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Author Topic: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)  (Read 1960 times)

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #120 on: April 28, 2017, 11:31:50 AM »
Admittedly, the slamming and locking of the workshop door made Thade jump. It was easy to forget sometimes that she could just move shit with her mind so easily. But the fact that she could certainly made it convenient to keep himself plastered against this table. He didn't have to worry about pesky things like privacy.  Which he of course appreciated that she kept in mind.

Thade had been busy giving attention to her neck that he only vaguely registered the pressure being relieved in his pants. In fact he didn't even have to look to know his cock was now splayed out against her body. Another small convenience he was most grateful for. Man she was just full of wonderful surprises.

"Damn," he hissed, grinning at her words, and when she kissed him, he could already feeling the tension inside of him beginning to escalate. He returned it wholeheartedly, pressing his mashed lips against hers like she might somehow steal his last breath and he was perfectly okay with that. "You're so smart. You've got good ideas. Probably the best ideas."

He was already panting and his body visibly shivered under her ghost-like touch. The feel of those skeletal hands thrilled him to the core and heat pooled in his belly. Gods, he could just melt right there. Oh yeah, they could definitely relieve a lot of tension this way. And Thade certainly had no complaints.

"I'll the best I can with the one arm," he murmured between those hot wet kisses, taking in a deep breath when he felt her hand clasp around his member. He grunted, trying to stifle a moan. A futile attempt at best because he moaned loudly against her lips, letting his teeth sink into her lower lip in a firm bite, tilting his head enough to catch her tongue and pull her into another kiss, responding to her noises with needy ones of his own.

Yeah this wasn't her first rodeo. Thank fucking gods for that. And he let his arm slide up her skirt, shoving it up on her thighs, nails leaving marks and he wasted no time squeezing, pressing his palms against her hip and wasting no time in heading for the goods. He chuckled as she spoke of her fantasies. Not because they were funny, but because as it so happened this was one of his.  "Y'know I have some similar to this, and normally end with your legs wrapped around my neck.  Maybe something's wrong with my accounts. In fact I had a dream of once such...hm, fantasy," he chuckled.

His fingers found molten heat, and he pressed his index and middle against the cloth of her panties, and he breathed hotly against her lips, letting himself grow even more excited at the prospect of finally being able to touch her. Thade shifted his wrist and slipped them underneath the band and he rolled them over her clit as he gave her another biting kiss.

"You phoned me, told me to come down right away because something needed approval. I forgot what it was because it doesn't matter. Couldn't pay but...you say 'We can work something out' and I'm pretty much pinned like I am now," he murmured, tilting his head. "Except it's in your office. Sometimes on the Vegas. Sometimes in a car in your garage. In fact the tighter the spaces the more interesting fit we have to make.  I mean, it's the  -ah!" His breath hitched the moment he felt her thumb roll over his cock's tip. "ahhh - start of every bad porno ever I knoooow."

"Gods Reva, you drive me crazy. You don't make it easy. But honey, if I wanted easy, I'd be at the nearest dollhouse. But all I want is you."

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #121 on: April 28, 2017, 12:39:15 PM »
The sounds he made--the whines, the moans, the gasps--and the way his body responded to her every touch, it was exhilarating. She loved seeing his torso shiver and shudder with every breath, muscles so strongly accented by the sharp light and shadows of the lamps. A quick glance downward and she saw he wasn't​ kidding when he said he wanted her or that he enjoyed what she did to him.

She felt his hand brush up her leg, nails stinging and biting before the warmth of his hand was pressing and grinding up against her, his fingertips slipping in and playing with her. It made her breath hitch as she gasped, a rather becoming blush on her cheeks as she looked away almost a bit shyly, before giving his length a nice slow stroke and squeezing the tip carefully between her thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, so it sounds like you like it when I'm in control, hm?~" She purred, using her telekinesis to pull his hand out from under her skirt, pin his wrist down above his head.

She pulled her skirt up enough tomove her legs so she was straddling his hips. She slid one of her metal hands in between her legs, grabbing a hold of his cock as she lowered her hips down on it to rub herself against him, the fabric of her lacy underwear still in the way, almost certainly to his displeasure she was sure.

Placing both hands on the table on either side of him, she rocked her hips in a smooth motion against him, letting herself get caught up in more heated kisses as she moaned into his mouth. He was so close, so close to just slipping inside of her so the two of them could ravage each other right here with pleasure and ecstasy. She wanted so badly to feel his heated cock buried deep inside of her, for him to take control of her and work her until she was putty in his hands, and yet...

