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Author Topic: Bentley Jensik, Cop  (Read 116 times)

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Bentley Jensik, Cop
« on: June 19, 2017, 12:23:57 PM »
Bentley Jensik

'Benny' 'Ben' 'Jen' 'Jens' 'Jenny', mostly 'Benny'


Healthy Aedolian- with taste.

Human, as far as he knows, nothing else points to the contrary.

5'9 and a runner's build, lean and slender but all muscle.

Cop! (Military)

Haviah born and raised!
In the shiny shiny upper levels which are WAY nicer than where he works now.


Benny is accurately described as a very cute / handsome blonde male with scruffy hair and large dark green eyes. He has a dimpled chin, large soft looking lips, and a sun kissed complexion topped off with a soft splattering of freckles. His light, natural tan is the most obvious give away that he is from the upper levels of Haviah.


Dumb Blonde

While he certainly doesn't have the ego and attitude common among the upper class, little things in his mannerism and speech are dead give always- even though his apparent level of education seems to contradict this. He acts as if he has the education of basic military personnel, and isn't too bright either. Ditsy and absent-minded have both been used to describe him.


Another major aspect of his personality is his positivity. Benny tries to see things as good and likes to give others the benefit of the doubt though he is far from the push over he seems to be when it comes to actually doing his job. He would rather just keep on smiling and keep everyone safe and happy then have to actually arrest anyone. He considers himself an idealistic realist, though he lets more of the idealism show.

Don't Tip the Apple Cart

Not looking to make waves or get promoted, he didn't take the transfer to his current assignment to further any sort of career path and is actually pretty terrified of authority figures despite being a military cop himself.

Deceptively Clever

Despite playing into the cute dumb blonde trope that fits so well with his bubbly personality, Benny is actually very smart and perceptive, so much so that it has caused him trouble in the past and it's easier to pretend he isn't so that he goes unnoticed.

My Country 'Tis Of Thee~

Benny is a loyal Aedolian Citizen through and through.

Daddy Never Loved Me

>See Daddy Issues
>>See Relationships
>>>See History

Fun Facts!:
  • Enjoys bird watching
  • Is terrified of small dark spaces
  • Loves pumpkin scents and has a collection of different candles, body sprays, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, etc. in various pumpkin scents and can tell you the name and varying accompanying scent notes by memory with a single whiff of any given one

Reflectivist! Which he absolutely hates. Being a reflectivist has been nothing but trouble and pain for him since he was discovered to be one at nine years old.

Bentley's mother gave him up at birth either because she felt he would have a better life in the upper levels, or because she just didn't want to be a mother; perhaps both. Either way he never met her and was raised by his paternal grandparents who doted on him and praised him till he was about nine and everything changed. They are still kind to him but things have never been the same since he was discovered to be a reflectivist.

Gerard Jensik- Benny's father, a Pilot Royal and Director of the Department of Science and Medicine. Benny barely knows him and has finally stopped trying to gain his love and attention.

Kosen Ydage Dae- Benny's new partner! Cop Bros! Aww yeah... cue up some stereotypical buddy cop theme song its going down. :|

Bentley Jensik should have had the picture perfect upper class Aedolian life. Born to a war hero Pilot and a midlevel mother, and raised by his paternal grandparents in the upper levels of Haviah he should have had every opportunity in the world.

He was on a psychic watch list since birth, given his parentage, and even if he had not been psychic at all he still could have pursued great things in the private sector, or even a basic military career. He even had the looks to go into modeling- possibly even hone some latent skills other avenues of entertainment. The whole of Aedolis should have been his oyster.

Except he was born with the one psychic gift no sane Aedolian wanted. He was born a reflectivist.

His abilities laid dormant till he was nine years old, and from that point on nothing was the same. He had never done anything differently, never changed as far as he knew, but suddenly everyone treated him differently. And all because his mind was unreadable. All because certain psionic gifts didn't work on him. Suddenly he was an outcast and the subject of gossip and suspicion.

Eventually he was funneled into the military as many upper class reflectivists are since there are still restrictions on them. His original plan was to pursue a medical career like his father but eventually ridicule and severe bullying forced him to consider alternative paths.

He is now a plain clothes beat cop who just got assigned a partner!