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Author Topic: An unexpected arrival [Open]  (Read 1139 times)

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Re: An unexpected arrival [Open]
« Reply #40 on: May 02, 2017, 03:30:15 AM »
In The Medbay.

Nyssa took a breath at the oncoming fury of the interloper, she set down the sediject and reached for a laser scalpel.  It was like bringing a butter knife to a sword fight…but it was better than nothing.  If she was going to die today then it was her time.  She looked to where Rowan crouched, a sneer on his face, whatever it was with him it would have to wait.

“I am sorry if you are offended by my choice of words with regards to your attentions, but let me make it clear for you to understand, my kind do not have relationships outside our species and certainly not with the same gender.” She said coolly as she switched on the laser.

“As such your propositions are distasteful to me, disrespectful of my race, but as you likely do not know my race I am willing to overlook your slight.”

She brushed her blonde hair back out of her face and steeled herself, fighting was not beyond her, all Golden Elves were taught to fight as part of their upbringing, a hark back to bygone days when Houses taught their offspring combat.  Granted she had never really had to use it but it came back to her in those moments.

The Daemon in Rowan drew more deeply on the man’s spirit, bolstering itself, its mind more cohesive than it had been.  Drawing on the man’s essence so deeply was not ideal and temporary but so what it was a case of needs must.

“I do not answer to the names you call me.” The man hissed.

“Nor do I like threats from the likes of you….half dead bitch! You tell your unseen voice if it wants to talk then I will deal with it direct!”

Nyssa bit her lip, the thing had suddenly found its voice and she hated to think how.

Where was that Marine she had asked for!

In the Ready Room

Zan felt the spell change and he also felt the odd beacon pitching through the magical plane.  He shook his head, his golden eyes shimmering.

“We do not resort to violence unless necessary, we prefer more peaceful solutions to conflict.” He said coolly.

“Threatening the men outside the door will not resolve this nor will it incline anyone here to listen to your demands, all it will do is cause further violence.”

He shifted in his seat, he had heard enough of threats and bullying for one day, this pirate was a big shot here in this place, his crew nothing more than thugs who twisted situations to suit their own debased needs.

“Here we were thinking we might come across more enlightened people here….a wishful thought.  This lot are no better than the Daemon scum we left behind!”

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Re: An unexpected arrival [Open]
« Reply #41 on: May 19, 2017, 12:48:03 PM »
In the Mess Hall
"Aww Esise! Now see what ye done! We couldae hae sone fun wit' tha' beastie!" Geldri exlaimed tapping on the now hardened fire retardant with a fillet knife.

The 5 Marines approached still at the ready, but now feeling somewhat safer.

"Any ideas what we should do with this thing then Esise?" One of the Marines queried.

"I'd get it to the brig, I don't know how long it'll stay like that, it's also giving off some weird pulses so best to keep it somewhere safe.  Father is studying the pulses as best he can."

Command Deck
Jinny was studying the reading from the scanners hoping she'd see something useful about the pirate space vessels, however as good as Esise was at getting into the comms system of their ship she still hadn't breached any further.

Suddenly a blip appeared it wasn't dangerously close, but it was still relatively nearby and it registered as a gravitational anomaly, something out there was generating waves of negative gravity, the waves would push nearby objects, however The Iron Claw's sensors could not figure out what was generating this anomaly.

In the Med-Bay
Leandra approached the door, listening in on what was going on inside.  She knew Rowan was in there, but last she heard he was in a bad way after the jump, there'd also be Nyssa.  Golden Elves were hardly push-overs as they generally kept cool in most circumstances irrelevant of their own abilities.

"Well girlie, lets see what we're facing." Leandra said under her breath.  She set her Magi-Pulse Rifle to stun just in case she hit her own people and then tapped the activator for her personal shield, not something she expected to have to use on board The Iron Claw and then she moved into the room her quick eye taking in the scissor lady...or something vaguely female judging by the figure.

"Alright lady put the arms...err...away?" Leandra said placing the rifle against her shoulder a slight hum coming from it.

Leandra was kitted out in the standard Marine outfit which meant flexible but tough bodyarmour that was form-fitted and thus her figure was rather striking as she was athletic with a fairly ample bosom (although entirely covered), her head was uncovered as she'd not had time to get a helmet which revealed a face that could only be described as handsome...pretty once perhaps, but she'd earned a few scars, she also had shoulder length brunette hair and very intense green eyes and for an elf she made a stark difference to Nyssa.

Ready Room
"I think this is enough Drake, we realise that you have insurance in place, you have plenty just by your order to fire upon this ship."

Argroww didn't even look at Emily when he exerted his SpiritMastery over the woman and went for what usually worked best <sleep>, one of the easiest of commands that at the very least made people drowsy, but at best could put a person into a deep slumber for many hours.  What Argroww felt worked in his favour is that a stressful pirates life could often leave a person on the edge of extreme fatigue even when they didn't know it them self and this could often make the command work better.

"Now then Drake, et us stop playing these games and get down to business, there are things we could trade you that it would be easier if given rather than taken...or even destroyed..."

Argroww was about to take another breath when Jinny appeared on one of the large screens.  Jinny was a pretty young blond human, breathtaking in fact, but there was something in her eyes that spoke of a loss that had hardened her somehow.

