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Author Topic: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)  (Read 1227 times)

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #40 on: March 09, 2017, 07:56:04 PM »
Amdist her screams, Luca didn't realize how much he'd been holding back until he let it all out. He grit his teeth, as he fucked her into oblivion and held her down to keep her from shifting in position. Luca quivered, shuddering and all his muscles grew taut as he came again, burst like a cannon from deep inside her.  Gods, it felt good. Not just to come, but to tame this wild beast that made him angry and horny at the same time.

His hand remained on her neck until he finished coming and only then did he pull out and kept his hands to her hips still.  He shifted his legs out from underhim, now numb with pain and pleasure, and laid out on top of her form, kissing along her back with hungry nips and bites, leaving hickies and welts he hoped were hard enough to stick.

A growl escaped from deep in his throat when he saw them healing. He sucked hard on her shoulder, tongue lapping and biting into the wound, pressing his front to her ass still, arms on either side of her. "You're mine," he hissed between kisses, now lapping at her neck and gasping against skin, burying his face into her unruly hair.

"I could fuck you all night. And I know you want me too," he moaned in her ear. He chuckled and moved to lap at the other side of her neck. Luca pulled away for just a moment to let her catch her breath as he moved his bag on the other side of the bed. He had another set of cuffs in there, just in case the first pair got messed up and he shifted over to Hound, taking her wrist and clasping it tight and the chaining the other end to his wrist.

A turn from her or him could twist a wrist or shoulder out of place, and he shifted back on the bed.  "The erm, headboard is that way, darling."  And coaxed her the other way, twisting the cuff to put pressure on her wrist.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #41 on: March 09, 2017, 08:22:25 PM »
"Slut" definitely wasn't a word that Hound would normally use to describe herself--sure, she slept around and had her fill of fun and all, but she didn't think she did so beyond any reasonable measures. But there were some times when that primal hunger in her was just that bad, just that insatiable that perhaps it might be a good descriptor after all.

Especially considering how she relished the feeling of him releasing inside of her, of him laying on top of her, biting, kissing, marking her up so the world knew she was his. It sent a visible shiver down her spine as she let out a soft whine, flicking her ear as he whispered to her that he could keep going all night.

"I wonder who'll wear out first.~" She playfully growled at him, baring her teeth in a devilish grin as she rolled a little onto her side to look at him better while he sucked on her neck, marks already fading.

He pulled away though, and with trembling arms she pushed herself from the bed to sit up, in a pose not unlike the likeness of some lounging goddess, like the ones she'd seen in ancient paintings in a museum she had to sneak into once. She watched with curiosity, both ears swiveling forward and perking as he dug around in his bag and she heard a jingle, the wolf inside of her making her wag her tail a little in anticipation.

When he brought out cuffs she raised her eyebrows, suddenly finding herself full of conflicting feelings as he came back over to her and took her wrist. She growled as he snapped the cold metal around it and tightened it, then latching the other end onto himself which made her stop growling as she looked at him a tad confused, just wondering what it was he had in mind now as she watched him carefully through narrowed eyes.

He twisted the cuffs and put pressure on her wrist, moving her towards the headboard and she growled at him again, resisting for a moment as she contemplated sinking her teeth into the cheeky bastard's shoulder, before she decided it was in her best interest not to and complied, rolling onto her back, head resting on fluffy pillows as she watched him with attentive aqua eyes. She brought her free hand to rest on her sternum, above her breasts while she kept her legs closed, though she could already feel a combination of their mixed come and sweat running down her thighs and ass, a look of challenge flaring up in her eyes as she smirked at him.

Sure, she'd let him dominate her and claim her--for now--but she was still going to toy with and tease him of course as she lay there, legs sliding against each other gracefully at her knees as she lay there and let him do all the work--he'd set it himself, why should she when he was so willing to do it for her?

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #42 on: March 09, 2017, 09:10:19 PM »
Once she was in position, now Luca considered what more he could do to her. Ask for another cleaning? Nah, that was old news already and he wasn't greedy, considering he was going to knock her into the headboard. He probably wasn't going to get his cleaning deposit back, not that that mattered.  These sheets should just be burned afterward anyway.  There would be nothing left to be salvaged after tonight.

Luca looked at her, her legs, and the gleam of fluid that reflected along between her thighs. The pose was picturesque, and he panted like an animal in heat, looking at her as if she were a piece of meat he was going to tear apart.  The smell of their mixed body essences and sweat made the room hot, and beads of sweat formed along his brow, dripping down his face as he crawled back over her.

