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Author Topic: Rhys Argel, Pilot Cardinal  (Read 316 times)

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Rhys Argel, Pilot Cardinal
« on: September 29, 2015, 12:22:45 AM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Rhys Argel
Age 20
Gender Male
Species Humanoid
Ethnicity Uuuh... Caucasian?
Height 5'11
Occupation Pilot Cardinal
Residence Haviah

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description He's got pink and blue lines on him! From his forehead to his toooooes. He's well built and because of his lack of ability in most psychic abilities he's gone above and beyond what's needed for physical activity. Rhys is a bit of a tank.

Personality Asshole. Mostly. Maybe a bit snarky.

Magic/Abilities Is a precog!  His visions leave him shaky and his head a'hurting. While he's under a vision it looks like he's having a seizure, and he's blind and deaf to everything around him. The visions can last a few seconds and leave his ears ringing, or a few minutes and leave him near suffocated with a migraine. He's getting better at remembering the visions, though most little details escape him.

He sees potential deaths. Whether it's something simple and natural like a stroke or someone being shot. Being around more people has him seeing the mundane mostly unpreventable naturally occurring ones. While being more solitary has him seeing the very preventable ones. Whether it's explosions or acts of treason that cause the death.

Because of his dislike for having visions and the accuracy of the Being Around People induced ones Rhys is mostly a recluse and very occasionally goes out. If he does hang out with someone, it's a close friend or a very small group of people. Of course, with the Pilots having dangerous jobs, most, if all preventable visions involve them.

He is moderate at Telekinesis and telepathy but is a valuable asset as a precognitive.


Ixtlilton- This is the dragon that chose him after Ixt's previous Pilots disappearance. Ixt is a kindly dragon, stubborn but... Very flashy. What natural scales remain are iridescent. Ixt chose Rhys because he was lonely to a degree, having never been without a Pilot and Rhys needing a dragon.

Rodion -  Rodion is a pal from his candidate days. They were the 'big fish'. Both are learning how to be lesser degrees of asshole. There was a small falling out but, after mutual personal growth on both ends, Rhys is confident they'll be great friends again. Properly this time. Rhys is very jealous Rodion got on with a squad while he's stuck at a desk.

Quirin - Rhys's .... Crush? They have a thing. Rhys isnt sure if he's serious about it. He's pretty sure he's just a rebound - Because Quirin loves Rodion.

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