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Communication / Re: To Pilot Echo River, From Pilot Echo Vindstrom
« Last post by nephero on Today at 03:17:02 AM »
Cabe -

You don't have to apologize to me for anything. Especially not the flask, it's with me wherver I go. Wherever that happens to be, don't even really care if it's a tell or not. Or maybe I do and that's the entire point. Who knows, it's late and I don't

I couldn't forget you, not in a million years. What with your initials there every time I have me a little pickmeup. And everything else. All the good old times and the good old days and everything that was is what make right now better. Makes things easier, I guess, remembering

I think that's rather the point of feeling like you wish you'd had more time. Because regardless of how much there was, you know deep down that it'd never have been enough, anyway. One year more, five years more, a whole lifetime more. Everything has a bottom line. So you're left with feeling all the what-if's and if-only's and it's all a giant mess but never evera pointless one. Because I guess if I feel this way then it had to have been some good shit. Proof being in the pudding and all that, because if I didn't miss you and Jain and being where I was then why would I be wishing this hard, right?

Always did have an addictive personality. Tee hee ha ha.

I don't know. I'm running at the mouth too, I guess. Handmouths. That'd be an amazing tattoo. Maybe I'll trade in the stars for a bit. The light's usually long dead by the time it reaches the planet, did you know that? Bar car's been playing nonstop docos, I think I'm learning more shit pissing drunk than I ever did anywhere else.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Until I get more goldfish stickers, then.

Communication / To Pilot Echo River, From Pilot Echo Vindstrom
« Last post by Lion on Today at 02:23:48 AM »
Hey Glub-glub,

Maybe this is pffft right place but wrong time or wrong place but right time? I dunno how that works. Far be it from me to decide which way the fates wanna design today. Oh I love the chaos. But before I start getting all sentimental here, I just wanted to apologize. For just a lot of shit. For the fire, for the leaving so soon, for the shitty breakfast flask that still has my initials in it. Ugh I'm so sorry that's a trashy gift, but being it was short notice, I hope you at least polished it up and got some use out of it.

You're a good guy Jess, a great partner in crime. Don't forget me. I won't forget you. I miss you and Nemo, and the sushi. The sushi here sucks old lady knickers. It's terrible.

Anyway before I start running at the mouth, I'm gonna close it off. Mouth? Hands? Hand mouths? Boy imagine if your palm had teeth. Jerking off would be a nightmare.  Anyway, I'll see you again, amigato. Old street Adstreian lingo. Takes me back.  If I see any goldfish stickers nearby, or if you see kitty-pawprint bandages on rail station walls, we'll get drinks. Like old times.

The Rest of Aedolis / Re: Be Good To Yourself [Goblin!]
« Last post by Cheesigator on Today at 12:31:29 AM »
Aha! Yes, excellent--she agreed to dressup. Score! That was, not going to lie, something Addie had been wanting to do with their Ice Princess for a while. Put her in ALL the cute outfits with ALL the cutest accessories and take ALL the photos.

They looked to where Nishi pointed on the floor, noticing all the familiar running shoes and the lonely pair of heels they'd entirely forgotten that she owned. They pursed their lips, fighting back the urge to chuckle because they didn't wanna hurt her feelings. Hell, Addie probably owned twice or three times as many shoes as she did, but hey, fashion wasn't for everybody. They shouldn't be judging.

The feeling of her lips against their ear made the slightest shiver run down Adele's spine, making them tug their lower lip into their mouth and bite on it to keep their thoughts from running too far. They couldn't put their finger on it but there was just something about her that made that difficult.

"Weeeeell," They tilted their head to the side, casually pulling their ear away from her mouth as they turned to whisper into hers instead, still massaging behind each tuft of fluff. "Yeah, y'know. Things that you could wear that'll make him extra happy." They grinned, giving her a tiny pat on the back before they slid their arms around her a bit tighter, sliding off the bed and picking her up enough to gently place her on the ground before them as they stood up and stretched, back arching with their arms to the ceiling.

"You'll see when we get there, Princess! Throw on some clothes and I'll lead the way.~"

As soon as she was dressed and ready, Adele wasted no time in taking her by the hand and almost skipping out of her home with Neeko. To the streets they hit and Addie threw an arm around her mid-upper back as they walked, the mall thankfully not being all that far.