His free hand came to her knees in an attempt to part them again.  He tilted his head to her, when they didn't part, and he growled a little suspiciously.  "What are you doing?" he muttered, voice low, even dangerous.  Then that look on her face, his frowned, somewhat irritated, and he could tell she wasn't going to make it easy for him.

And why should she?  If he was going to tear her apart, he was going to work for it.  Or make her beg for it.  He crawled over her, moving their cuffed hands up over her head and pressing down with one arm, while the other curved over her ass, feeling for the wetness underneath.  "Let me in, dammit," he growled, his fingers running along her folds. "If you think you can keep me out, you're wrong.  Come on."

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #43 on: March 10, 2017, 12:12:16 PM »
The question now was how much of a fight did she want to put up for him? How much did she want to challenge him?

No, better question: How angry could she make him so he'd take her hard and give her some real punishment?

He was already getting frustrated because she was keeping her legs closed, and she smirked up at him, gaze sliding down his body to watch his other hand slide over her ass to try and reach her that way, throwing her arm back and keeping her cuffed wrist pinned above her head. She growled at him, moving her hips to shift away from him, and the moment he gave any sign of protest she lurched forward--the motion of doing so put her arm at an odd angle, pain zinging up and down from where it twisted at her shoulder but she didn't care, all she cared about was sinking her teeth into him so she could taste his blood, and when her canines broke skin and she tasted that salty iron she started laving it up immediately, swiping her tongue over the wound as a growling moan rumbled up from inside her as she fought back against him.

She squirmed and fought against the cuff chaining their hands together, her free hand sinking her fingertips into him as she latched onto him and fought back, curious to see if the pain would succeed in only pissing him off more. It was clear that she was being more playful than she was serious--if she really wanted to get away she could've easily kicked him in the nuts and twisted his arm around behind his back or broken it. She didn't want to get away, she wanted him to get mad at her and take out his anger on her, to force her open for him and remind her that he was the one who should be in control here, not her.

It was all just fun and games, but goddamn his blood tasted good, it sent a shiver down her spine and made heat pool up in her belly again, made her hungry for more.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #44 on: March 10, 2017, 03:04:22 PM »
She knew the games she was playing, trying to egg him on.  And damn her if it wasn't working.  The very thought of taking her again had him hard, and his cocked ached raw and eager from excitement.  Blood roared in his ears and he reached down to grip himself in some small sense of alleviation. But even stroking it really only made him frustrated with her, and himself.  So his hands pried at her knees, fingers slippery from their shared essence, and he growled trying to shove hands between her legs.

That was until she lurched up and bit him hard on the shoulder.  He cried, more from the surprise and shoved her down, tearing her off of him and watching  her with wild eyes.  "Don't fucking bite me," he growled and bit down hard on her ear. He looked at his free wrist and pulled a pin out with his teeth and sinking it down into her left shoulder then another into her breast in points that would make the muscles cramp up and the other ache and throb and another into her belly that would make her make everything even more sensitive within her heat.

Blood still seeped from his should and Luca seethed, yanking her legs apart and shoving himself inside.  "You fucking drew blood!" He hissed and kissed he roughly, sucking on her tongue and biting down on it, tasting his own blood on her lips.

"You like pissing me off don't you?" The answer was obvious, and he claimed her with angry thrusts.  The pin in her leftward abdomen would make everything radiate tenfold, pain and pleasure.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #45 on: March 10, 2017, 03:32:17 PM »
That wild look in his eyes was everything she'd been hoping for and then some. A fierce grin spread across her face, his blood staining her teeth as he bit down onto one of her soft and fuzzy ears, making her snarl as she struggled to pull her head away from him, giving him the chance to pull out one of those pins and shove it into her shoulder.

Instantly all of the muscles in that arm and shoulder tensed up and knotted and she let out a surprised cry of pain, only for another pin to be stabbed into her breast and another in her stomach. The combination of pain made her body twist and writhe; she'd started to reach up to try and tear them out when he pried her legs apart and slammed into her and it felt like the most amazing thing she'd ever experienced in her whole goddamn life.

She barely heard him ask if she liked pissing him off, to which the answer was obviously yes as she fought weakly against him, nipping and biting at him whenever and wherever she could in their kiss as she let out her loud moans of ecstasy into it. The sensory overload was already so much for her brain to handle, but the pain held her back from orgasming just yet, made her arch her back, still writhing underneath him as he ruthlessly fucked her senseless.