She broke the kiss to give him a sudden yet gentle bite on the neck, her sharp canines grazing the skin just strongly enough to leave marks with the slightest hint of his boiling blood, and then she drew back and slid off of him, her heels clicking delicately as she touched on the floor, licking her lips as she fixed her hair and found her blouse where it had landed earlier, pulling it back on with a content little smirk on her face.

"Unfortunately​ Mr. Olyphant, I have to cut my time with you short today," She said as she buttoned it back up and tucked it into her skirt, brushing herself off, "As I've other appointments to tend to today. This was a valuable meeting we've had, and I look forward to getting started on your new arm."

She paused, her telekinesis ebbing away so he could sit back up again if he so wished. She gave him a light shrug, the smirk on her face and look in her eyes still heated and full of desire, but intentionally muted.

"You may see yourself out, this room will automatically lock up once you leave so you needn't worry. Good day.~"

And with a wave of her hand all other electronics powered down, leaving just the lamplights as she left, hips swaying with that authoritative walk she had in those heels of hers, the door opening itself for her and staying open after she was gone. Leaving Thade all by his lonesome there in her workshop.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #122 on: April 28, 2017, 04:09:21 PM »
She made it so easy to get lost against her. It just seemed to come so naturally between them. No matter what this was. No matter if this was just a fling, or something more serious, all that he knew was that he was drawn to her for a reason neither of them could really understand. But the heat between them, that much was real enough to comprehend. And that was what Thade focused on when he felt her suddenly change gears.

"When you're in control? Honey, i just like it when we're fucking so hard my eyes roll back so that i can see my brain,' Thade laughed and abruptly gasped when her hand grasped him. He bit his lip and curled his head back against the table exposing his neck as she positioned herself so that she was imitating riding him.

He was practically melting against her and even the lace that chafed against him. He  could probably tear through that if it weren't for the fact that she kept his hand planted on either side of his head. Thade let the motion take him away for a good long moment until....

"Wait, what?  Hey. Reva!" he hissed when his eyes shot open and she removed herself from him. He lifted his head and watched her fix herself up. "UUUUUGH.... Come on....!"  he sighed and turned over and laid his head out against the cold metal of the table.

A growl of frustration and he knew he couldn't just let himself walk out of there  with a slick turgid member that she was just so keen to walk away from. Welp, she'd left him here in the dark, who was going to know?  So he reached down and grasped his member firmly, gripping it and letting himself ease into the fantasy of what could have been should it not have been cut so short.

With a  grunt and shudder he was relieved and tried to catch the mess in a cup, but got half of it on her table and the other half in a cup she'd probably never want to use again. Ever.  And deposited it in a waste bin as he dropped from the table and settled his clothes back on. "What a fucking night, or just 'night' for lack of fucking," Thade murmured, settling his shirt back on and fumbling with the buttons. Because that was always more difficult one handed.

The door shut behind and he brought the empty duffle bag with him, walking up the stairs and seeing that most of the workers were starting to clear out. Thade shrugged his jacket back over his shoulders and walked down the corridor past the large hangar where the Vegas still hung in limbo.

And it was there he heard a voice that made him freeze in place. Fuck.  No.  No.  "FOR FUCK'S SAKE!" he hissed to himself and when he heard a clatter and a bang he rushed into the open hangar door, dropping the empty bag down on the ground, seeing her there, like she was a fucking ghost. And the only heat he felt now was that of white hot rage.


In only moments prior to that, the ghost that had been Thade's ex-lover watched Reva leave the workshop with ice-blue eyes, cold, bereft of any sympathy. How sweet. Poor little Thade found someone willing to lick his wounds. 

"I hope you had fun, you little slut," she laughed as she poofed from her hiding place and appeared in the main hangar, sitting on the Vegas' hull, criss-cross applesauce.
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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #123 on: April 28, 2017, 11:34:37 PM »
Reva had had every intention of going up to her room to change into something a little more comfortable, perhaps take a shower even, but something told her to hang back and so she did.

She stood by and watched for a few moment as her coworkers filed out, wiping grease off their hands with old rags, laughing and joking with each other while they took off their jumpsuits and made plans to go grab a few beers. She waved to Roy and a few of the others, who were happy to see their other boss back and in good working condition.

It was once everyone was gone she started to move again, and she thought she heard something. Stopping and turning on her heel, her magenta hues scanned the hangar and she thought she heard Thade's voice shout something like Specter? Spectra? Spectral? Odd. Then she caught onto the movement, something by the Vegas.

Ah. A thief, a saboteur, potentially the woman who stole the ship the last time if the tone of Thade's voice was anything to go by. Well, there was no need to let him get worked up about it--this was something she could handle by herself.

