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"Candidates Brookes and Blackmourne... next!" All Aspen could hear as the heartbeat in her ears grew louder. It was simulation day and Aspen was scared senseless of what she was about to be thrown into. It didn't even register at first that Blackmourne was Viktor... she wasn't used to calling him that.

No, all Aspen could think about was how each foot step felt as she stepped into the simulation room. Her legs were heavy and her heart was racing as she waited for the scenario to present itself. "Just get through it... just like all the others." she told herself as she swallowed. It was no use though, Aspen was all nerves.

In an instant, the room around them transformed. Aspen found herself standing in a street almost convincing enough to make her believe she was actually outside of the ATC. She didn't like this, having the doubt that the safe walls that have protected her over the last few years were not there.

She could feel herself ripping in half. There was the part of her that wanted to fall to the ground in a full on panic. Then there was the part of her that wanted to fight... the part that wanted to live.

Standing there she waited for instructions, a mission... anything offered to them at the beginning of each simulation. Aspen was visually anxious as her body shook. She couldn't even manage to keep her knees still at first as she tried to gather her wits. The feeling was already growing, that complete and total loss of all function that usually came with one of her panic attacks. She was slowly fading... slowly losing herself to the anxiety that ruled her life.

"Is this what you want? To die giving up?" her sister's voice chiming in at the back of her mind. Havanah had told her this a few years ago in her first year of candidacy. Aspen was so much worse then and on the brink of being Trim'd for sure. Since then these words, this statement, always seemed to get her through most things. In truth, Aspen didn't want to die at all. She wanted to be a great Pilot and a stronger person.

The memory grounded Aspen, halting the panic attack in its tracks as her body recovered. Her knees stopped quaking and her breaths evened out as she began to regain what was going on around her.

"Candidate Brookes ready!" Aspen's voice probably more confident sounding than it had in a long time.

Looking over her shoulder she smiled, assuring her team mate that she was good to go.

"Let's do this."
Advanced Training Complex / Re: Who You Are [Lion]
« Last post by Lion on Today at 02:02:10 AM »
Soleas didn't know a damn thing about music. But he trusted his gut and went with whatever felt natural. So when she played back the tune and found that flow again, he was content to just watch her find that flow, to make the song come true and clear from her. And he found himself grinning, and bobbing his head to the imagined beat in his head and the tempo she made.

A small tilt in his gut that flipped and he felt the hackles rising on the back of his neck. Mainly because he wished he had a gift like Aspen's. That was quiet a talent she had there. The only one he seemed to have was being a smart-ass and getting into trouble. Through whatever miracle or whoever was watching out for him, somehow Soleas had made it to Stage 4.

If Soleas had been one to believe in gods designing his fate, he probably would have been long gone. Probably never would have been found. Probably would still be in the slum.  Probably be dead somewhere in a hole because he didn't do something right. Being a street rat tended to be a business with a high turn over rate.

"Sounds good. It's like..."

He paused...  Oh that didn't sound good.

"Oh...Oh yeah sure. I've got nothing else to do!" Soleas and he could practically see the nerves rattling her. If he didn't know any better he thought she was shaking.  He shifted off the seat and pushed it back under the desk. Soleas crossed that small distance and held his hand out to her. "Look, whatever happens I'll be right there by your side."
Advanced Training Complex / Who are you again? (LION!)
« Last post by Blink on Today at 01:41:46 AM »
The indoor track at the ATC had actually become one of Aspen's favorite places to be. Of course, she showed up with the rest of the candidates for drills but also often found herself here during free time. It had become something almost as therapeutic as when she played.

So there she was, earbuds in, running at first beside a pack of other candidates that were still lingering during the last minutes of their class. And as per usual, her illuminokinesis was present, making her appear duller than normal. Half the time it was in effect she didn't even realize it, almost a natural shield from all eyes at this point in her life.

The burning in her legs something that kept pushing her forwards as she matched the beat of the upbeat song ringing in her ears. She had managed to keep a pretty good pace up until the song moved on, switching to one of her personal favorites.

The moment the song started Aspen could visually be seen loosening up. All of her movements becoming fluid as she quickly broke away from the group, running out in front of them making it look like a cake walk. Her legs and chest were on fire but she didn't care because in this moment Aspen felt truly free. Free from all the standards placed on her by their society and free from the past she was running from. Sometimes it even helped her to picture her parents standing at the starting line, the end goal being to put as much distance between her and them as quickly as possible. Then they couldn't reach her... no one could.

How long she went on running at full speed like this she didn't know. Aspen had gotten so caught up in the moment that it wasn't until the song switched again that she had realized she zoned out. When she finally did stop she looked to see the pack of candidates she had broken away from still halfway on the other side of the track. It was a small victory in her eyes, next time she would try and lap them.

