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Author Topic: Nix's Brain-Children!  (Read 888 times)

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Nix's Brain-Children!
« on: September 21, 2016, 09:26:32 PM »
Here is my character catalog... I is making it because I have a bunch of chars now and figure I should xD Unless otherwise specified all characters are free for plots and playing!!! If you want to play with one of them let me know x3


Chance Lufti: (Male, 34, Pilot Echo, Seeker) Chance Lufti is a Pilot with a unique circumstance. Not only is he the son of terrorists, he has multiple personalities. The child-like, knowledge hungry, florapath is known as Chance, and the cold, unquestioningly loyal, hemokinetic Pilot is known as Pilot Lufti. Neither of them is the original personality which seemed to disappear during candidate training.

Isandre Trevaha: (Male, 23, Musician) His stage name is Ava Orpheus, which most know him by. He is cold and sarcastic, but oozes sex appeal. Currently he sings and plays rock violin and is an up-and-coming solo act after leaving That Band (where he played keytar). Isandre cross dresses on stage but doesn't act feminine, just sexy. Secretly, Isandre possesses strong psychometric ability but it only works when he touches musical instruments.

Torsten Roark Wright: (Male, 37, Sculptor / Artist) Torsten is nuts xD. He thinks he is psychic and can talk to rocks, but that's just crazy... right? Other than sleeping, doing drugs, drinking, and working on his art (the last one especially), he doesn't do much. Well he's also a bit of a gamer, but he isn't very good at them.

Windsor Annsley: (Male, 14, Stage 2 Pilot Candidate) Windsor is one of those quiet introverted kids who is kind of anti-social. He wants to be a Pilot so he can get top grade health care and get his failing eyesight fixed for good. As well as telepathy and telekinesis, Windsor can use a psychic ability he calls 'mapping', a sort of psychic echo / sonar ability that he can use to 'see' with his eyes closed. Of course he gets terrible headaches if he uses it for too long or two often.

Aisling Aoibhe Sheehy: (Male, 72, Pilot Royal, Instructor at the ATC) An ice princess and diva who certainly does not act his age. Aisling is a prime candidate for retirement and refuses to do so because he is stuck in the past and still views himself as youthful (and beautiful), but also because he knows if he retires he is expected to help out as a minister for at least a few years and his ex-one-night-stand and baby mom a is Director of the Ministry and he can't stand her. Because of this he was coerced into teaching the most absurd course in the history of ATC (as far as he is concerned) CMAPP (Comprehensive Metal Alloys as they Pertain to Psionics). :/

Cameron Matthers: (Female, 68, Pilot Royal, Ministry Director) Cameron is a half succubus precog who has visions of a couple's probably progeny and uses the information to breed psychics for the Aedolian military, preferably the Pilot program. Cameron is the matriarch of her family and all of her children are or will be Pilots or military. She is also Director of the Ministry and while she might not seem it she is a force to be reckoned with.

Ailill Sheehy Matthers: (Male, 29, Pilot Echo, Instructor of Psychic Theory and Psych courses at the ATC) The son of two Pilots neither of which he cares much for, Ailill is part Incubus and a precog who sees whether or not a candidate will become a Pilot, though some of his predictions are also based on psychology and his experience working with candidates. Despite his visions he wants them all to succeed. He also openly suffers from clinical depression and is on medication.

All "Simone" Matthers: (Genderqueer [any pronouns], 37, Pilot Noble, Inquisitor) Simone, or Sim for short, is a very powerful and talented telepath who uses their abilities to perform one of the most vital and least popular jobs a Pilot can do. Because of this and perhaps their family background, Sim has a hard time making friends and often spends time alone in the lead rooms.

Castor Matthers: (Male, 17, Stage 4 Pilot Candidate) Castor is a powerful electrokinetic who lacks control of his abilities and fears being the first in his family to be TRIMed. It is for this reason he has disassociated himself from his 'twin' brother who is also a candidate.

Omajon 'Jon' Rheeves: (Male, 26, Pilot Cardinal, Seeker) Jon is an immigrant who came to Aedolis as a teenager just to become a Pilot. He is a retrocog and empath who often gets sick like a precog might because he really feels his visions. Despite the toll his abilities take on him he loves being a Pilot and tries to have fun whenever he can and just surround himself with good people.

Andrea Rinbak (Rosales): (Female, 16, soon to be Stage 1 Pilot Candidate) Andrea is a gamer from Aurora whose mom just died and she has been sent to Haviah after finding out that Pilot Royal Roman Rosales is her father. She will also have to start candidacy training at the ATC soon.