She quickly pulled off her heels, setting them down quietly behind a shelving unit full of tools while the strange woman was distracted. Security systems now would be heard to breach without the proper access codes, which this woman now did not have. In the meantime, it gave Reva a few extra moments to put a little more focus into her telekinesis. Self-levitation was not something that she practiced often, mostly because she just wasn't a fan of it, but it had its uses.

She lifted herself up to the metal trusses in the high ceilings, nothing more than thin catwalks to her as she snuck her way over to the Vegas while this "Spectre" was busy trying to hack her way into Thade's life. Once Reva was poised just above her, she slid off the side and jumped down, using her powers to soften her fall so she landed silently, crouched and poised like a cat, a beam of light making her eyes glint as she watched this woman with light hair.

"So I see Thade has a talent for making enemies as much as he has a thing for girls with light hair."

Reva commented, her voice breaking the silence like the shattering of glass, so suddenly right behind this stranger when she hadn't been there before.

She stood up straight, head slightly tilted to the side as her golden arms started shifting, metal opening and hissing as they transformed into two golden battering ram-like arms that levitated on either side of her--they likely weighed a fuck ton and would hurt like hell to get swatted by.

"So, you gonna stand down or am I gonna have to beat your sorry, pasty white ass to a pulp before you learn when to stop beating a dead horse?"

She said it with a dry tone in her voice and a passive aggressive fake smile. She wasn't going to waste time playing with this bitch--one look and she could tell she was nutty.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #124 on: April 29, 2017, 08:30:48 PM »
Seeing the ghost that Spectre had become, atop the Vegas as if she owned it, sent a cold chill down Thade's back. And made him sick to his stomach. He knew it was inevitable that somehow Spectre would find some way to cross paths with him again, find a way to ruin him because he was her personal source of amusement. Even when they had been together, everything had been because she wanted it, because she thought he had some worth, and when she found he was no longer, she discarded him like yesterday's garbage.

So when she saw him, and his eyes remained locked on hers, Thade's expression grew grim and that smirk on her face - that infuriating fucking grin - made his blood boil with rage. "GET! OFF! MY! FUCKING! SHIP!" his voice bellowed up and outward, echoing loudly throughout the hangar and Thade dashed forward, only barely registering that Reva was now behind her.

"Oh, man. I've love what you've done with this hunk of junk, Thadey-baby!" she cackled, throwing her head back to laugh. And when she threw her head back only then did she see Reva behind her with those massive arms. Reva was such a slight thing in comparison to those arms, and that smirk grew wider. "So the little whore's got toys huh? No surprise there!"

And Spectre immediately poofed from immediate danger, teleporting behind her and kicking Reva in the back before running and leaping up onto the catwalk, glowering down between her and Thade, and most especially at Reva. She was going to skin her and turn her into shoes.

Thade cursed harshly and looked up toward the trusses and where Spectre was hiding, her eyes reflective in the dark and he flew up toward a side ladder, climbing up with a great deal of difficulty until he was on a flat surface. He just needed to get high enough to shoot that bitch right between the eyes.
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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #125 on: May 13, 2017, 11:51:05 PM »
Reva had been expecting a counterattack, but not with teleportation. Her backside was wide open when Spectre disappeared and reappeared behind her and kicked her. It caught her off guard as she fell forward, but was able to regain her composure quickly enough to tuck into a roll and come up in a crouch as she looked up and saw the ghost of a woman jump up into the rafters again.

Crafty little minx, wasn't she?

Something mischievous glimmered in the cyborg's eyes as she grinned and jumped up after her, landing on the rafter as she faced the girl head on, or was about to anyways, when she noticed Thade making such a commotion down below. She cast a glance downward at the man, snorting a little as an invisible force suddenly pinned him down once he was off the ladder, keeping him from getting involved further.

"Sorry Thade, but this is official company business. Having you get involved would be a liability. I'm sure you can understand." She smirked then, and... Winked at him. "Leave this to me."

She turned back to Spectre, something inside of her burning with excitement at the prospect of a good fight. A teleporter and a telekinetic, who would win, she wondered?

Somewhere in the hangar, a few switches were flipped and every ship, finished and non, became awash in a glow of aqua light as protective force fields formed around the vessels, protecting them from any kind of attack, both physical and non.

"This is your last warning. This is private company property, and as the Chief Operating Officer of Galley La, I am ordering you to vacate the premises immediately."

Spectre just let out a harsh cackle. "Ooh, you're a boss? You'd be so scary if you didn't look like a pathetic little girl! I guess Thade's really dropped his standards, I didn't know he was into children!"

