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Author Topic: Mae - TRIM Scientist  (Read 322 times)

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Mae - TRIM Scientist
« on: May 31, 2015, 09:06:41 PM »

__________________Q uick Stats
Name: Mae Sophia Miranda Imajica
Name Meaning: None
Nick-names: None.
Birthday: May 25th.
Zodiac Sign: Gemini.
Age: 324 - - 18-19 when changed
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: None.
Single or Taken?: Single.
Species: Vampire (( Human before changing))
Blood-type: Whatever her last meal was.
Height: 5'0
Weight: 102
Eye Color: White-Blue.
Hair Color: Black.
Affiliation: None.
Religion: None
Occupation: Scientist at TRIM.
Birth Place: Somewhere on Earth.
Location: TRIM.
Character of Mine Most Likely to...: Poke someones brain to see what makes them kick. Literally.
Finished Threads: None.
Current Threads:

__________________I n-Depth Stuff

Physical Description: Mae is a short girl. She sounds, looks and acts like teenage girl she was before she was turned into a vampire. Of course, she's smarter than than many people, it's not apparent when looking at her - Mostly because she looks like a psychotic little girl. Every artcile of clothing she wears holds some significance to it. No one knows this, but she is very attached to the hot pink ribbon in her hair, it being one of the few things that's lasted her entire time of being a vampire. Her pastel coloured dress is a momento of her mother, who ran a floral shop and had many of these easter egg colours around.

Her hair is short and curled like that because her father would always comment on how adorable she was when it flipped up like that. Before she was turned, her eyes were brown

Personality: A sadistic little beast. Mae is made up of extremes, when she does something, she goes all the way. People, things, work, personal, for someone else. Everything. Her moods do that too, hardly is she ever sad usually in an upbeat oddly excited mood. One to crush hands she's holding if they say the wrong thing but still smile up at them cutely. Up of course, she's five feet tall. Touching her things is a big no-no. You get very bad ju-ju from touching her things, she can smell it, and people who touch her things usually have accidents.

Weaknesses: Um... Um... She dies if her head is chopped off. <3 Oh, and she goes up in ashes from fire, if she's been burning that is. Direct sunlight also does this.

Strengths: Mental powers and being strong physically - The physical strength is always a trumph card. She's a five foot tall teenage girl, no one expects it.

Likes: Pointy objects, sharp objects, frothy things, screaming, twitches, blood, needles, the smell of peaches, pins, blood, fangs, pain, giving pain, viruses, vaccines, blood, tests, her subjects, making people scream, breaking bones and blood. A good conversation.

Dislikes: Drunk people. |:

Magic/Abilities: Is unnaturally strong with telekineses, has unnatural strength and is able to block magical powers off with mages - By closing off a part of their brain.

Also, when she does surgery, she uses her own pretty powers to block pain. When bored, she 'accidently' turns it off, but only for a second really.

Family: None.

Friends: None.

Foes:  Anyone holding fiiiiiaaaaah.

History: Mae had always been a happy child. Ready to smile, ready to help. Mae hadn't had a hard childhood, her parents were wealthy, she had one elder brother to rely on when her parents were away on business trips. Life was 'peachy-keen' until they met him. He was an aristocratic gentleman with a taste for young flesh.

     She was thirteen the first she was seduced with sweet words and dreams, all lies of course, but he had to entrap the pixie somehow.
Mae followed him starry eyed and dull-witted, riding on waves of forbidden passions and dark secrets for five or so years, old enough and young enough, the cusp of when a girl finally turned into a woman.

Then he changed her. Because of her 'love' for the man, she'd run away from her home and family, from her protective brother, her loving parents - she was such a silly little thing she didn't even know where she was from, where she lived, Mae couldn't go home.
 After the change, she acted differently, too childish, too na´ve, too innocent despite the things she'd done with him, too sweet, too scary.

So he left her.

Mae wandered around aimlessly, heartbroken, feeding when the mood hit her. Slowly years turned to months, months to days, days to hours and hours to minutes. Time held no meaning for the little girl vampire. Of course she then began to learn, read, speak languages, remember facts. Information and books became her world, her friends.

Years and years of solitude with her books, feeding only when she had to, when her eyes were glassy and her flesh like ice, eyes sunk and tired looking. So much time alone with other words for friends twisted her further.

All those years alone became a blur once she began to interact again, she doesn't even remember how she became a scientist at TRIM, only that once day she simply began to live again - in a manner of speaking of course, she is undead after all. All that matters is that she pleases everyone and does a good job with her work.
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