"Nowwww what kind of things do you like?" They pondered as they ventured, looking down at her curiously. "Lace? Bright colors? Shapes?"
Communication / Re: To Pilot Echo Dau, from Pilot Echo Vindstrom
« Last post by GoblinFae on January 16, 2018, 09:34:58 PM »

I'll always be your friend. Don't you dare forget that because you know I worry about you too. The rest is water under the bridge until we meet again and can talk.

Be safe and come home soon. I miss you - we miss you here. It's not the same without you.

Give Rory my love and tell him he's a beautiful boy for me.

Aedolis Characters / Pilot Royal Caesar Ydarian
« Last post by Cheesigator on January 16, 2018, 05:16:05 PM »

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Caesar Ydarian
Age 83 [looks more late 50s]
Gender Male
Sexuality Homosexual
Species Werewolf
Ethnicity Aedolian
Height 6'2"
Occupation Pilot Royal; Secretary of Legislature?
Residence The Citadel, Haviah. Aedolis
Voice Danny Trejo
Themesong The Sentinel by Judas Priest

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Caesar is still tall, still broad, and still pretty trim for a guy his age. His skin has weathered a bit like leather from age and lots of time spent in the sun on Edanith--and subsequently as much so on Aedolis afterwards to make up for it, going so far as to move to Solarta for a good few years--and his muscles aren't quite as taut as they used to be, but he's still a grizzly bear of a dude and there's no doubt he could pick up the average person like they were little more than a sack of flour. His grin is fierce, showing his teeth, his canines sharper than the average human's. It's no surprise he's a werewolf, and he oozes Alpha dominance at that, though his body has few scars to show for it with how quickly he heals up, but you can bet he's damn good in a brawl.

As a werewoof he used to be black, now he's more of a mixture of salt and pepper grays, with a few black patches by his shoulders and on his tail.

Caesar is a charismatic and jovial guy who doesn't give a hoot or hollar where you're from or what you are; if you're a Pilot, you're family, and if you're an Aedolian citizen, you're family too. A very paternal figure, he's quick to make jokes and laugh--he's got a loud, booming laugh that makes skittish types flinch as it echoes in a room like thunder--and he generally has a fairly easy-going, positive attitude. His outlook tends to be "things will work themselves out", and he's content to let life play things out as it will, with the right prodding and poking from the players of the game as well of course. He's not one to just sit back and let life take the wheel; he'll take up the charge into the unknown with little to no hesitation and only his sense of duty to guide him, and he's good at leading others, as well as protecting them from fallout as situations develop. He's got a good, level head on his shoulders, is a quick thinker, good problem solver and a very down to earth and sensible person.

Telepathy- Excellent
Telekinesis- Very good
Werewolf- Long-lived, enhanced strength and speed, changes into a full doggo on the full moon, and a big gray and black anthro one whenever he wants. Weak to silver. Loves chew toys and tug of war.
Tectokinesis- Caesar's power is massive, and has rarely ever seen the battlefield due to this. He can manipulate the movement of tectonic plates in a planet, therefor creating natural disasters--namely earthquakes, tidal waves, creation or destruction of mountains, so on and so forth. Use for his powers are minimal, especially in Aedolis, and you can bet he sure as hell was a difficult one to train during Candidacy; he saw the battlefield a handful of times in the war with Edanith, and some of the canyons and rock formations one may find there today are directly his doing. The sheer strength of these powers is incredible, as is the toll it takes on him to use them, and it is highly likely that unless if another war breaks out, he'll never use them again. Sure is fun to scare newbies with though when he uses telekinesis to make the room shake. Interns are recommended to bring extra pairs of pants for when he pretends to get angry and cause an ""earthquake."" Hah.

Row-- Caesar's grumpy best bud, the Brain to his Pinky. The Donald to his Goofy. Nobody knows why they get along so well, they just do, and there's few things in life he loves more than riling Row up and getting him into a tizzy, cause it's funny. Surprisingly, though they're often teased otherwise, their relationship is strictly platonic. Bros for life.