She wondered if it was possible for him to actually fuck her to death because she felt like that was what was going to happen. It was too much, it was too much for her to handle and she felt like her mind was cracking and breaking, like she couldn't process the heaps of sensory information fast enough as it happened. Out of her inability to focus, or even realize what she was doing, her fingernails grew sharper, growing and curving more like claws as her free hand came up and dug into his shoulder, drawing more blood as her moans turned to screams while he screwed her into oblivion.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #46 on: March 10, 2017, 05:37:40 PM »
Luca rolled his hips time and again,  giving no mercy as each time they screwed in a torrent of ecstasy. The sheets beneath them were soaked beneath them and Luca's ears grew deaf to the whimpers Huxley made underneath the bed, who now pissed himself and tried to ignore their hellish euphoria.

Luca whimpered himself as Hound's claws dug into him.  He was on the verge of climax.  He hissed and continued to take her until the headboard was slamming into the wall behind the bed, dust breaking away from it.

As dust powdered down on them, the bed creaking in fury, Luca could barely​ catch his breath and hissed at his stitches giving way and the old wound opening again.  "Fuck!" he yelped as he shuddered, heat building and burst within her yet again.  He panted, clenched eyes tightly and carefully groped down her body with his free hand, to free her from the pins he'd placed.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #47 on: March 10, 2017, 05:52:26 PM »
Luca was definitely good at what he was doing, moreso than she'd have initially pegged him for as he continuously slammed into her, never once letting up despite the fact that they were both out of breath, both soaked in each other's sweat, the sheets drenched beneath them. It felt like she'd died and gone to heaven and she wondered for a brief moment if that really was the case. She could've kept doing this forever, she never wanted it to end.

As they continued on though they both inevitably started to reach their climax, and with the onslaught of pain and pleasure, Hound came first, but as Luca kept pounding her to reach his own peak she screamed as she came a second time.

For a few moments they held there like that, panting, gasping for air, and as the pins were pulled out Hound whimpered, muscles relaxing and suddenly feeling like jelly as she reached up with a shaky hand and pulled him into a desperate, passionate and sloppy kiss. As she broke it for air she pressed other small kisses along his jawline and down his throat, showering him with affection as she felt their combined cum running thick down her thighs when he pulled out.

But as she got over the moment she noticed an iron tang in the air as she breathed in that confused her for a moment, ears flicking before she suddenly pulled him closer and looked up at his back, seeing the open wound again and letting out a light laugh as her head hit the pillows.

"Fool." She mumbled hoarsely after she gave him another kiss, soothingly running her fingers down his back, nails having changed back to normal as she coaxed him to lie on her with his head on her chest. "Now I have... To stitch you up all over again..." She panted.

Fuck if she thought it wasn't worth it though, it definitely had been.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #48 on: March 10, 2017, 07:22:20 PM »
Even just a moment of respite was much appreciated and Luca's throat was raw and voice hoarse with all their rutting. He had no intention of letting up any time soon, and he hoped she wasn't either.  Letting himself catch his breath, Luca put the pins back into the braid on his wrist. His head throbbed and he was dizzy with her scents.

Her kiss was returned, lips already torn, chapped and bleeding. Oh yes, she'd bitten him and scratched him and fresh blood was pouring from his back as the stitches had come loose.  That was all secondary, and he was relishing in her body heat for now, loving the feel of a hard screw, and feeling blood flowing back into his extremities, noodley arms and all.

She said something.  Commented about his back, or right, he was bleeding all over the place again. And no doubt she could smell it on him.  A noise of relief came out of him as he laid against her chest, letting his hands rove over the form he wanted to possess.  Luca's eyes flashed in the dim lighting and he laughed.

"Oh, no. Not my stitches," he muttered.  "Your fault.  Your fucking nails raked over the threading.  Cut them to shreds.  But it was hot though."  He leaned up, arms wriggling around her back and giving her a snug embrace, face turning into her breast and flicking a tongue out to taste her nipple, snapping his teeth threateningly against it.  "We're not done yet are we?  I don't catch the shuttle until tomorrow."

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #49 on: March 10, 2017, 10:57:31 PM »
He blamed her for the tearing of his back and she let out a snort, but when he looked up at her there was a hint of teeth gleaming through her smirk, her eyes like glowing orbs as they reflected the light while she stared down at him like he was a prey animal.

