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Author Topic: Moonie's Okay With It  (Read 186 times)

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Offline Moonie

Moonie's Okay With It
« on: March 03, 2013, 10:39:13 AM »

What types of plots are you interested in playing?
Most everything! I like romance, comedy, companionship, drama, and most everything in between. I love story-telling and evolving, engaging, and in-depth plots. Fun, silly short plots are cool too. It's going to depend on the character, I guess.

What types of plots are you not interested in playing?
Ah, hmm. I'm really not that good at long, drawn-out fight scenes and battles.

How often can you reply to any given thread?
Right now I have no life. I'm a housewife with no kids, so I'm on a LOT. Depending on how many threads I have at the time and the cooperation of my muse, I would say none of my threads will have to wait more than a few days for a response.

What is the longest you're willing to wait for a reply to a thread?
Hmm. Without prior notice, probably a month. With some heads up, as long as necessary. Things happen, I get that. So if I'm threading with you and you need to take a long break, just let me know! I'll be happy to pick up where we left off when you get back if you still want to follow the thread/plot. :3

Are you open to RPing over instant messengers? If so, what's the best way to contact you and what times are you generally available?
Not really. I just...don't like it. I guess. Something about it is just weird to me. If I'm comfortable with the person they might talk me into it.

Are you open to post volleying?
I LOVE IT! If we're both available then just throw me a pm, mention it in OOC in our thread, or just let it happen spontaneously!

Anything else?
I already mentioned that I have no life right now, so threads with me will probably get pretty rapid replies. Please, please, please don't feel obligated to give me a reply back right away. Even if you're online and posting for other people, I don't mind waiting for you to come up with something awesome or to get your muse together for a particular character. Sometimes you just want to sit and think a response over before posting it.


What are you limits regarding powerplay/godmoding?
Little, reasonable things are okay to just go ahead and do. Just please make sure it would make sense. Also, do not think or feel for my character, pretty please. Only I know exactly how they think, feel, and react to certain things.

What are your limits in regards to romantic situations?
I'm open to pretty much anything romantically, if it makes sense. Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl. If my character is into it, then I'm cool with it. Organic relationships are preferred, but I can pre-plot as well! If your character would reject mine IC, then I really, really want you to reject them! Rejection sucks and is great for plot and character development.

What are your limits in regards to sex?
Depends on how comfortable and how well I know the player, the characters, and my mood for that day/thread/plot. Sometimes I might be willing to imply, fade to black, or write it out. It will really depend on a lot of factors. Some of my characters are also more chaste than others. Some will engage in sex for any reason, with little prompting, others may desire a commited relationship, and still others may be completely uninterested in it.

What are your limits in regards to pregnancy within plots?
Pregnancy is part of life. Hell, it's the beginning of life. It can and does happen. So does loss. I'm perfectly fine with engaging in plots that involve these things. These are very deep plots, and since most of my characters are male, if the female character they are involved with becomes pregnant, well, that is at the discretion of that female's player. You are welcome to even surprise me with it! Men get surprised all the time in real life with it, why not give my own guys a heart attack? Why yes, yes I am mean to my characters.

What are your limits in regards to violent scenes?
This is going to depend on the character, plot, and situation. I'm not totally against writing out some pretty graphic stuff if the characters would engage in such behavior.

What are your limits in regards to abuse/rape in plots?
Tragically these things are a very real thing in life. I am willing to write these, imply these, or fade to black these. Again, depends on the situation, how comfortable I am with the other player, etc.

Are you okay with characters being transformed against their will?
I'm not sure I have any human characters for anyone TO turn. Against my character's will, yes. Against mine? Please don't.

What about healing?
This is again, going to depend. If my character is injured in the course of a thread, by all means, have at them. However, sometimes my characters have ailments or receive injury that I intend to be there and stay there. When in doubt, please just ask.

Anything else?
Not that I can think of at this time.