white, usually in combination with gold and a range of pastel colors.

Personality Reva is usually a serious individual who takes life far more seriously than others of her age--her early encounter with a cruel pirate and the loss of her arms taught her that life wasn't all fun and games, because nothing else had made her feel as much pain as she did on that day. Since then, she's become rather paranoid of others; distrustful and quick to suspect others of malicious intent, she's a bit of a lone wolf when out in the world on her own. She has taken it upon herself to protect the innocent and weak from the cruel and heartless. In possession of boundless lengths of honor and willpower, she will stop at nothing to get something done when she sets her sights on it, and is the type to start a project and take no breaks until the very end when it is finished, regardless of how long it may take or how frustrating it can be. Usually level-headed and good at identifying problems and finding solutions for them (particularly when it comes to her work.) She can be a bit overcautious in battle, but is overall confident in her abilities to fight. She flusters easily when complimented, specifically on her work, and while she tries to hide it, is eager to hear the praise and acceptance of her peers for a job well done. May sometimes come off as a little bit smug and/or snarky.

-Immortality (though she can be slain)
-Excellent engineering and building skills
-Highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat
-Enhanced strength and durability
-Invulnerable to fire damage

Thade Olyphant- A customer who's been nothing short of a pain in her ass, and somehow managed to worm his way into her heart, even though she won't admit. He's... Kind of her boyfriend? But also kind of not. It's complicated.

Belliel- The owner of Galley La, and Reva's closest friend, as well as her boss. They tease each other often and seem to be the only two on the Cancer that know the other like the backs of their own hands.

**TW: rape mention, amputation**
Reva was born of a demon father and a human mother; often teased or treated unfairly at a young age for her heritage and psychic abilities which started to show themselves when she was around age 5, she quickly grew to understand that the world was a cruel place and she had no place among "normal" people.

She made her way through school keeping to herself, spending her free time with her face buried in books about engineering, mechanics and advanced computing whenever she wasn't building something or taking some electronic item in the house apart--which was most of the things in the house, much to her mother's chagrin.

It was during one of her days buried in books that she was cornered in an alley by a pirate; she was thirteen, an inch shy of 5 feet tall. He towered over her, and he had a thing for young-looking girls. She was knocked out and kidnapped to his ship where he and his crew had too much fun with her. She woke up in pain, covered in blood, her arms so tightly restrained she couldn't feel anything below her elbow. She struggled and screamed, and as punishment they cut off her arms.

She still remembers it sometimes, the temperature rising in the room as two great scimitars were heated until their blades burned red, steam and the smell of molten metal and her own blood tainting her mouth, her nose, making her eyes well up with tears. She remembers the feeling of white hot pain biting through her arms just below her biceps, a screaming ringing sound drowning out her own high pitched shrieks. Her wounds were instantly cauterized; there was no going back. She was an amputee.

In the panic, the fury, the climax of all of her emotions her telekinetic powers went insane; inanimate objects exploded, flew across the room, the chains holding her down bursting. Only some of the crew died; others managed to escape with minor injuries as she dragged herself off the ship which had yet to leave port.

She wandered through the streets hollow inside, blood running down her legs, until she fell down face first in an alley, where she was discovered by Belliel. Belliel took her in, helped her as best as she could, and became Reva's first friend; she eventually returned home and finished schooling, even more of an outcast now than she had been before. She maintained her friendship with her savior, and Belliel hired her as her ship company's primary weapons designer, which is where she works now.

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