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Author Topic: Soothing Presence [OPEN]  (Read 118 times)

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Soothing Presence [OPEN]
« on: June 19, 2017, 12:27:12 AM »
As the Kyn Star was unloaded, Delta walked through the streets as night released it's grasp over the sky. He listened to the job requests that his silent manager handles for him. 'Nothing worth my time and my ship.' he thought, turning off his earpiece. Entering a companion house a few minutes from the space port, he nods at the house mistress in greeting. "Your usual room is ready and I will a girl up as soon as one is available. Are you you don't want the happy end?" "If I wanted sex, I would have went to a brothel closer to the port, mistress." he states before heading upstairs. Tuning out the sexual sounds that came from every fourth room, Delta wonders which girl would be sent to him this time. 'I've sat with five Aedolian girls, fifteen women from Edanith, and numerous others since finding this place. When will I find a girl or woman to sooth my reckless heart?' he mused.

Reach the room big enough for him to flare his wings and not feel caged, Delta entered and slid off his modified cloak. Placing it on the hook near the door, he took off his boots and sat indian style on the bed. "A few hours here before I head to my next run." he said to himself. Closing his harden eyes gradually as time passed slowly Delta placed his hands on his thighs, palms up. His non-elemental magic began to manifest as a spinning ring of spheres that rapidly orbits him. Which also caused his wings to flare to their full length. Sinking into himself bit by bit, he drops his head forward. "When will my heart be soothed and loneliness be lessened?"
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