Ultani-- Caesar's dragon! She's a big girl, one of the oldest dragons currently, and he certainly isn't her first Pilot. They get along well enough, with equal amounts of respect between the two of them for each other. Her wings and first set of arms are entirely mechanical, the rest of her a good brass color. Caesar'll always tell you she looks more like a dinosaur to him than a dragon, whatever that means.

Candidacy for Caesar was dicey once they figured out where his powers lie; it wasn't really until he was deployed in the ground troops to Edanith during the war that he got to test the magnitude of them, and he jokes to this day about how using his real psionics took twenty years off his life. At some point in that war, he also lost his eye, and he was never really one to complain about it. Back then they didn't really have good cybernetic implants and even though he could easily afford one today, he's been without his vision for so long he doesn't see the point in changing things now that he's so used to being half blind and compensating for it.

His dear old mom, who had been in her 40s when she had him as a surprise, passed during the war, and his dad followed not long after. Caesar came home to an empty house without an eye and half a mind to hijack a ship and turn right back around to go back to Edanith. At least out there he'd had a use. Could use his powers and turn the tides of a battle, with careful planning and all that. He spent a good few years as a simple Combat Operative, never tapped for missions, wasting away at the bottoms of empty whiskey flasks and pill bottles until his friend Row told him enough was enough and made him figure out what the hell he was gonna do with his life.

He eventually decided that while he loved the thrill of battle and the adrenaline of war, he might be more suited for something that didn't require the use of strong psionics to perform his duty well. So he chose to work in the Legislature, and there he's been for the decades since, working with the law to administer justice as best he can and keep the system running smoothly. It keeps his mind busy, keeps him from remembering those hot days in the red deserts with sand whipping in the air around him that he secretly misses so much.

__________________THREAD TRACKER
Current Threads

Complete Threads
Aedolis Characters / Erenys Dei - Pilot Noble and Squadron Leader for Ryun Ravens
« Last post by nephero on January 16, 2018, 04:53:13 PM »



Erenys Dei



Male, and jurys still out on how he is about other things.

Starstrider elf, House Horizon

610, proportionately lean.

Pilot Noble, Squad Leader for the Ryun Ravens.

Ryun, Aedolis.


Horrifyingly tall, lean, with dark blue-grey black skin and pitch black hair. His cheeks and nose are speckled with dark freckles, as well as a light dusting on his shoulders. He has several piercings, five in his left ear, a set of snakebites, and another two in his right ear. He also has a jacobs ladder, mostly just so he can say he does.

He loves wearing his flight suit, and tends to keep in that more often than anything else. When hes out of uniform he wears longsleeve slouchy shirts and tight black pants in combat boots.

Struggles to register his emotions and often doesnt quite know how he feels. As such, over time, hes learned to just roll with the punches and take each moment as he can, and if something is too hard to figure out in the moment, he puts it on the backburner in the like, most absolutely not horribly unhealthy way possible. Right? Right.

Adventurous, coordinated, and a thrill seeker. He likes trying new things, and if you mention something off handedly you can expect him with a plan the very next day to do whatever incredibly fucking impulsive thing had been just a joke yesterday. The best way to get him to do something is to somehow imply he couldnt do it. Spite is a heady motivator.

A bit of a hedonist; if hes not drinking, hes smoking, and if hes not smoking, hes popping a pill or two, and if hes not popping pills hes making out with someone pretty. It has yet to go beyond getting handsy, though, he always finds some way to slink back home alone.

Fun Facts!:
  • Has done every drug known to man. Hes probably on something right now.
  • Carries a bottle of hot sauce with him at all times.
  • Wears a lacey garter belt on his right thigh. Brightest thing he owns. Lord only knows why he does it.
  • Spends much of his time off in a corner of his local cafe that hes slowly established as His Corner where he spends most of the day sitting and drinking scary amounts of coffee.

Deimopathic; a subset of empathy that projects panic and terror, coupled with telepathically transmitted intrusive paranoid thoughts.
Telepathy - Incredibly precise and potent.
Telekinesis - A garbage fire that consumed another garbage fire to create an even bigger garbage fire.

An out of resonance baby, probably had a shitty relationship with his parents and no siblings. Probably accounts for like 90% of his issues.

Ill think of something suitably tragic later.


