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Author Topic: Bros' Night In [Nix!]  (Read 330 times)

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Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« on: May 06, 2017, 01:26:38 AM »
A soft 'ding' rang in the room, and his phone lit up a few inches to the left of him on the couch.

Chance picked up the television remote, double-tapped. The image on the screen froze, right in the midst of a scene wherein a man bull-rushed a small squadron of zombies with a riot shield and sent them flying to the ground in a snarling heap. A small icon in the bottom right corner noted the time and current action, not that Chance was really paying attention to that.

No, he was too busy making wildly inappropriate innuendos about burritos in an open chat room that anyone (his superiors included) had access to. Totally not unprofessional at all. Chance snorted a bit, ran his thumbs over the keyboard of his phone in quick succession as he rambled off a reply, insisting that Jon quit making dick jokes and get his ass over here.

Not that the dick jokes weren't funny, but burritos and zombie movies were things to be shared, with as many people as possible. Or at the very least with one of his better-if-not-best friends. He jangled his leg idly, his foot resting against the edge of his coffee table. After a moment, he got up from his couch, figuring that while he waited for Jon to show up he might as well get started on those burritos. That was how this whole thing had started, after all.

He clicked on the remote once more, shot the film back to the opening scene, and hit pause again. Chance stretched, popped out a couple knots in his back, and sauntered into the kitchen to pull a frying pan from the drying rack and set it on the stove.

The whole while, he flicked through the chat, his mouth twitching into an amused snort as he relived such gems as "get my mouth around your big hot burrito." He turned his phone, pressed two buttons, and took a screenshot.

That was something that needed saving.

For posterity.

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2017, 12:05:42 PM »
Directions to Chance's place were far from necessary. He knew where his bro lived, even if it had been some time since they hung out. He got up from his couch and had to kick more than a few bottles out of the way in his search for his laptop charger. His couch that was once rarely used now had a nice butt shaped imprint from him spending almost all his days off on it. At least he was talking and goofing around with everyone in the Pilot chat again. Well in between mindless games of Village of Hartford. That game was both addictive and frustrating as fuck. In a way it was mind numbing though. And wow. Did those players really think the game chat wasn't moderated? He could probably use it as most of his leads for work. Idiots.

His stomach growled, eager for tortilla wrapped meats and veggies. Burrito Quest was real. Jon finally plugged in his laptop and kicked over a still partially full beer bottle. Fuck. He picked it up quickly and just sort of threw a magazine over the spill. After a swish test to see how much was left he rummaged through his pocket for a small mint tin and took a pill out of it, downing it with the last fourth of the piss warm beer before setting the bottle on the table with the growing an precarious pile of trash. A sniff test told him that he needed to change his shirt to one that was at least a bit less gross so he trudged his way over to his bedroom that was a laundry heap at best and a dump at worst. The only clothes that were actually clean were his uniforms, pristine and hung in his closet. He searched through the pile on his bed for a shirt that didn't smell so bad and settled on an old gaming convention shirt Gabriel gave him that had a hole toward the bottom of it. After dousing it with body spray and shaking it he put the shirt on, applying a generous layer of deodorant to his armpits before running his hand through his hair and rereading the Pilot chat again via his phone.

Fuck. Burritos were too tempting to keep him shut in. Off to Chance's it was.

It wasn't like it took him long to get to the other Pilot's place. A press of the com button would alert the other he was outside. No turning back now.

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2017, 02:13:19 PM »
There was nothing in the world so powerful as the siren call of cooking meat products. It brought ALL the boys to the yard. Chance snorted a bit at a soft peeping noise from the other room, and quickly plucked a few choice bits of chicken from the pan to set into a tiny bowl. Blowing on it to cool it down, he brought the bowl into his bedroom, where a tiny avian head was poking out of a box filled to the brim with all the softest blankets he could scrounge up.

The bird, seemingly warring between sleep and the promise of food, pecked at the offering and took a couple pieces, before finally settling down in a soft ruffle of feathers. It really was the best choice Pilot Kiers had made on an absolute whim-- well, okay, maybe one of the better choices he'd ever made on a whim, because he did those a lot, and a lot of them led to delightfully strenuous activities. So worth it, every time.

As far as randomly adopting a pet, though, this had been a pretty good one. He gave the bird another soft little pet on the top of its tiny head, and returned to the kitchen.

The com buzzed just as Chance  put the last of the seasoning into the pan. He quick rinsed off his hands, and was still drying them with the towel he kept on the oven door as he elbowed the door's controls open. Chance couldn't help a grin when he saw Jon, purposefully mussed like always, and the dark-haired Pilot jerked his head back and towards the rest of the apartment proper.