Basilica Eszes: (Male, 54, Retired doctor, currently a teacher and philosopher as well as a scientist) Basilica is a member of the Aedolian anti-government group known as the Initiative. He works mainly in educating others of a like mind and hiding people when needed to protect them. Occasionally he still works as a doctor when other Initiative members are in need of help and cannot go elsewhere. He is also developing devices that aide the chipless and just those wanting to fly under the radar.

Emery Sade: (Male, 12, no good brat) Emery is the younger brother of Raley Sade and wants to be a Pilot like his big brother was. He is a very powerful telekinetic for a kid his he but with no sign of telepathic abilities so far his hopes of becoming a Candidate are very slim so far.

Evelyn Lyre: (Female, 28, patient / test subject / military pawn) Evelyn Lyre is the sister of former Imperial Elijah Lyre. She has been living in her hospital room since she was 10, slipping in and out of comas for much of her life. She is an incredibly powerful psychic and asset but is also incredibly unstable, especially now that she knows her brother is missing.

Vijaya Darzi: (Female, 19, Pilot Cardinal) Vi is basically a twisted and terrible girl who is obsessed with Pilot Royal Roman Rosales and will do anything to get him to notice her and make him proud. She also hates anyone who is closer to him or in her way.

Landis Montgomery Flane: (Male, 16, Stage 3 Candidate) He runs the Candidate Blog and the chat! 8D

Rodion Voronin: (Male, 22, Pilot Cardinal) A former bully... well still kind of a bully, who recently graduated and became a Pilot! He is having trouble adjusting to being a Pilot and is a total dick.

Quirin Ritter: (...male, 23, Stage 4 Candidate) A hydrokinetic and illumokinetic candidate who is trying to make new friends since his old friends graduated and one is a huge dick.

Alexiel Appati (Male, 59, Pilot Noble) A 'retired' Pilot who 'works' in the Ministry department. He lost his mind when his dragon died over 25 years ago. :(

Kallixtus Yandyrn (Male, 38, Pilot Noble) Better known as "K", he is the Commander of the Havina Copperheads squadron and a second generation Aedolian. He is awesome.

Sinjin Kerberos (Male, 18, Stage 2 Candidate) A technopathic gamer with large fluffy chihuahua ears and some sick tats. He is that cool aloof nerd who is too cool for you.

Jacob "Jack" Ladner (Male, 34, Pilot Noble) Jack is the no nonsense commander of the Margad Scorpions who has Aedolis' fluffiest wittle pupper.

Gerard Jensik (Male, 47, Pilot Royal) Director of the Department of Science and Medicine (DoSaM) and a skilled doctor and war hero. He is elitest and a bit of a dick if he doesn't like you but if he does like you he will do anything for you.

Lennox Figpucker (Male, 32, Military Doctor) A member of the regular military who worked his way up from the lower levels of Haviah and is now a skilled doctor and Med Corps Captain. He also owes Gerard Jensik a great deal and is basically the man's puppet as a result.

Bentley Jensik (Male, 25, Military Cop) A reflectivist and cop, Benny tries not to let prejudice get him down and stay positive. His estranged father is Gerard Jensik.

Guidry Ruisel (Male, 23, Pilot Cardinal) A strange alien Pilot who is still learning human social norms despite being Aedolian.


Bixente Ekaitz: (Male, 28, Hunter) Bix is a Teinari hunter with weak telepathy who is pretty much an outsider in his own community. He is also a masochist who loves to flirt with people just to watch them squirm. He has a bit of an attitude problem too. XD


Goggles: (Male, 22, Wasteland Tinkerer) Goggles is a neutral out in the Wastes, meaning he is not affiliated with any Raider gang / tribe / nation. He makes things, has sort of a scrap / salvage yard and just tries to survive.

Ruckus: (Female, about 30, Raider gang leader) Ruckus is a gang leader out in the Wastes. She loves her bike and hates her brother. Do not fuck with her.


Arabelle Daniels: (Female, 15, Mage) Arabelle is a spoiled brat of a fire mage... and not a very good fire mage either. She makes her own princess-like clothing and dyes them red to be 'rebellious'. She is the kind of bossy girl who thinks she knows what is best for everyone, regardless of what they may or may not want.

Carmine Feiwan: (Hermaphrodite but goes by 'male', 27, lazy space naga) Carmine is a lazy, melancholy naga who lounges around in the hot sun on the frontier and sometimes steals from farmers and ranchers. He is used to being alone and not having to deal with others.

Sevrin Daniels: (Male, 8, Channeling Mage) Sevrin is regarded as a mage prodigy with power that few others of his age have ever possessed, he is also Arabelle's little brother and is paralyzed from the waist down.

