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Author Topic: Erax Akazian, Wasteland Wanderer  (Read 544 times)

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Erax Akazian, Wasteland Wanderer
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:13:32 PM »
+ NAME + Erax Akazian
+ ALIAS +  N/A
+ AGE + Unknown, appears to be in 30’s
+ GENDER + Male
+ STAR SIGN + The Desert Hound
+ BORN + Unknown
+ ORIGIN + Aedolis
+ SPECIES + Human
+ RESIDENCE + The Wastelands
+ OCCUPATION + Ex-soldier / Wanderer
+ COUNTENANCE + Blue-Gray eyes / Light Brown hair
+ STATURE + 6’3”/ 203 lbs.
+ SEXUALITY + Unknown

CH. I – Painting a Portrait
A soldier’s build, strong and powerful.  Erax has what seems to many an exhausted demeanor.  He can move quickly and quietly, even for a man of his size.  His eyes are blue-gray, always open and wary, often untrusting of strangers.  Nose is stalward and rugged, with some facial stubble growing on his face.  He isn’t one to fuss over his appearance, but to avoid the worry of having his hair in his face, it is cut short and close to the head, usually with a knife.  There are even a few scars along his scalp where his blade strayed.

Scars underneath his chin, along his neck, and across his right eye. 

CH II – Mental Make-up
Every much like a wild animal that hasn’t been socialized, Erax has lost much of sense of contact with civilization, or desire to be among them.  And any contact with people has almost always come out bad.  He will only interact out of necessity, and keeps that to a minimum.  He looks out for himself and wants no trouble.  There is no room for conscience in the Wastes where he wanders, only survival.

Was once a faithful man, if it could be called that, but a materialistic world quickly rectifies those sentiments.  If he lives another day, he thanks his wit, cunning, and experience.

Speeding, Reckless Driving, and blastin’ fools.

CH III – Social


CH IV – Abilities / Skills
Years of wandering the Wastelands has forced him to adapt to harsh environments.  There is no mercy out here, no room to wallow in one’s pain.  The weak are quickly culled from the rest.  If one does not learn to overcome, death is all that awaits them.  Erax’s military training helps him in this matter, learning to remain calm under duress, stay focused and use his surroundings to his advantage.  He can also drive like a mad man, and is a crack shot with a shotgun.

Using whatever you find and making the most of it, Erax is an expert at taking what others have discarded and turning it into something useful again.  He’s skilled in making traps, usually setting them around his vehicle to make others think twice about stealing his things.  Any ammo and weapons, scrap metal, and leather are collected for use or trade.

CH V – Gear / Equipment
Has few real possessions.  The only things that matter to him are his sawn-off shotgun, his clothes, and his vehicle.

CH VI – Reflections of the Past

He doesn’t even remember his parents, or much of the life he had before now.  He’s almost ashamed of it, but he lingers on little of the past.  He was a soldier once, even an officer of good rank and standing.  But he knew something he shouldn’t have and someone had sent he and his soldiers on a suicide mission.  Captured by enemy forces, he was left for dead in the Wastelands and here he has remained.

Chasing the Storm
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