The scent of his blood only grew stronger by the second, along with the smell of the pheromones of fear seeping from Huxley below the bed, and the stench he'd made which honestly irritated the fuck out of her. Luca's blood was a welcome distraction, and she licked her lips as her gaze moved to the wound, her inner wolf telling her to sink her teeth into it and tear him apart in the euphoria of her climax's aftermath. She had enough self control to ignore it, but Luca didn't know that.

She slid her fingers into his hair, petting him with soft and soothing caresses, fingertips exploring his scalp and working their way down behind one of his ears to massage the back of his neck, loosening those stiff muscles of his.

"No, Luca. We're not done yet." She said, her voice a low growl. "Your pet soiled itself though, quite annoying."

She lifted a leg out from under the man and slammed it down on the bed in a rather powerful kick, the mattress coming down hard right on Huxley's head, a muffle scream escaping him. She let out a dry snicker filled with her sadistic amusement as she twisted the handcuffs and coaxed Luca to roll onto his back where she straddled his hips, guiding his cuffed hand to keep groping her breasts as she ran her other hand up and down his torso. She was a rather pretty sight, perched there on her knees above him with that wicked smirk on her face as she eagerly awaited the inevitable moment when he'd move and she'd see his blood soaked into the sheets.

They were definitely not done yet; a normal woman might've been raw and sore and bleeding by the end of their night of fun, like Luca was, but Hound was an immortal with immaculate healing abilities. She felt absolutely fine throughout the night, pains only lasting for a brief time before they disappeared altogether as her body repaired itself left and right.

At some point she at least bandaged Luca up so he wouldn't bleed out throughout the night, before they eventually passed out together, the hotel room a fucking disaster after all the fun they'd had throwing each other around in their strange pleasure-driven craze. When she awoke before Luca in the morning, her head was resting on the man's chest, body still covered in a mix of their bodily fluids, and she gave a lazy stretch and a yawn as she sat up, still naked, and decided after making sure Luca was still breathing that she'd like a shower. So, off to do that she went.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #50 on: March 10, 2017, 11:48:07 PM »
Luca's head throbbed in the morning, as did the rest of his body.  His sleep had been thorough and deep and although he didn't dream, he wanted very much to just lay in bed for the rest of his life. Or maybe he died somewhere during the night, or it had all been a bad dream. Every joint and muscle ached with a tendriled euphoria, creeping into his fingertips as if they were going to fall off.

A groggy sound came out of him, feeling something move off his chest and he vaguely opened his eyes.  Forget the tram, forget the shuttle.  Forget the whimpering little pissant that was lying underneath his bed. Huxley wasn't going anywhere and even if the little bastard hadn't eaten or drank anything all he previous day, Luca didn't care.  He wasn't going to die just yet.

He'd leave Hound up for that. 

A yank on his arm and Luca blinked.  The image and sound of the cuffs on the floor that bound him to Hound last night flickered in his mind, and he had had slept too close to the edge of the bed. Luca rolled over and fell with a thud onto the floor.  "Gah," he griped.  Eyes flicked opened and he got a view of the living room, claw marks into the walls, a lamp knocked over and shattered and somehow the cushions ripped completely to shreds with the stuffing pulled out of them.

"What the hell?"  And he looked up from Hound's long legs.  A slow blink later and he got to his feet.  "Where do you think you're going?" he gave a cheeky grin and cracked his back and neck into place.  His back stung from the remnants of sweat, and he glanced at the bloodied bed, streaked with red.  Most likely all his.

Well, there went that cleaning deposit.
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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #51 on: March 11, 2017, 12:33:17 AM »
Apparently Luca wasn't a very heavy sleeper, despite the wounds he wore as proud battle scars from their tango last night. She looked over her shoulder at him, before granting him the privilege of a decent conversation as she turned to face him, completely nude and still every bit as pale and unmarred as she had been when they started.

She gave a slight shrug, unaffected by his little smile or the playfulness in his voice. Last night was last night. His control over her was relinquished the moment they both fell asleep.

"I'm going to take a shower."

She said it simply, raising her eyebrows at him before turning away and go to the bathroom, the swaying motion of her hips and tail potentially mesmerizing for Luca to watch as she entered the bathroom, turned on the shower water and stepped in, the hot water running down her body and making her let out a pleased sigh as she scooped her hair off her back and turned so the water beat down on her backside and worked out some of the knots in her muscles.

