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Author Topic: Alec Holding, Pilot Noble  (Read 390 times)

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Alec Holding, Pilot Noble
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:12:32 AM »
Name: Alec Holding
Gender: Male
Age: 30
D.O.B: November 5th
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 153 lbs
Orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: Pilot Noble
Psionic Abilities: Telepathy, Empathy
Dragon: Nimbus; male

Alec is reasonably good-looking, if you're into tall, dark, and handsome guys in the prime of their lives. He has baby-soft, raven black hair that is cut into a dashing faux hawk, occasionally he'll have blue frosted tips. The youngest of the Holding children has the most unbelievably sapphire blue eyes one could ever find. They shine like polished gems in the sunlight. Alec's eyes are also eerily deep and profound, like endless clear pools of hidden knowledge and life.

He’s got pale skin that is smooth and clear. Alec's fingernails are actually manicured to perfection at all times. His toes are pedicured too. In fact, just assume that he’s as pampered and groomed as any high maintenance diva: eyebrow plucking, waxing, make-up when necessary – the works.

His attire is typically very professional when in the office. He has a penchant for finely tailored and expensive suits of the three piece variety. For some reason he just loves suits with vests, and owns several. He wears a dragon pendant around his neck on a short chain, letting the pendent rest at the hollow of his throat. It was custom made for him to resemble the dragon he is bound to: Nimbus.

Alec also has multiple piercings and tattoos. His ears have small, silver and diamond studs in the lobes. He has a silver bar with a dragon tongue piercing. For tattoos, he has his dragon wrapped around his left arm from shoulder to wrist.

Quite often he seems to be zoned out and not 'all there' or absent-minded. He is actually a very deep individual and very intelligent and thoughtful. He's actually very good at math and science; he loves reading, writing, and especially drawing. You won't often catch him without a sketch book. He’s also a bit of a video game addict.

Alec is actually rather shy when he isn't working. He's fairly laid-back, not often having a problem with most people; in the past he was known to lash out if startled or threatened, which was often because he was extremely anxious and reclusive his first two years. Through the program he has gained a greater control over his emotions, or at the very least, of his reactions.
Alec likes people, for the most part. He can't stand stupid people, ignorant people annoy him, and arrogant people just make him want to explode. Unlike the typical rich kids, Alec isn’t cocky and doesn’t think he’s better than everyone else. In fact, he knows that he’s definitely not better than most people.

Alec was born into the upper caste. His mother was a famous video game designer. They lived well in a nice home, and were very well-off people. He was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. Because of this, he was always given the best of everything, including his education. Private tutors were hired to make sure that he was given a proper education. He absorbed everything they could throw at him. Alec was a knowledge sponge, he loved learning.

When he was twelve he started into drugs and drinking. Why not? Everyone else did it. Even his mother did it. They embraced the hedonistic culture of Aedolis. Makes sense, when one is raised on such morals and practices. There were also other things beginning to develop. How could Alec sometimes know what another person was going to say before they even finished saying it? How could he know that someone was angry with him, or lying to him?

For a while he just brushed this aside, telling no one. It downright frightened him. By the time he was fourteen it was too late. There was no denying something was clearly psychic about him. Namely, he was shopping with his mother when he began crying hysterically about the violent whispers that wouldn’t leave him alone. A man had smuggled a contraband firearm into the mall and shot three people a few moments later.

The ordeal so frightened Alec that he had to be hospitalized. It was there that he babbled nonsensically to doctors. He told them everything. After two days recovering from shock, he was released from the hospital…into the custody of the Pilot Candidate Program.

Stage 1, or the grace period, was a living nightmare for him. His abilities were completely out of control, his intense empathetic episodes coming and going on a whim. Sometimes he felt like he was drowning in the thoughts and emotions of everyone around him. Other Candidates quickly found that he was a rather easy target, at least, when he wasn’t able to control his abilities, which was a good portion of the time.

Alec was coerced into doing sexual acts a few times, and his shy, quiet nature got him a lot of teasing and more than one beating.

In Stage 2, things didn’t get much better with the bullying, but he had made it to Stage 2, that was all that had mattered to him. Classes were a breeze for Alec, he’d always been an excellent student, and he didn’t let the exhausting physical drills or bullying stand in his way. He’d show them. Wait until he became a Pilot, then they’d see who got the last laugh.

When he became Stage 3, all the bullying stopped. He was forced to work with his fellow Candidates, and he finally grew into his own place within the program. While he still found the program harsh, he no longer resented being drafted so much. He had begun to accept that this was inevitable, and for the best. Besides, he could do some good as a Pilot. He could help his country in ways he could never have imagined as an ordinary citizen.

By Stage 4 his psionic abilities had finally been brought into heel. Only the very occasional slip still came through. His mentor hammered this last bit of psionic frustration out of him with refinement. He no longer feared being TRIMed. Becoming a Pilot was only a matter of time now.

Stage 5 went quickly, only taking a year for a dragon to probe his mind and decide to bond with him at the age of 20. Thankfully Nimbus was not particularly violent. Alec is left mostly to his own devices on a day to day basis as long as he is doing what he should be, with his dragon taking little interest in micro-managing his life. They have bonded well, sharing a good rapport after years of being partners.

At age 24 they were promoted to Echo rank, and now they have freshly minted Pilot Noble status.

Psionic Abilities:
Telepathy- Alec is a particularly strong telepath. He has learned to shield his thoughts very well, instinctively and reflexively. Only another truly gifted with their telepathy could hope to crack the wall he builds around his mind. Not only is he great at shielding, but penetrating as well.

Combining his telepathy and empathy he has learned to manipulate the minds and emotions of others, causing their mental shields to crack or even shatter, giving him access to their inner most private thoughts and memories.

It is a very draining process to break into another person’s mind, and Alec hates doing it. Despite his gift for interrogation, he has a different gift he vastly prefers putting to use.

Empathy- Learning to guard his own emotions so they would not spill out and have an effect on those around him was a long, hard battle. In the end he did learn to project emotions at will, and to keep himself from being overwhelmed by the emotions of others.

His empathetic nature makes him very good at consoling or soothing others. Helping people rather than hurting them makes him extremely happy. That is why he now works in the HR department as a counselor for both Pilots and Candidates.


Name: Nimbus
Gender: Male

-Nimbus is a smaller, more agile dragon.
-Mostly blue, with a silver underbelly and wing membranes.
-Left rear leg is completely mechanical.
-Right side of neck is mechanical. From jaw to shoulder.
-Lower jaw is mechanical.