"Captain Struatha, Diplomat Argroww, there's a curious anomaly on the scanners, looks like its a negative gravitational singularity...I realise it's hardly the time but it's waves are going to start pushing us away soon, might want to find out from Captain Drake if such things are normal, if not he might want to prepare his ships."

Engine room

Hilshuur frowned, holding one of the crystals he looked at one of the Void-Bouys, it had activated.  That was most odd, they were in another universe weren't they, no way the bouy should pick up signals from a Union vessel?

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Re: An unexpected arrival [Open]
« Reply #42 on: June 11, 2017, 01:00:43 PM »

"So it's not that you're a stuck-up bitch. It's just your race.", Pyrrha hissed, stepping closer, "Good to know. But, sadly, it would seem surgery is in order. Seems the doctor's called for a lobotomy.", she continued, ignoring the marine for the moment. If Hades wanted to deal with his stupidly calling out a god, He would.

As she raised her prosthetic arms to strike, though, one of her tails focused on a newcomer, the escort the doctor had requested. The plasma projector tilted up and down, as if checking the woman out before zeroing in on her chest. "Well, hello, sexy.", Pyrrha purred, firing a three-round burst at the elf marine as the rifle hummed, "Whoops... I swear that doesn't usually happen. I guess seeing that big, long rifle and those massive... ballistics... Must have put me on a bit of a hair trigger. But don't worry. I'm still rarin' to go. Just let me finish up my appointment with the good doc.", she continued, one of her blade-arms lashing out toward the doctor's head with an inhuman quickness, though not so fast that someone with good reflexes couldn't dodge it.


Ready Room:

"Yes. Almost makes you wonder if if the point of that isn't to take hostages.", Drake sniped, sarcasm dripping from his voice at the remark about insurance, "As for you, Goldie, we're pirates, mate.  This isn't some Jonathan Dipp movie with good guy pirates who are really softies at heart and don't actually steal from or kill anyone. We rape, steal, plunder, and kill. About the best you'll get as far as 'enlightened' goes is that I keep my word. It doesn't make good business sense to go back on a deal.".

Emily tapped three times on the table as she began to feel exhaustion creeping over her. Exhaustion that seemed unnaturally hard to fight, given that she'd had plenty of experience fighting off sleep. The words of her captain and the enemy swam as she struggled to keep her eyes open, cursing herself for not at least trying to neutralise the spirit-user from the moment Drake had made the connection.


? ? ?:

"Captain. Long-range scanners are picking up a gravitational anomaly. Readings are similar to a White-Hole-class weapon, but there shouldn't be any in-system.". The man at the sensor station sent the data to the Captain's station at the push of a button, causing a ring to appear on the system map in front of the Captain's chair.

"That's on a path that would take us by the Warmonger, correct?", the Captain asked, grinning slightly, "Let's give our old drinking buddy a scare. Warp us to the Warmonger's position, then take readings as soon as they leave."

"Warp to intercept Warmonger and Avarice, then take readings on the anomaly. Aye, Captain. Estimate five minutes to warp gate completion.".


Ready Room:

"Depending on...", Drake began, trailing off as the woman interrupted. As he listened. Drake noted that the woman's appearance reminded him of a younger Alice, though Alice's beauty was more of an adorable type, rather than pretty like the woman on the screen.

"I'm told gravity doesn't normally reverse itself without warning. There's defensive systems and weapons that can create antigravity fields, but those are usually used on ships and stations. More importantly, however... We were in the middle of a deal?", he stated, sending a coded message to Alice to watch for arriving ships. It wasn't unheard of for some spacefaring races to use gravity as a means of shortening the distances between worlds and systems, with its space-and-time-bending properties.
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Re: An unexpected arrival [Open]
« Reply #43 on: June 20, 2017, 09:52:44 PM »
The Med Bay

Nyssa moved fast, lithe and agile as most of her kind tended to be, just because she was a doctor it did not mean she had forgotten the old ways and training of her people.  She dodged the blade that slashed quickly towards her head and lashed out with the laser scapel hoping to score some sort of hit if possible.  She was not above hurting someone if her life were threatened as it seemed to be here.  She had done nothing to this despicable vile creature except turn down its less than savoury advances. 

Rowan had moved impossibly fast as well, the Daemon taking over the body fully now, it had once known this woman, this doctor, not in the intimate sense but he had known her.  It was a memory dragged up from some recess in its mind.  Like a large predatory cat he had leapt at the intruder with the intention of taking her to the ground.  His desire to tear her throat out, there was no life...no true soul that he could sense to feed on...but he would derive some satisfaction from ripping her foul tongue out.

The Ready Room

Zan was about to come out with some scathing retort to the Pirate when Jinny's message had interuptted the meeting.  He took in the girl's face, so pretty....so sad.  He felt it, her loss, keenly as he felt his own grief at losing Talan.  The young man had been special beyond a doubt, much like his ancestor in many ways from what he had gleaned from Argroww.

Gravitational anomaly.....large and not far from them.


His eyes slipped to the pirate's magicker who seemed to be struggling too. He felt it, her desire to try and stay awake but losing the battle a breath at a time.  Argroww...undoubted ly.

"In the middle of a deal?" Zan smiled coldly.

"I think it is only just beginning."
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