She wasn't in pain from last night, or even really that groggy from it, rather she felt perfectly fine and normal--but the tenseness in some of her muscles was still there, perhaps she ought to visit a masseuse when this mission was over.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #52 on: March 11, 2017, 09:56:43 AM »
He had his work cutout for him him with the heat of the previous night suddenly giving him the cold shoulder. Sure he watched with some interest as Hound walked away and into the bathroom, intrigued that even she couldn't keep her body from teasing, even if she herself no longer had any interest.  It was no matter, the assassin had no expectations. In fact, he found it more amusing than anything else. 

Luca crouched at the base of the bed, still nude and balls out, and pulled Huxley out from whatever half-dead slumber he drifted off in.  The hacker screeched and whimpered, a massive bruise appearing on his face where Hound had slammed her foot into the bed before. Luca's laugh could be heard from the bathroom. "You're still alive?  Good boy," Luca muttered, and noticed his soiled pants and Huxley's whimpers.  "Don't give me that look. You didn't make a fuss last night, so I'll get you cleaned up and fed before we leave.  Might as well, this will already cost me thousands of credits to fix."

The room was absolutely trashed and although Luca lifted up a lamp's carcass and set it onto a three-legged table, there really wasn't much to salvage. "Dragon balls," he sighed, and went about making himself a cup of coffee.  It was terrible and a reason alone to blow up this sorry Libran hotel.  He still had those grenades, two of them at least. Still, he downed it and brushed back his hair, stepping into the bathroom to take a piss, pretending Hound wasn't even in the shower.

That didn't mean he wasn't watching her from the corner of his eye, and by the time he flushed and washed his hands, he saw no point in waiting around for her to finish all the hot water either.  And simply helped himself to stepping inside with her, carefully stepping around her and grabbing the soap.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #53 on: March 11, 2017, 10:30:16 PM »
Even with the running water, Hound could hear almost everything Luca said due to her... Heritage. So she found herself chuckling a little when she heard his laugh and listened to him treating Huxley like the pathetic lump that he was. She'd have been lying if she said she didn't find it to be one of the several things that made Luca so attractive to her, but there was no reason to go spewing that kind of thing around, especially to his face. His ego was already big enough, as was hers, she was well aware.

She made quick work of washing her tail and hair, and then came the matter of scrubbing down the rest of her, at which point Luca came in, used the toilet, and decided he'd join her. She paused and stared at him for a moment; he just... Got into the shower with her.

Like they did this all the time or something.

Her first instinct was to growl; nobody just... Shared a shower with her, in fact the only times she'd taken a shower with someone else at all was usually to fuck them in it. This felt... Weird. Out of place. Uncalled for. But at the same time, it wasn't the worst thing. She just didn't know what to make of it.

She decided to rule it out as something to do with his overall demeanor and lack of respect for most other people, just a part of his character, and not some kind of attempt to offend or disgust her.

"Bold even out of bed I see." She commented as she started washing the soap suds off of her skin, closing her eyes as she ducked her head under the water, momentarily stealing it from him before stepping out of the stream. She was just about done anyways, so what did it matter.

"Sore?" She asked with a smirk and a quirked eyebrow.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #54 on: March 12, 2017, 12:15:25 AM »
For whatever brief moment it worked, her assumption that he did it to irritate her had been a correct one. Inside, Luca was snide and smug, watching her from the corner of his eyes as he took the soap and loofa, sudsing it up and making short work of the sweat and cum grime on his body. She left quite an impression after last night.  He only had a vague regret.

It was too bad he wasn't ever going to see her again.
Almost anyway.

In the meantime, he had to make sure that Huxley was more or less well-kept before Hound ended his life. Luca, if anything, was an amicable man. There wasn't any reason not to be when he had such accommodating guests with him. First, Huxley was such a coward, that he'd pose no serious fight without anything more than that taser or gun. And Hound, she had a lovely response when she wanted to, it was almost a shame to win. 

He didn't consider that him winning was also her winning, since that was so clearly her fetish, that balance of power tipping so dangerously as they roiled in bed the previous night.  And on the coffee table, and on the sofa.  And on the lamp too, evidently.

Luca carefully washed himself and his hair until he was as clean as he was going to get, watching her from the corner of his eye. "Sore? Just a kink," he said, winking at her. "If it isn't too much to ask, would you mind bringing Mr. Huxley in here? I believe it's his turn to shower. That is, unless you prefer the afterfragrance of a skunk. Something tells me you don't.  Might have been his massive black eye."