Jogging over to the edge of the track Aspen's hands very quickly found her knees as she hunched over to catch her breath. Beads of sweat were rolling down her face and the muscles in her legs were still pulsating from the rush. Some may call this feeling agony but for Aspen, it was truly riveting.

As soon as she was able to catch her breath she stood back up, placing a hand on each side as she looked around to see if she could pinpoint any familiar faces... nope.
The Citadel / Re: We Need To Talk... [Moonie!]
« Last post by Blink on August 16, 2017, 11:42:04 PM »
No one ever said Alec Holding was stupid, well besides Havanah when he couldn't get the hint, but besides that... even he knew vacations were not dished out like candy.

Taking a deep breath she prepared herself for what she was about to unload on him. After all, Havanah was still trying to learn to open up to Alec. For as long as she could remember she had always been the one to keep her own burdens to herself. Even when she first met Alec she refused to unload everything on him due to his job, but it was different now. Alec was supposed to be the one person she could come to with her problems.

"Okay so maybe not a vacation...."

Then before Havanah knew it she was walking around the couch and sitting down, holding her head in her hands as she rambled on about everything she could tell him.

"So Cinna was in trouble and I was worried about Soba. I went to Margad to see him and from there I promised him I would do whatever it took. Then you made dinner plans and I had to cancel because another picture showed up and I just wasn't thinking rationally. I made it look like I was just inviting Soba to coffee again when in reality he was coming to help me look. So I was suspended... I broke protocol by bringing Soba who was already refused to join the case."

It all came out fast and by the end of it, Havanah found herself taking another long drawn breath. "Two weeks.... I can't step foot in the inquiry department until then."

"I know I messed up Alec but... If it were you missing I would want someone to keep me in the loop! And you better believe I would be doing anything to find you. I know Soba and Cinna aren't a thing but I can just tell. I was trying to be a friend and... and I just messed up."
Haviah / Re: Just One Oh Short of Snap [M] [Nephero]
« Last post by Lion on August 16, 2017, 08:54:44 PM »
Banning had forfeited a long time ago, a singular belief in any deity. Way back when he was a buck, he could slum it and be satisfied for days. Already the tremble of that climax was rearing it's head, and this was a far sight better than finding whatever dregs he could from the gutter, and thusly waking up in one right afterward. Banning felt those small shivers, those little trembles coursing through him, in small potent waves.

Izzy's nails were raking down his back, and somewhere in their bite of them, he felt his skin break and the sting of sweat mingled with that broken skin. He whimpered amidst her cries.  The flesh at his hips were rubbed raw at every thrust, and he moved with her in that rhythmic bounce. "Isabel!--" was all he gasped.

His limbs cocooned around her, squashing her breasts to his chest, and if they got any closer, their very bodies would simply melt into one another.  Banning was on the verge of immolation, and he shuddered one last time, stealing her lips away as he came, bursting amidst every throb of her velvet heat.

Banning gasped for breath. At the edge of his tongue was a phrase that wanted to springboard right off of it. It felt so strange, lingering there, waiting for him to just say it, and for that brief second of clarity, the panic of what they meant kept them trapped inside his mouth. "Isabel," he murmured, instead. "I didn't hurt you too much, did I?"

The words were purred out. Maybe it wasn't 'I love you' but the desire to say them was partly appeased. There was still the chance they were going to pop out. "Because I couldn't forgive myself if I hurt you," he breathed instead, bringing his head up to look at her, to meet her gaze. And if she met his own, maybe then she'd understand. Still they were feral, still they burned, and beads of sweat made his hair cling to his forehead.
Haviah / Re: Not Bad for a Roach Motel [M] [Draccu!]
« Last post by Lion on August 16, 2017, 08:29:34 PM »
Nero sighed and after he took the picture, sending it to the Pilot Chat with a random array of emoticons. Did he want to mess with them? Yeah, probably. Even if most of it would be pointless. He was stupid, but he wasn't that stupid. He was just a snake in a pit of pit of needles and even if he could glide across a few of them, sooner or later he'd get pricked. Besides, he just needed a pick me up.

And getting caught and pricked at in some Aedolian lab wasn't Nero's idea of a good time. "I just need a top up, brother. I don't mean anything by it," he carefully explained and continued to look through Cinna's phone, making a mental note of the contacts, of the responses. And how quickly the picture was taken down.

Oh shit, they didn't mess around.

"Me. I don't really know what I am. Not the finer details anyway. I used to get these weird dreams way back when I changed. They call themselves Eldritch vampires. The things that make me all hungry for your psionic energy. You Pilots make excellent juice boxes. Far be it from me to squander a good thing when it comes my way. But like I said, this ain't personal. I'll make sure they find you."