Hravart: (Male, 33, odd jobs when he can find em and needs the funds) Hravart... Just. Hravart.


Benett Novlan: (Male, 36, TRIM Scientist) Benett is a sick, sadistic bastard who likes to do unconventional experiments on pretty psychics in the Omega wing. He takes advantage of the fact that his family is rich and his father is a large investor in Thanatos INC to do whatever he wants with his subjects.

Zachary Abreu: (Male, 25, currently a secretary / assistant at TRIM) Zach is an ex-porn star who is working at TRIM as a means to hide out while he pays off his gambling debts.


Arius Nabhendu: (Female, 4, Being Adorable) Arius is a happy little girl who likes to color on the walls of the Cancer when no one is looking. She has bunny ears and lives with her 'Aunty' Keagan. She is very sweet and very friendly but can get herself into trouble sometimes. Arius is half moon spirit and half marsh naiad even though she just looks like a human with bunny ears.

Keagan LeCroy: (Female, 32, Fashion Designer / Nanny) Keagan is a lesbian and sort of a single mother to Arius who isn't even her kid. She designs, makes, and sells clothing as well as raising the hyper active bunny girl. Keagan is all sass and attitude, she will pull out a gun on anyone who pisses her off or threatens her and Arius' safety. She's also a teletechnopath but that is a secret.

Maygen Shrayd: (Male, 42, Bar Owner / Tender and Know-It-All) Gen makes it his business to know things, everything, especially if it has to do with the Cancer. On top of that he is a lot wealthier than he seems and has a hand in multiple business ventures, all while playing the role of a cocky, flirtatious bartender. Those who deal in risky things often stop by his bar The Piss Hole for a drink and to buy some info, well depending on what you want to know it might be free... or how good looking you are.

Lokan Kilrivo: (Male, 27, Station Marshall) A Canceran Station Marshall who loves his home and has a strong sense of justice and just wants to keep everyone safe.


Veda Erdtris: (Male, 42, Fleet Admiral) Despite being a very high ranking member or the Libran military Veda is not very serious when off duty and definitely has an odd leadership style. That said he has very little to no problem with insubordination. He is also, ironically, very in to Aedolian Pilot pop culture.

Caiside Derrick: (Male, 38, Councilor) Councilor of district 2 he is a bureaucratic politician who will lie to your face and stab you in the back if necessary... then cover the whole thing up over a cup of tea.


Ginger Fairchild: (Female, 26, Celeb. Vlogger) Ginger is a vlogger who travels space looking for the next trend or interesting scoop... or you know, cute sissy-boy she can dominate~

Hanguin Jalmuur: (Male, 47, Pirate Captain of The Light Chaser / currently in TRIM) Hanguin is a Dimuroite prince which basically means he is responsible for the lives of thousands of his people. He is the only psychic Dimuroite and is a powerful empath who has always kept others at an arms length.

Kyssimri Jalmuur: (Male, 24, Stow-away and 'Entertainer') Kyssimri is constantly traveling and on the run. He is the only Dimuroite that travels alone and uses his youthful appearance and body to seduce people. Sex is basically his only means of self defense and preservation in this messed up universe.

Nikephoros Bellamy: (Male, 26, Mechanic) Born into slavery and only freed a year ago, Nike is quiet, submissive, and not quite sure how to fend for himself. He is bulky with muscle which contrasts his naturally pink hair and causes him to stand out more than he'd like.

Ykan Nabhendu: (Defaults to Male, Unknown, Pirate / first mate on the Sassy Juice) Ykan is a shape shifting moon spirit with magenta eyes and a love of teenagers~! He is usually happy-go-lucky and flirtatious, though he can be serious when need be. He's been alive for thousands of years and finds humans thoroughly entertaining.

Darvish Zebel: (Male, 38, Pirate and Captain of the slave ship The Vermilion Grief) Darvish is a psychopath and serial rapist. He is terrible. :|

Bazooka Kite: (Male, 22, Pirate / Raider / Skull Basher) Bazooka is a former TRIM subject and currently resides with a group of pirates / raiders known as the Comet Crushers. He is totally apathetic and basically just does as his boss instructs him.

Hamaeda Torset: (Female, 31, Circus Performer)
Hamaeda basically runs The Orchid Keep Cirkus, a traveling circus that is a space ship.

Sietse Baarsma: (Male, 52, High ranking pirate / crew member of The Fire's Mercy) Sietse is a Dimuroite pirate who was recently forced into an arranged marriage and is avoiding his husband as much as possible.

Avantius Amalgan: (Male?, ??, Collector and Dealer of Rarities) A Collector of all manner of things in the universe. Not much is known about him.


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