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Author Topic: All The Stars Inbetween  (Read 844 times)

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Re: All The Stars Inbetween
« Reply #80 on: June 07, 2017, 09:10:26 AM »
Cordelia didn't know how to explain that she usually sought out some middle man to sell her junk for her. Pay him some, she got some and she'd never have to set foot on a station or a planet. Now though. Cordelia looked to Mars when he came back with better clothing. 'Clothing'.

Slipping from the chair she changed right there, peeling the rags off and brushing at her skin. Cordelia was a washed out colour, like a nice tan would look perfect on her but all the years without real sunshine sapped it out of her. Standing naked for a moment, she looked down at herself.

The seams where real met fake.

Cordelia got lost in it for a moment. Her legs were the most obvious, mechanical limbs graphed onto thigh bone. Skin encouraged to grow to the knee. It was strange and skeletal, the feet delicate looking but clearly metal. Her arm though, the only thing that gave that away was a thin seam around the shoulder. 

The skin matched. The hands matched.

The only thing the fake hand couldn't do as well as the real one was touch. It never felt right. Never had.

Cordelia flexed her fingers, listenjng for some fake whirr.

Still naked, she looked to Mars and tried to smile. "I woke up on a Space station," her voice was soft, "I had this arm. But my legs were real. I sold them," she said, lifting her head, " for the bones and... for the meat. The metal ones were complimentary," she wiggled her fake foot at him.
"Bought my ship," Cordelia bent down to grab the suit, tugging it on. It hugged her like a second skin and she plucked at it until it felt comfortable, fixed her long black hair and tied it into a messy bun on her head. "I... Stations have never had good things in them for me." She whispered, glancing at her companion, "but I'll do my best. For you."

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Re: All The Stars Inbetween
« Reply #81 on: June 07, 2017, 05:01:52 PM »
Seeing her exposed as she was, made Mars' eybrows raise and he observed her with interest.  The odd assymetry of flesh to metal ratio was surely intriguing  and he waited quietly, watching her as a cat might a mouse as it played unknowingly within its presence.

His eyes were nearly neon as the ship was coming into the dock, nothing more than the soft highlights of that cockpit chamber. The ship on auto could do all the work necessary to land, and despite whatever disdain she seemed to have for herself, Mars' expression was nothing short of taken.

"You're beautiful," he found himself breathing out slowly.  His smile was small, appreciative and he moved closer to her, reaching a hand out to take hers. "Okay. I'll accept that. Seeing as we both woke up in weird places, all alone. Well almost."

Mars squeezed her metal hand and shifted when the call from the docking administration called on their com.

"Welcome to Station Cancer. State your name, your occupation, and reason for your visit please."

Mars crossed toward it and pressed the button. "Mars and Cordelia Winter. Married. Cargo transporters looking to sell some wares."  His pulse rate increased as he awaited the response and he zipped up the suit closer to his chin.

After a few minutes of waiting, "Clearance. Granted. Proceed. And again welcome to Station Cancer."

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Re: All The Stars Inbetween
« Reply #82 on: June 10, 2017, 09:51:47 PM »
Cordelia had always been afraid that someone was chasing her. Trying to find her. Trying to put her back to sleep and into that vat. Harvest her body parts to sell. Her hand smoothed over her breasts in the suit, it left little to the imagination despite its thick sturdy make and she took a moment to process Mars's compliment.

Was she?

Looking down at her hands, she pressed her palms together and intertwined her fingers while she waited for them to be allowed to dock. Heart in her throat.

Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch and she moved closer to Mars. Frowning at his eyes. Were they always so bright?

Cordelia took his chin in her hand - her real hand- and turned his head towards her.

"Mars. Are you okay?  We can stay on the ship tonight and venture out tomorrow. Get to process all this," her voice was small and she looked to the com. Hating rhat they were on a station.

Offline Lion

Re: All The Stars Inbetween
« Reply #83 on: June 10, 2017, 10:50:13 PM »
The hesitation, the fear, the worry, was clearly evident in her gaze. And the moment they met his, Mars kept their eyes connected, and he reached out to her psyche. He projected calm, outward warmth and although she touched his chin, his hands fell to her face, real-fleshy hands that were cool to the touch, and had little thrummings of warmth just underneath his palms.

He tuned into her pulse and pressed his will to her. "We can't stay here. I won't stay here. And I know you're scared. Fear is perfectly natural. It helps you survive. But if we stay on this ship, what will we do? I need to find out what happened to me.  What....happened to my crew," he murmured to her.

He leaned in and pressed thin lips to her brow.  "Come with me, Cordelia. I trust you enough. I hope you trust me enough. I know the risks you're taking simply by being here. But I will not force you. Come as you will. Or stay. That is your choice."