Reva's grin turned into a nasty one, aided by the sharp glare as she stared the woman down. That hit a nerve. That really hit a fucking nerve.

Spectre teleported again, and this time she was ready. She appeared above Reva this time, and Reva reacted quickly enough, one of her great arms swinging rapidly upward and smacking Spectre down, the heavy weight of the solid metal sending her flying out of the air and shooting down into the ground hard enough to crack the cement as she hit the floor.

Reva tilted her head, shifting her weight onto one hip, watching the dust settle as the woman pushed herself off from the floor, sputtering and coughing.

"Are you done yet?" She asked, her tone frighteningly level. Could the fight really be over that quick? How disappointing.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #126 on: May 15, 2017, 01:23:03 AM »
He made it high up enough and just when he was about to pull out his pistol, Reva's telekinesis held him down with impunity. What in the hell!? Thade scowled, and even though he caught her wink, the fact that he wouldn't have the chance to finish this bitch once and for all, made him seethe inside. All he could do was watch helplessly as Spectre was made a snarky remark.

And then was promptly put down like the rabid dog that she was. For a second Thade didn't know what he saw in her at all, from the beginning. Whatever she was now, wasn't the person he had given years of his life for. She tried to break him by the end of it, and here she was now, trying to break him still.

Although he was thankful for Reva's intervention, the fact that they had someone attempting to interfere at all made them sick. This better be the first and last time that Spectre was going to try and interrupt something good. He was done with her. 

Spectre emerged from a cloud of dust and she cracked her neck when she was on her feet again. Damn she hit hard with her little toys. Hm, big toys in this case. She scowled however at this tiny thing with giant arms that didn't seem to understand what wasn't hers. With a grunt she pried off a steel corded pipe from the concrete flooring. "Not by a long shot!" Spectre hissed and  where she stood she raised the pipe as if she were to throw it.

She held back and just as her arm was going to set it loose, she turned invisible and teleported  back up mid-air and just as the steel pipe came flying toward Reva, Spectre reappeared just beside her and jabbed the steel into a partition within her left arm, and poofed back out of reach again. Well fuck, of course she had to protect her little ships too, but why she bothered with Thade, she didn't know.

"Why bother protecting Thade anyway? He's a pissant little shit, with raisins for balls," she hissed and spat the was of blood in her mouth that she'd been saving right into Reva's face. "He's a complete waste of time. Well yours anyway. I've got nothing better to do."

She didn't stay in one spot for long and kept moving again to slug Reva left then right, zipping passed her once, then again from behind. Can't hit what you can't catch, right? It couldn't be said exactly what Spectre was, even she didn't know, but she hit like a truck and was determined to make this little 'girl' a pile of mush soon enough.
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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #127 on: June 16, 2017, 10:17:44 AM »
Reva raised her eyebrows slightly as this stranger pried up a piece of steel pipe from the floor, obviously not just some crazy ex girlfriend to be taken lightly. She managed to catch Reva again, though the cyborg girl moved her arm just enough so that the jab of the pipe didn't take out too much important material, the sounds of metal shrieking against metal echoing off the walls and the hulls of the protected ships, before the pipe dropped and was sent clattering and banging down to the floor below.

Reva was fairly good at dodging and deflecting most blows, or rolling with the ones that did hit. One punch aimed for her face she managed to duck under, but was sent flying with a kick that caught her in the legs. She twisted her body and turned mid-air, landing on all fours on a cat walk ten feet below the previous.

"I can see that," She called up in response to the comment that this woman had nothing better to do, clearly. "You've far too much time on your hands if you can't admit to yourself that you're not over an old boyfriend."

Spectre reappeared and aimed another punch for her face. This one Reva caught with one of her metal hands; she squeezed, aiming to crush and break bones as she pulled Spectre toward her and caught her other hand, the two of them suddenly very close.

"What a way to waste your time, obsessing over someone who hasn't spoken of you once." She sneered, leaning in to the pale woman's face.

To be completely honest, had this been any other set of circumstances and this woman less crazy, Reva might have been attracted to her, the fight only aiding in that fact. But as things were now, not really much of a chance of that. Too bad.

"Get out of my sight." Reva growled, showing her teeth as she reeled back and threw Spectre again, this time hard enough to send her flying where she broke the glass through one of the roof's skylights, out of the building and back into the normal world of Cancer.

Two hologram screens flickered to life on either side of Reva and she pressed a few buttons, and the facility went under lockdown. A shield was raised up just outside of the building, preventing any physical entity from getting inside. As she did so, the sounds of footsteps running through the halls approached and a small group of men came in through the main hangar entrance from the lobby, along with Belliel and Tenai.