"What up, man! Come in, I'm almost done," he retreated back into the kitchen just in time to stir the contents of the pan, scraping it all into the center. A second pan held the promise of a tortilla, and he quick flipped it over to the other side. "You want guac? I think I got some left over."

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2017, 06:40:33 PM »
As soon as the door opened Pilot Cardinal Omajon Rheeves entered the apartment he made a grabby hands in the other Pilot. "I HUNGER FOR BURRITOS BITCH!" He grinned madly, chuckling as he closed the door behind him. He looked towards the rest of the apartment as Chance ran back towards the kitchen, at the paused movie. At the couch were they would hang out and laugh. His grin faltered a significant amount but he kept it up and ran a hand through his hair idly as he followed Chance into the kitchen.

"That better not be a serious question. Of course I want guac. How dare you insult me by... insinuating otherwise!" He was pretty sure he used that word correctly. "So how did that shoulder chicken thing go?"

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2017, 11:35:59 AM »
"Oh, shit, oh fuck!" Chance pantomimed trying to ward Jon off, though it came off as being more along the lines of attempting to ward off a vampire. It also came off as being incredibly stupid, because Chance had attempted to cross his left arm and the presently-still-very-hot spatula, and he immediately jumped and hissed as the hot metal touched his skin.

Cussing wildly under his breath and shaking his arm out, he looked up at his friend just in time to see Jon's smile waver. Unsure of what was wrong, and equally unsure whether to ask, Chance fell back on the age-old bro code staple of 'pretend it never happened.' He snickered, and gave the other pilot a sarcastic round of applause.

"Bravo, bravo! A-plus use of vocabulary. We'll have you speaking in full, coherent sentences before you know it!" he teased, before turning to give the contents of the frying pan another swish and stir. He pulled the whole thing off the heat shortly after, and began the delicate process of cramming as much meat and rice and assorted additions onto a single tortilla as possible. It was certainly a labor of love, and that labor was having a hard time staying together, but finally Chance got the whole thing onto a plate.

"It went good! She... he... she? 'S asleep in my room, real cute. I'm still trying to come up with a name." He lifted the plate up, and wiggled it tantalizingly at Jon. "One monster burrito, extra guac, just for you sugar."

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #5 on: May 09, 2017, 01:47:43 PM »
Jon noticed Chance burned himself on the spatula and shook his head a bit moving to Chance's freezer to grab the first frozen bag of what he assumed were veggies but who could even tell? He held it out to Chance, knowing that the other wouldn't get it for himself but would most likely take it from him eventually.

He chuckled when his friend said they'd have him talking in full sentences soon. "Take. Cold. Want. Bu-rri-to!" He proclaimed just before he was presented with quite possibly the most beautiful burrito he hand ever laid his eyes on. "Oh my gosh... this is the most gorgeous thing... I- wow. There are no words. I might cry..." He said placing his hand on his heart before taking the plate with one hand and holding out the frozen bag of- whatever, to Chance. "You are too good to me man. Now put that on your burn before I kick your ass baby."

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2017, 10:54:13 AM »
Chance couldn't help himself; he absolutely devolved into a giggle fit as Jon grunted out the words like a caveman, and he was wiping at one eye even as Jon shoved the bag of frozen veggies into his hand. Holding that to his arm, he continued to snicker.

"What can I say? I think it's my best work, yet. My magnum opus-- my uh, burritum opus. Ah, shit, that wasn't nearly as good as it sounded in my head."

He shrugged, allowing the missed opportunity for a pun to pass them on by. After a few more seconds of holding the frozen bag to his arm, he made his way to the fridge, replacing the bag with a six pack of cold beers. He winked at the other Pilot as he made his way out of the kitchen and back into his living room, setting the six pack down onto the coffee table after cracking a can free.

"Okay, so this shit-- I'm not even kidding you, I hope you're ready for some crazy-ass zombie kills and what has to be the BADDEST ass dude ever to ride a train." Chance flicked the tab of his beer can, popping it open with a sharp crack and a hiss, and took a good gulp of the contents before going back to holding the can to his arm, though a bit more daintily to avoid spilling it all over his floor.

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #7 on: May 22, 2017, 08:57:25 PM »
Jon just stared at the beautiful pile of meat, cheese and guacamole wrapped up all cozy in a tortilla blanket. He even let that silence and bad missed pun slip away cause, BURRITO. It was already being shoved into his mouth with reckless abandon before he made it to the couch, sitting down and putting the plate on the table, having to pull his lips away from his savory burrito love while he chewed a huge bite of it.

