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Author Topic: To Pilot Cardinal Liselotte Hestersen, From Pilot Cardinal Rodion Voronin  (Read 172 times)

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Offline Nix


What is it you want?

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Offline nephero

Okay, so, firstly I want to say I swear to god if you make fun of me for this I will take yer left nut, okay?

But okay. I'm genuinely trying to be uh, I guess, *genuine* here? I saw what had happened in the chat the other day-- both chats, I mean. And that sucked, really really reeeally sucked. Full disclosure-- I didn't really have many friends in the ATC. Or, at all (also stfu). So I mean, half the time I expected to see them talking shit, too, and it's... not fun.

Anyway, just. I'm sorry that that all got spilled out in your lap and like, in public and shit. That wasn't cool, I mean it's all cool that the Candidates vent and shit but less cool for it to be like brought into the pilot chat's attention? Like I'm sure no one meant to be an asshole about it, and you know Cinna, *social skills* ain't exactly part of his curriculum vitae.

But I was thinking if that were me, I'd probably be pretty pissed off. Or feel pretty bad. Or something. And I kinda wanted to check in, I guess? I mean, you're a hardass and a humorless prick and easily the biggest dick I've ever met, but I don't think you're a "bad apple" or whatever. I mean, unless you secretly eat babies. Do you secretly eat babies, Rod? Because that's something I feel like I should know before I keep opening up to a baby-eater.

You totally eat babies, don't you.

Anyway that's my two cents so uh, carry on as normal I guess. *salutes!*


Offline Nix

First of all I am not humorless or a fucking robot. I had a great-

I was really fucking shitty. I don't eat babies what the fuck is wrong with you? And I probably am a 'bad apple' if that's what they were saying in the candidate chat. I don't know. Pilot Noble Kiers doesn't want me going in there and neither does Rhema. So I can't exactly check it anymore.

Further fucking point thanks for your concern Lilo but whatever the fuck Candidate Vaughan Liik and his little gal pals had to say about me was 100% warranted and I don't feel like filling you in on the finer points of my transgressions.

And Cinna can suck my fat cock.

« Last Edit: June 17, 2017, 10:36:35 PM by Nix »

Offline nephero

Tch, have it your way, *as per fucking usu*.

I wasn't asking you to spill any beans or sit and have a gigantic feels jam about whatever the fuck Liik and the others were talking about, I'm not your goddamn therapist. I'm not trying to be.

 I just wanted to be a goddamn teammate, but congrats! I learned my lesson! -10 Would not attempt again!

Fuck you, asshole.