Communication / To Pilot Echo Dau, from Pilot Echo Vindstrom
« Last post by Lion on January 16, 2018, 01:37:02 AM »

Look I uh, been meaning to write this for a while now since I left. But I wasn't sure if you would have bothered to read it at all. Since I figure I don't really have anything to lose, maybe it's better I just get it done. No harm and all that jazz. I just wanted to say I was sorry, for everything, for making you feel like you were less than a person. I never meant that, and when we went out - I just wanted to show you that it was okay to have a good time, to loosen up - but I shouldn't have done what i did. There is no excuse for that. Ever. And if it were me I would have done something way way worse than what you did.

I don't expect you to forgive me. You're my best friend, or at least I still think of you as such. I didn't mean to leave you alone. I won't forget you. And I hope you don't forget me either. You're strong Nemo, don't let yourself dwell on the bad shit or it'll eat you alive. You don't need me to look out for you - you can take care of yourself. That doesn't mean I don't worry about you from time to time.

Tell Ponyo Whatevernumberheisn ow that I said hello. Rorshach says meow.

I have never been good at this sentimental stuff. Yeah, the irony. The empath is terrible with writing sappy shit. But the intention is no less genuine. Take care of Jesse, and look out for the goldfish stickers.

I'll see you again real soon, ok. Goodbyes never really being farewells and all that.

The Frontier / Re: To eat crow [Lion!]
« Last post by Lion on January 16, 2018, 01:27:35 AM »

And he thought he had a drinking problem. Pfffft, problem. What he'd come to discover was that what city-folk called a problem, was a vital survival tactic here in the frontier. That whiskey was meant to serve exactly what Oklahoma intended, and he was glad the stranger in front of him didn't argue the point of downing it.

The fact that he'd knocked back just about the entire bottle didn't irk him too much - or rather he tried not to let it show. Oklahoma caught the bottle just in time before he could break and clank off elsewhere. It could be refilled and cleaned and glass made an excellent fire-starter on high noon. Tucking it off to the side, Oklahoma just watched him, aquamarine eyes flicking to and fro at the struggle the stranger made evident.

Black hair, dark eyes, clearly frustrated with having just falling out of the goddamn sky. Hell, Oklahoma couldn't blame him - he'd be right fucking pissed if he fell out of the sky too!  And someone shot at him, but the latter was a lot more normal than transfiguring into a bird and taking flight. The sheer fact that this mage was still alive was increasingly mind-boggling.

"Unfortunately, I have to touch you in order to keep you from dying," Oklahoma sighed, flicking narrowed eyes to the stranger's expression. Soured? Yeah he got that he was grumpy but really? Don't touch him - what did he think Oklahoma had fucking cooties? This wasn't kindergarten!  "I'm just trying to help you okay," he explained and slowly set down his head.

Why, why oh why did he seem to be manifesting the worst fucking luck with accidentally shooting people! He didn't want to think about it, definitely not right now as he set out some of the tools he used to fix his bike, namely a wrench and a few pieces of rope, and a piece of kindling for a fire.  Yeah it wasn't perfect, but it'd make a half decent splint. 

"Didn't think the whiskey would get to ya that fast what with all the nonsense you're talking," he actually laughed at him. "I'm Oklahoma. You got a name, bird man?" And frankly he wasn't expecting an answer. He worked idly, and used what supplies he had from his saddlebags to clean the wound and prepare it for setting. Yeah that was going to be the worst part.  In fact, it was then that Oklahoma took the piece of wood and forced it between his teeth.

"Bite that. Please. Thanks."  The direction was clipped and he managed to tug firmly at his wrist and arm once, then once more until he felt he had the break largely fixed.  "So you always fly in the way of bullets?"  Oklahoma laughed, snorting at his shitty joke - mostly because it was really shitty of him and he knew it was his fault to begin with. As far as he could tell, he didn't actually shoot him? And the only real blood came from the corner of his lips.  He frowned, the laughter fading away once he'd had the splint fixed on his arm and ankle.

Oklahoma reached his hand out and brushed the man's hair back, pushing it back and wiping away the sweat from his brow with the bandanna he'd taken from around his neck. "There, there now. I'll get you to a real doctor. I'm real sorry, man. You're going to be ok, I promise."