"Whayut. Sho yur terrin meh tha driss is ZOMBEHS ohn uh TRAHYN?" He said in utter disbelief while still chewing. He pulled one of the beers free from its four other friends and cracked it open taking a huge gulp. "What sheer and utter delightful fucking madness. Yes. I need. Play the shit. My body is ready." He chuckled grinning. This was great. This was what he needed.

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #8 on: May 22, 2017, 11:00:05 PM »
"As you so command," Chance said with a grin, kicking his feet up and tapping at the remote to bring the movie back up and from the beginning. He was excited, for multiple reasons. One being he genuinely enjoyed the film, or at least as far as he had gotten before he had convinced Jon to join him and had to restart it.

The second reason being, well. Shit. This was Jon. His bro. His friend. His partner in many a shenanigan.

The object of his well-hidden affections for the greater part of a year.

They were just hanging out, sure, and being dudes with beers and burritos, but some deep part of his gut was fluttering like so many tiny wings. Thank all the gods in all creation that his psychic manifestation had to do with the manipulation of blood, because if he had been anyone else he might've been more than a little flushed.

He took another gulp of his beer, grinning widely as the movie kicked off, all the key players boarding a train headed for Amristah and utterly failing to notice one distinctly ill-looking girl making it onto the train after them. It didn't take long for shit to pop off after, the girl being obviously infected, and even though Chance had already seen quite a few of the first initial zombie kills he still cringed at the gnarlier aspects.

"Holy shit-!" he said, partway into his second beer, his shoulders shaking with mirth as the traincar devolved into utter chaos as person after person was turned.

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #9 on: June 15, 2017, 10:50:01 PM »
Jon almost choked on a bite of his burrito as the zombie chaos spread through train. This was great. Jon pounded his chest with his fist a bit and then swallowed a gulp of his beer, washing down the last bits of the burrito. He laughed out loud, more at the absurdity of choking on the burrito in reaction to the film, than the actual film. But it was all great.

This was great. Chance was great. He needed this. Hanging out with the best friend he could ever have hoped for, great food, good movie. This was the best.

He took another swig of his beer and leaned back against the cushions more now that he had polished off the best burrito ever. He turned to look at Chance and a great big grin spread across his face.


This was great.

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Re: Bros' Night In [Nix!]
« Reply #10 on: June 18, 2017, 12:55:41 AM »
A potentially more rational part of him knew exactly what he was doing, and did not approve in the slightest. Chance was doing his best to ignore that rational part of him, to tell that part that they were not on speaking terms, and to also politely but firmly demand the spare house key back. That rational part of him, however, was a stubborn son of a bitch.

This is a ridiculous, self-indulgent pantomime, and you know it, That Part hissed, annoyed and disgusted and offended and every other descriptor there was for Utterly Disapproving Of Something. How long are you going to keep at playing the bro? How many times are you going to make up literally any excuse you can to spend time with him?

Chance's grin faltered a bit, luckily enough during one of the more somber scenes of the movie, so he didn't have to pretend it wasn't his own stupid brain that was making it so hard to concentrate on the great time he was having. Was supposed to be having.

Because they were bros! He and Jon were friends, and this was what friends did. They hung out, they pounded a few beers, they made weird jokes and watched weird movies and totally absolutely did not fantasize about kissing in the darkened living room, the only light on them the flickering colors of the television screen.

Fuck it all to hell. Chance could practically hear that rational side smirking at him, humming little 'I told you so's and just making him want to grind his teeth into powder.

Okay, so, maybe it'd been a while. Maybe it was taking him a bit longer to get over what was Just. A. Crush. Maybe it was just a little harder than he thought, to shake the habit of wanting to be near Jon in literally any way possible. Chance rubbed at his mouth, and downed another beer. Yeah, sure. And maybe the moon really was made out of cheese.

Man, maybe going right for the beer had been a bad idea. Who knew he was this gloomy tonight? Chance glanced to the side, out of the corner of his eye, and was a little surprised to see Jon was already looking at him. Looking at him and beaming, such that Chance could have sworn they were both standing out in broad daylight for a moment. His heart skipped, and he couldn't help a wide grin of his own in return.

Okay, so, maybe it'd been a while, and maybe it was taking him a bit longer to shake his crush. But, hey, maybe that wasn't so bad. He could stand it just a little while longer.