"Oi, Reva, what happened?!" A man with long black hair called up to her, one Thade might recognize as he was often seen giving orders around the shop and working closely with Reva.

She turned and looked down at them, her arms shifting back to their normal skeletal forms. "It's fine, I already took care of it, Roy. Day late and a dollar short."

She let up her powers that were holding Thade down, now letting him free as she jumped down from the rafters and landed on the floor, gracefully standing up and putting her shoes back on.

"That so? Aw man, you never let us have any fun." Roy teased a little, an unlit cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

"Aye, cuz if she didn't then she wouldn't be doing her job." Belliel said with a proud puff of her chest, leaning down to pat Reva's shoulder, before noticing Thade. "Ah, Mr. Olyphant, it's after hours now you know. You should head home, unless--" She got a playful look on her face before Reva interrupted her, looking up at Thade and smiling at him.

"Oh, no, he was just heading home."
"Are you sure you don't want him to spend the night?~"
"Don't push your luck, Bell."

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #128 on: June 17, 2017, 01:15:12 AM »
One of the few moments you needed a camera and didn't have one. The kind of moment that required an immediate replay over and over again and would be saved for posterity. Thade's eyes were practically bulging out of his head when he saw Spectre cascading out of the roof skylight of Galley La's hanger, launched like a sack of fucking potatoes!

Good gods!

The sound that followed Thade's open mouth was rather inhuman in the sheer joy it had, enjoying that mental playback over and over again. A quick glance up saw the black bulb of a camera. Security footage, excellent! He'd have to remember to ask Reva for a clip of that later.

When the hold of him was released, he scrambled down from the small ledge he was on and slipped down the ladder with a thud of his boots, meeting up with the rest of the group, and falling in right beside Reva. No doubt all that commotion would draw a crowd. And he wondered if some of the personnel had been watching the camera footage.

And Thade secretly hoped everyone else enjoyed watching that woman being flung out of the skylight as much as he did.

"I'm...I'm really fucking sorry, Belliel," he said, pressing his hand to his own face. "You okay Reva? That was...a really wildly entertaining show."  A flickered grin, showing white teeth. "You need to send me that clip. Because that was absolutely legendary! I need to show Sister too."

Long fingers softly graced her cheek, a minor affection and temporarily ignoring everyone else in the room. "Thanks for that. I would have lost it if she hurt you too."  Something about him leaving...something about there being other people present.

And then he remembered where he was. "Yeah, I guess I better go. We were just...finalizing some designs," he said.  "I'll come by tomorrow. We'll discuss more then."

If someone told Thade he had a skip to his step, he'd inform them that they had, "Nooooo, idea!" With a massive grin spreading ear to ear. He had a field day telling  Sister all about that little incident with Spectre. It was all That could hope that Reva sent her out to crystalize somewheres in deep space. Because other than burn in the pits of hell, that bitch deserved nothing short of immense suffering.

The next day he found himself back at Galley La, and had himself better dressed up than the previous night. The plan today was to possibly get some real work done, and not just succumb to a bit of bump and grind as it were. To finalize the proper details.

"Hey, Tenai," he said casually, sliding his hand across the front desk. "How ya doing, girl? I don't think we've spoken much. I don't know about you but I'm having a wonderful day. What about you?"
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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #129 on: June 17, 2017, 09:34:08 AM »
Reva smirked, obviously appreciating Thade's enthusiastic compliments; really, it hadn't been much, she'd just been doing her job after all. But when he reached out and gently stroked her face she felt heat rise into her cheeks as she started to blush, and looked away, reaching up with a hand to obscure​ her small smile.

Roy raised his eyebrows, meeting her gaze and making her roll her eyes, though her mood wasn't sullied by any means.

The next day was another day like normal; shields were down, and the workers were back at it, building and repairing the ships in the hangar and making the usual sounds and messes they always did. Today, Reva was up there with them, going over final details with Roy before picking up a welding torch and getting to it on the Vegas.

Tenai's job on the other hand was much simpler. Well, it would have been, if she didn't have to deal with smug customers like Thade all the time.

She looked up from her electronic files and folders, watching Thade as he approached, inwardly cringing.

"Is that so? Well I'm glad to hear that, Mr. Olyphant. My day is going just fine, just lots of paperwork. The usual." She gave him a gentle smile as the sounds of a pair of footsteps accompanied by idle chatter echoed down the hallway and into the main lobby.