Words that he didn't utter lightly and he took the bottle of whiskey, polished off the last ounces of whiskey, throwing them into the bag and offering water from his canteen. "Hey, stay with me. Did you hear what I said? I ain't gonna hurtcha."
Havina / Re: A Shave a Day - Well, You Know the Rest. [Lion]
« Last post by Lion on January 16, 2018, 12:57:25 AM »
Saturdays were the longest days. Taking the extra shifts meant that he could take another day off during the week. One that he relished since it meant he could bother Varali a great deal more and he wasn't about to let that butterfly get away. She was great with Critter, and anyone good with Critter was great with everything else in his book.

Apollo took the offer to shave a patient as something meant to be done quickly and easily. He was by no means an expert and clearly he didn't need to shave much more than once every week or so - facial hair was more of Hektor's forte, but even his older brother didn't tend to grow much in the way of it.  And keeping patients content enough to keep from having a row was just another day at DoSaM.

He made his way down to the patient in question - someone named Dorn. Doan? Moan? Dornob?  Who knew - who cared. He didn't. Apollo had the items in hand, a small towel and a warm receptacle for cleaning the blade and shaving cream. It wasn't going to be fancy - there were hardly any good barbers in DoSaM proper. But it would be functional.

"Okay I hope you're ready for your close up Mr. Dorn," he addressed not bothering with formality and took up a rolly-stool over to where Galahad was lying in bed. "Man you're fucked up. Le siiiigh. Then let me make you beautiful again, Mr. Dorn. Lie still and don't speak. Thanks."

Apollo went about applying a small puff of shaving cream to the bits of his face that were exposed and wiped his hand on the towel on his shoulder. The razor itself was standard hospital issue. A plastic two bladed one that he carefully brought along Dorn's cheek. 
The Rest of Aedolis / Re: House of Heart and Cholestrol [Lion, Nephero]
« Last post by Lion on January 16, 2018, 12:43:10 AM »
They were in Aedolis. In Amristah, admittedly, a city that Grisham didn't quite venture off to on a moment's notice - except for that one time - and go gallivanting about. Adstreia was home. That was where he'd belonged for so many decades that blurred into one. That stepping here into this apartment was the affirmative culture shock he'd expected the first time he'd gone to Solarta.

Back then that was just to deliver gifts he'd wanted to give because....he had nothing else to do. And less so in the sense that he deigned to do so, but more so in the fact that he was aimless, saw another that was aimless, and wanted to reach out. Grisham didn't want to admit it to himself - but even he couldn't hide from the truth - he'd been lonelier then. Sometimes even he was lonely now. Just...decidedly less so when Yavul was around.

A thought that made his stomach do the mightiest flip and he quietly observed Blu's knick knacks and little objects that immediately caught Yavul's attention. Grisham said nothing, just observed as the drinks were poured and his was set aside. Idly he unpacked the groceries they'd bought and waited in the corner of the kitchen.

Yeah, this was not his home, and the cat that was busying himself with being a blob and batting around bottles earned himself a decisive glare from Grisham, and the Hellion Commander tilted his head as the cat met his gaze back and hissed before resuming the kitten-like batting again.  What a fat floofer, he thought to himself, taking a sip of the brandy.

Distilled wine, huh? Grisham couldn't help but think he'd want this drink doubled down. But he didn't babysit it either and downed the liquid fire until it scorched his belly into making him grin. One he offered to Bluhana. Yeah that name was going to be permanent. "Married huh? Nice to know I wasn't the only one in the trenches," he commented and that smile soon faded.

Because it wasn't that long ago that his part that his apartment looked just like this. Maybe less with prescription bottles and more with the slow emptying of furniture that was his or wasn't his, and the only thing that was left was that sofa he'd graciously donated to Razzle for moving into his new place. He was glad it was gone, but a stray pang caught between the left side of his ribs and his heart, a pin that made his heart beat faster.

And he forced himself to look at Yavul and still himself. To still that heartbeat, and the awful flip that followed once more. Dinner, that's right, they were supposed to be making dinner.

Grisham took his empty glass and refilled it himself. This was going to be a long cook session.
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