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #55 on: March 12, 2017, 10:03:05 PM »
She was done in the shower but she paused to listen to the man as he spoke, he seemed pretty full of himself. Most men were after a night with anybody at all but at least she supposed he had some reason to be. He'd gotten a little more out of her than most.

She bared her teeth in a wicked grin when he mentioned Huxley's black eye. She hadn't bothered to check on the retch before she got in the shower, so it was pleasing to know that her kick last night hadn't been in vain.

"Sure, I enjoy torturing little boys." She said with perhaps a bit too much joy as she stepped out of the shower, quickly toweling off and finding her bag of things in the living area of the hotel room and getting dressed in another one of those tight bodysuits, zipping it up to her throat and throwing on her boots and belts with holsters. She packed away the clothes from yesterday, figuring it'd be easier to get around here in clothes that were not blood splattered.

She sauntered into the bedroom, seeing where Luca had pulled him out from the bed, though it seemed he'd tried to wedge himself back in, finding it difficult when he was bound and gagged. Gods, he reeked.

"Come here, cretin. Your babysitter wants to give you a bath." She snickered with that fanged grin that made Huxley shriek, though it was muffled by the gag in his mouth.

She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him out, dragging him across the floor and literally chucking him into the bathroom where Luca wanted him, relishing in the hard thud of Huxley hitting against the bottom of the counter the sink nested in.

"Aren't you looking forward to when I get my playtime with you? I can hardly wait." She cooed, that predatory look flickering in her eyes, like she wanted to tear into him right then and there and devour him like a rabid cannibal.

If Luca hadn't been there she would've.

She cast a glance to Luca, smirking and shrugging as she looked back to the Hacker. "Have fun.~" And she departed to go dig around and make sure the rest of her things were there, as well as to check up on a few other things on her phone in the living area, sitting on what was... Left of the couch.

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
« Reply #56 on: March 12, 2017, 10:30:24 PM »
Luca finished up his bathing and watched her appreciatively as she departed. HIs eyes were glued to her eyes, it was like he just couldn't get enough of it. He sincerely didn't goat because he felt he had much to gloat over, he just couldn't help himself to teasing her when she was around. He was curious to see what other ways he could get under her skin.

For better or for worse.

Luca rinsed himself off by the time Huxley was chucked into the room and hit the sink rather hard. He made an 'oo' face and chuckled, stepping out, now soaking wet and he bent down to pull Huxley into the shower with him. He pulled the gag out and he was almost embarrassed for the hacker when he saw that he was crying.  Huxley sobbed and loudly at that.

"Relax, boy," Luca griped, groaning as he undid the bindings long enough to settling him into the corner.  "You're embarrassing yourself so settle down." 

"N-no!  NOoo!" Huxley cried so hard, his nose was stuffy and Luca sighed loudly.

"I SAID RELAX" Luca growled and gripped him by his hair.  Huxley winced and immediately try to keep himself settled, although he raised weak arms to try an push the assassin away. "Stop it. Grow a pair for fuck's sake. It's not what you're probably crying about. I don't get off that way, brother. If I want ass, I don't have to take it.  I'm a man of my word."

Huxley was unsure how to react to that, and he only trembled as he stared up at Luca with wide-eyes. Some part of Luca sort of wished he did get off like that, but he felt the fear of it was enough for him. It kept Huxley under control, that was all that mattered. So Luca went about undressing the bastard and he instructed the man to take a shower while he took care of his soiled clothing in the sink.  Huxley's sniffles were loud and could be heard from outside of the bathroom, and he soon finished after five minutes.

Or rather Luca decided he was finished and pulled him out of the water, wrapped in a towel and Luca emerged, still naked and threw his clothes down on him.  "Get dressed, boyo.  And it's back into the straps for you."

Huxley did not argue, although he looked up to Hound and immediately obeyed Luca, dressing himself and shaking as he did so.  Luca gathered him a bowl of cereal as meager as it was and spoonfed the guy after resecuring the belts.  "Good boy."

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Re: Ghost in the System [M] (Cheesi)
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With her sharp hearing, Hound didn't have to be in the bathroom to hear the conversation going on in there, and right now she preferred she wasn't there, because Huxley's stench was nauseating. So she enjoyed their little tiff from afar, chuckling to herself as Luca put him in his place and shoved him into the shower.