Reva and Roy emerged together, just as she gave Roy a playful nudge with her hips, the two of them clearly in a good mood and joking together, a rare sight for Reva indeed. She saw Thade though and had to try desperately to not let her smile get any bigger as she cleared her throat, nodding a farewell to Roy as he passed by Thade and went down another hallway.

"Alright Thade, let's get back to work on that arm of yours, shall we?" She asked with a polite smile, trying to keep everything professional as she grabbed a tablet handed to her by Tenai, and waited for Thade to follow her down the stairs to her private workshop.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #130 on: June 17, 2017, 05:01:48 PM »
To have a semblance of normalcy, even after the fight from last night, was something Thade couldn't have been more grateful for. He missed his arm, for obvious reasons, but he couldn't have been happier. Giddy, might have been an excellent word for it. And yet, it didn't quite cover all the bases, as far as he was concerned.

Thade knew Tenai didn't like him. She wasn't going to put a damper on his day. Nothing could put a damper on it!  Fuck, the Vegas could be completely wrecked head to toe, and he'd still be beaming, teeth flashing sharply between his black beard and mustache. 

"Ah, well that's excellent to hear. You have a nice day, Tenai. And...for the record, I'm sorry for any headaches I may have caused you, y'know from the very beginning."  Thade winked at her and finally turned around to meet their new company. Ah, well, she wasn't alone. Which was fine. It was completely fine. She knew everyone here better than he did.

Thade glanced up to Roy, sizing him up. Because, why not? He seemed very friendly with Reva. Very fucking friendly. Not that she couldn't have any friends...  Oh...right. 

"Yeah, I'm coming," he murmured, looking down to Reva's hips, just the part where one of them bounced off Roy's and he followed her downstairs to that workshop. Thade slipped out of his jacket, rolling out of the coat and setting it on the hook. "You're in a good mood," he commented.

Another look at her, up and down, seeing if anything was out of place. Nope... nothing. "Any particular reason for that delicious smile?" he snickered, beaming and leaning against the table, about to cross his arm over his chest, missing the other one to tuck into his elbow. 


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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #131 on: June 17, 2017, 08:56:21 PM »
Reva ignored Thade's looks, having a vague idea of what was going on. She had nothing to hide, so she paid no mind to it. She was having a good day today, and male jealousy wasn't about to ruin it for her.

Today she was wearing simple black jeans and a tucked in t-shirt. There were minor grease stains, but overall nothing too horrible. The ruggedness of the clothes suggested that she obviously didn't care.

She glanced over her shoulder at Thade, smirking when he asked as they entered her workshop and the lights came on automatically, computer systems silently booting up. "Well I have good news for you. The Vegas should be finished by the end of the week. Your arm may still take a bit longer, waiting on supplies, but after that you'll be free from Galley La."

Or at least he would be until his ship inevitably got trashed some other time in the not-too-distant future.

She pulled up the hologram on the island table where she and Thade had been the night previous, pulling up the diagram of his work in progress arm, and for a brief moment she felt a bit of disappointment.

Meant he probably wouldn't be dropping by as often, and that whatever this thing was between them... It'd fizzle out.

No matter. That was life. She didn't let any of her conflicting feelings show, instead looking over at him and giving him what looked like a genuine smile.

"Excited to sail among the stars on your own again?"

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
« Reply #132 on: June 18, 2017, 01:51:03 AM »
He should have been more focused on the task at hand. On the fact that his ship - the Vegas. The vessel he'd fought tooth and nail and felt an almost father-like attachment to whenever anything horrible happened to it- was going to be completed soon and finally - FINALLY - be fucking finished!

And all that money that he'd spent on repairs. On that hotel tab...on worrying himself into almost being murdered by that monster boss of hers Belliel - and carefully discovering the more time he came to Galley La, the less he was actually giving a damn about that fucking ship.

Because he was starting to give more of a damn about something so much more important.

"Oh, that's great news," he said, blinking and coming back to reality. Everything kind of screeched inside his head for that long painful second, nails digging into the back of his brain, his heart scrambling to collect itself to a regular rhythm.

He grinned, that boyish curve still playing on the edge of his lips. "Yeah, yeah. I actually think I ought to be getting back out there a soon as possible. All these repairs burned quite a damn hole in my accounts, I've still got to make a living. Sister keeps spooning me while I'm sleeping," he snorted. "I can't take that for the next 6 months. Not unless the heat goes out. But you didn't hear that from me."

The giggle that came out of him sobered. "You'll finally be rid of me. Except...maybe not. I plan on visiting as often as possible," he leaned in, sliding his hip alongside her work desk, his back to the hologram.

"I know you'll be good, throwing yourself back into your work. But, hey, if you ever get lonely, you just give me a call. I'll turn that ship around so fast, you won't even have time to blink before I'm at your door," he chuckled. "I'd hate to imagine you all alone. Or...with anyone else, eh."

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
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There was a brief moment where he took slightly too long to respond to the news that Reva looked up at hin, raising her eyebrows. For someone like Thade who practically lived and breathed for his ship, that sure was a meek response at first.

But then it seemed to sink in and he was grinning, perhaps she'd just caught him off-guard. She let out a snort at the comment about Sister, going through the diagram and rerunning some of her equations on a tablet to make sure everything so far was in order before continuing on. She was already noticing a few mistakes because he'd done such a wonderful job of distracting her yesterday.

"You want to come and visit, hm? Not often that we get visitors for anything other than repairs, you might just be the first." She said, doing well to hide how happy that idea made her and instead making it seem more like amusement in her voice than anything else.

But the comment about her being with someone else made her pause, sparing a glance at him with one eyebrow raised in skepticism.

"You really think I'm that popular?"

Reva snorted a little, going back to her work. To be completely honest, she wasn't sure what even Thade saw in her that would make him want to come back. She wasn't really that great of a person.

"But I'll keep that in mind--I kind of enjoy your company now. But you didn't hear that from me." She gave him a wink, calculations finishing. She made a few corrections, ran them again, and seemed much more satisfied to continue on.

"So, this design is mostly finished, so if there are any last minute requests you have now would be the time to add them before I order the rest of the parts and get started."

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
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No matter how much Thade loved his ship, worked hard for it, upgraded and upkept it, it would never in a million years replace a person. His ship was the essence of his work and his life but it wasn't all he was. He was starting to feel that he didn't want it to be either. Thade shifted around a bit and faced her designs, eyeing the digital schematics and reaching out to touch them.

Almost. He was really reaching out in a vain attempt to grasp a manifestation of something visible and yet intangible. A ghostly visual that whirred when his fingers threaded through it's grid.

"I think that's fine enough," he said, gazing past her and down to her hip again. "I am a bit curious about your staff though. We don't talk about them, I know, but they're people you work with, so I figured if I'm going to be visiting, maybe it's best I figure out who to best steer clear from, and who I can bribe with little knick-knacks here and there."

"Let's take Roy, for instance," he said, giving a nonchalant shrug. "How long have you known him?"

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
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There was a brief moment of silence after she posed her question where Thade, mesmerized by the design blueprints of his new arm, tried to reach out and touch it. Had it been anyone else she'd have blatantly made fun of them, calling them out on the fact that it was a fucking hologram of course you can't feel it dumbshit. But because it was him, she stayed quiet, and watched out of observatory curiosity more than anything else.

The way the blue and green lights highlighted his features, the look on his fave and in his eyes as his thoughts were carried somewhere else. Call her weird but... She thought he almost looked kind of beautiful there like that.

She took in a quick breath and looked back to her calculations, running through them again and finalizing the list of materials so she could order them today when he spoke again, his choice of conversation topic pertaining to people rather than the project at hand.

She gave him a sideways look out of the corner of her eyes, raising her eyebrows at him, a slight smirk crossing her features before she looked back down to her work.

"Ahh, yes, my coworkers. Well, Roy is a good place to start. He's number three on who has been here the longest, right behind Bell and I." As she spoke she pulled up various windows, inputting different information.

"Naturally, we have a history, just from working together so long. We might have had a fling once or twice." Or ten times. Or twenty. Really only once a year but neither of them complained and he was an honorable enough person not to go blabbing about it to everyone he knew.

She shrugged. "I've probably known him around ten years or so. He's a good man. He bothered you that much, hm?"

She finally looked up at him and when she did she had a sly, devilish smirk on her face that probably looked way too good on her.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
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It was an easy expectation that Reva with have a history with everyone that worked here. What kind of history exactly, Thade couldn't say. Established bonds didn't have to be explained to anyone, much less himself.  Still, she was rather...hmm, nonchalant about mentioning that little fling she had with Mr. Roy.

And then Thade's expression grayed.  He tried to play it off, giving her a cool smile and shaking his head. "What!? NAaaaaaaaah," he chuckled. "I mean, you've known him for 10 years. That kind of thing happens from time to time with people, depending on how close you are to them. If he's a good guy, then I don't say I blame you."

Roy was...Roy. And Thade realized then now little he really knew about the guy, or any of the other staff that Reva worked with. Thade felt his stomach lurch and played it off with nonchalance of his own.