See, she thought Luca was being far too kind. She'd have delivered the goods as is, piss-soaked and all, so his cowardice would be on display for everyone who laid eyes on him when she delivered him to her contractors.

Maybe that was why she wasn't usually hired for capture missions, and why she never bothered taking them. As much as she got off on someone else's public humiliation.

When Luca and Huxley emerged from the bathroom, she was sprawled out quite lavishly on the sofa, one leg tucked under her, the other fully extended in a graceful straight line, heel resting on the far side's armrest, and she had a wicked bowie knife in her lap, the metal making lovely ringing sounds as she sharpened it on a stone, those wolf eyes of her tracking Huxley without even blinking, flashing and glowing in the changing light as she turned her head to follow him, staring at him as he was sat down.

She couldn't help but grin, sliding her tongue along her lips and canine teeth, an eyebrow arching coyly before she cast her gaze back down to the blade she sharpened--the very one she was planning on using to sever his head with. It would make an absolute bloody mess, which she thought was far more fun than a clean cut any day.

"You're such a charitable man, Luca. I'd have let the little shit starve. You know, the average human can last over three weeks without food." She looked right at Huxley, "Or one week with no water. I think you're being too generous. But that's none of my business."

She would certainly never lower herself to the level of spoon-feeding her captive like they were her fucking child or something. Disgusting.

But she grinned as she looked at Huxley, leaning a bit closer from her seat on the couch as she spoke to him. "Count your lucky stars while you still can, boy, because while Luca doesn't get off on reaming into little men like you in the shower, I do." She grinned, and it was absolutely wolfish. "I've got a nice thirteen incher in my bag of goodies I like to save for special occasions just like you."

Because while Luca didn't enjoy fucking terrified little shits in the ass, Hound certainly did. And if she got the chance, she'd take it. She'd shred his asshole without a second thought.

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"That's cute," Luca replied with a smirk. Frankly the thought of Hound fucking Huxley was hilarious, but he didn't need to justify his actions to her. He didn't care. He gave his word so that's what he did.  Luca finished feeding Huxley and pulled the man up onto the sofa.  He moved out into the kitchen, swished water between his teeth.

He walked back into the bedroom and got dressed, pulling on a finer suit than the one he had on the previous day, over his shoulder. A peach pinstriped button up, blue tie, and blue pants and coat, shoes basic black, crisp sharp.  Luca gathered his bag and stepped out of the bedroom, over the crushed porcelain of a lamp and gestured for the two of them.

"All right, enough chitter chatter. Let's go. The shuttle back to Aedolis leaves in the next hour and a half and I want to be early. And Huxley, darling, you keep settled now. Or I'll let Hound do just that," Luca said as he slapped him playfully across the cheek and plucked him up, and pulled his target out from the hotel room.  He went downstairs to pay for the bill, and gave a massive tip at the front desk.  Because the room just wasn't going to fix itself.

The tram to the shuttle was relatively quiet and once at the port, Luca made a point of not attracting too much attention to himself. He looked like just another businessman here, although was a lot cleaner than most of them.  Maybe he looked Aedolan, he didn't know. But once they were at the port, Luca paid for the passage of the other two and looked to Hound.

"Have you ever been to Haviah?"

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Hound's ears perked up at Luca's comment. She watched eagerly as he finished feeding the little shit, and practically jumped off the couch when he announced it was time to leave. She grabbed her duffel bag and swung it over her shoulders, very obviously excited to get on the move again--if it wasn't evident on her face, then her swishing tail told it well enough.

The tram ride was simple; she ignored the stares as she stood close to Luca and Huxley, ready at a moment's notice if either of them tried to make a break for it. She wasn't letting either of them out of her sight.

Once they arrived at the station, she stretched her arms up over her head, back arching as she let her head fall back. Soon, this whole mess would be over, and then she could practically roll around in all the money she got from it, and play to her heart's content until she got bored and looked for her next job. The fact that she didn't have to pay for the ride, as Luca was a gentleman enough to cover it for her, was just a bonus.

She looked over at Luca when he asked the question, and she laughed.

"I practically live there. The people there are such easy prey." She cooed, quite happy to be returning home. She didn't mention a thing about Teinar though; there was no need to bring up such awful things, even though she still spent a good chunk of her days drifting down there looking for jobs.

"What about yourself?" She asked, meanwhile the overhead speaker system announced that the shuttle had arrived and they would begin boarding soon.