"But, I guess, sometimes the chemistry is just right you know?"  Thade turned to face her, unsure how he felt about it. And the thought of her with anyone else just...made him sick.

He swallowed, his throat awfully dry and prickly and shifted so that his hand reached down to squeeze at her hip, shrugging his opposite hip to squeeze himself between her and the table, and encouraging her to lean against him. "Think our chemistry is just as good?" he purred, grinning down at her.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
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It took a LOT of self control to keep Reva from snickering. She could hear the catches in his voice, and she might have glanced up at the right moment to see that streak of horror? Seriousness? Dread? Cross his face. It was all too easy to figure what might be going through his mind and she liked it. She liked the attention. Even if it was incredibly selfish.

Then he mentioned that sometimes chemistry was just that great, and she thought briefly about her meeting with a Pilot in Aedolis, and her moments with Roy, and then with Thade. She tilted her head a little as she nodded.


Yep, obviously, sometimes chemistry just worked out like that. Of course she knew.

Finally it seemed he just couldn't take it anymore and he wedged himself in between her and the table and she let out a soft huff, looking up at him with eyebrows raised in amusement, the corners of her lips turning up in a slight smile.

"Our chemistry? Well I should think that'd be a question you're just as capable of answering, Mr. Olyphant."

Her gaze dropped down to the diagrams behind him but he was doing a pretty decent job of blocking them, so she just stepped to the side to get around him and get back to work. Not because she wasn't interested in the conversation--in fact, she was incredibly interested in it, but she wasn't going to give that away so easily. She wanted to see him squirm a bit.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
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Dread - the feeling of oncoming despair. And the anxiety that quickly replaced it was more evident in Thade's expression than he wanted. He hated the thought of Reva with anyone else, and although he tried to be as nonchalant about it as possible, he wanted only to throw her on that table and take right then and there.

So as he was pressed between the table and her, or was rather, until she moved away...  Thade grimaced and made a frustrated growl. She was intent on not making this a big thing...then fine. It wasn't a big thing.

Thade pushed himself off the table and dug his hand into Reva's collar, pulling her close and the look of solemn want present in hooded eyes. He breathed in deep, feeling his blood immediately running hot. "You know you talk a big game, woman," he sniffed, voice low and dangerous. "You've got fancy arms and a mean boss, and a loud ass burning temper. But when it comes down to it, you're all talk."

He hissed something under his breath and pulled her into a deep consuming kiss, his arm snaking around the back of her head. What the hell was this? This self-possession? It was one thing to be jealous because she slept with someone else, and quite another to know that she'd been more willing to give with someone that seemed only a casual work friend.

Surely if it was just business then that was that. But what did Roy have that Thade simply didn't? Yeah he was jealous. He was downright angry, and it showed in the way his teeth bit down on Reva's lower one, sliding his tongue along it to soothe the ache, tiliting his head just enough to catch his breath.  He wasn't going to break that kiss, not for the life of him.

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Re: Sympathy for a Devil [M] (Cheesi!)
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She heard the growl, and she'd have been lying if she said it didn't send a little shiver up her spine. Considering how much of a trouble Thade had been in the beginning, what hell he'd caused her just by showing up and not reading a goddamn instruction manual, she felt entirely justified in torturing him now. She wouldn't call it being petty, but it could be a little bit of payback--that, and she just really loved it when he got all riled up.

She sure as shit hadn't expected the sudden aggression though; her shirt collar was grasped in Thade's remaining hand and she was pulled close, and she saw anger burning in the depths of his eyes along with some other things that she could recognize all too well.

She wasn't talking a big game at all; she knew perfectly well what she was doing. She just wasn't going to tell him that.

"I don't--" She started to argue, a bit of defiance flaring up in her that was suddenly put to a halt when Thade's lips were crashing against her own and he possessively fought against her to claim her as his own.

And she fucking loved it.

She let out a soft noise of surprise as he bit down on her lip, letting her body give a light shudder against him as intense waves of heat rolled up her spine. She willingly parted her lips for him, letting him in; she was all for him getting aggressive, be it jealousy or frustration at her games or a mix of all of the above, she didn't care. She loved it when a guy she was interested in took charge, perhaps because it made her feel like she was something worth fighting over.

Regardless, she let her muscles relax, pressing herself closer to him as she returned the passionate kiss with feverish want, moaning into it, sliding her tongue along his own and whining for more. One hand rested on his backside, the other dipped to his groin to tease and play against him through the fabric of his pants, trying to coax him into pushing things further, because she absolutely wanted things to go that way.

Today she had zero intentions of stopping anything whatsoever, as long as he played his cards right and kept up this possessive passion.