At the sight of blood dribbling down his chin again, Nero licked his lips, and reigned himself in. Wouldn't do to be an animal. Already he could feel his limbs radiating with energy and he flipped the phone around in his hand. "Any more questions?"
Aedolis Characters / Gage, Pilot Noble
« Last post by AWildDropBear on August 16, 2017, 08:03:27 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
  Gegemaex "Gage" Armitage
  Human enough
  5ft 10in
  Pilot Noble
__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
  Gage has a slightly unnerving appearance. For starters, he has yellow serpentine eyes, and the area around his eyes is covered with dark purple scales. His mouth contains two fangs that are folded back when not in use. These fangs are used to dispense poison when the need arises. His hair is jet black, short, and spiked. Gage has tanned skin with many, many scars and scratches across his chest. He has broad shoulders, and a lean physique. When not in pilot uniform, Gage wears black sunglasses, and dark, baggy clothes.
  Gage is a laidback person that loves puns and bad jokes. He is extremely slow to any emotion, and once he reaches that emotion, it takes him hours or even days to calm down. Whenever he says a bad pun, he emphasizes it with a big smile and finger guns. He never shows signs of holding grudges except making fun of people who can't take a joke or people who hate puns.
  Alien DNA - Gage has increased strength, stamina, and durability in addition to a minor healing factor. His aging process has also slowed to a near halt.
  Poisonous blood - Gage's unique physiology allows his body to produce dozens of different kinds of poisonous substances which are created by a small organ that is attached to his kidneys. The position is stored in long flexible tubes up and down his arms, legs, and spine. It takes time to produce the poison, and Gage can only have a few kinds stored at once.
  Hallucinogenic: incites powerful hallucinations in the minds of those inflicted. This poison must be ingested to take effect. Lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours
  Insanity: Causes the target to quite simply go insane. It can be resisted by the iron-willed, but anyone else loses all sense of who they were as a person and go crazy. Can be ingested or applied to the eyes. Usually lasts 4-5 hours
   Paralysis: causes the target's body seize up until the bodies natural system filters the poison. Must be administered to the target's bloodstream. Usually lasts 3-4 hours
  Acidic: A highly deadly poison that burns and corrodes; is powerful enough to melt gold. Works on contact.
  Necrosis: Kills cells and causes flesh to decay. Works on contact; not effective against inorganic material.
  Pain: simply causes extreme agony without doing actual damage. Must be ingested. Usually lasts 30 seconds to a minute
  Death: An absurdly lethal poison that wreaks havoc on any that are inflicted, even in small doses. Must be administered to bloodstream.
  Telekinesis: Decent enough, Slightly weaker than he can move physically
  Telepathy: Fairly strong, Gage is able to communicate telepathically over several miles away, but is far more adept at defending himself from mental invasions than his is at executing them.
  Toxikenisis - Gage can shape and manipulate poisons and poisonous substances, mainly his own brand of toxins.
  Gage's dragon is an average sized, blue and gold male named Grumndrot, though Gage calls him Gumdrop on occasion


__________________THREAD TRACKER
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The Citadel / Re: Two in the hand is still two in the cat bed.
« Last post by Draconian on August 16, 2017, 07:46:17 PM »
Genuinely Cinnamon was surprised when Soba all but crawled over him to tuck himself against his chest. Cinnamon was sure his less than human features made people unsure at the very least and weirded out at best. Once Soba was settled, he felt warmth blossom in his chest and a tinge of a flush on his cheeks. What had he been expecting?

At least they weren't in 'his' space now. Now it was just strangely cuddly and Cinnamon licked his lips, curled an arm around Soba's waist and adjusted himself and his purr-buddy so he could hold the book. "Exactly like the fish soul," Cinnamon confirmed before he flipped to the next story. Hoping his confusion didn't carry out in his voice.  The next story was about the fire. The pictures were cute and the main character was a little red kulshedra. The fire tender was a pale opalescent girl.

Cinnamon did his best to explain it in a non convoluted way and in between the pages, so Soba could examine the pictures, he made his purring noises and drew his fingers and the blunt side of his claws up and down Soba's back. Eventually, his eyes started to close and he shifted so his chin rested in Soba's hair and all he could smell was that flower he apparently liked so much.  The purring continued until he remembered that oh right there was a human on his chest and he was reading a book.

"Sorry, I think I fell asleep there," he grumbled, clearing his throat and picking up where he left off. A story of their jobs. How their role in society was designated by the colour of their scales. The red was a simple guardian and would never amount to anything more. The opal girl was to tend the fire until she died. That was the way things were and they always would be. Sort of. Cinna yawned widely - hoping Soba couldn't see just how widely - and his mouth closed with a snap.

Again, he drifted off, purr constant and his hand drifting up and down Soba's back rhythmically, hand slowly relaxing on the book
The Citadel / Re: Two in the hand is still two in the cat bed.
« Last post by nephero on August 16, 2017, 06:38:35 PM »
Five minutes was all it took for Soba to learn some very crucial information regarding one Pilot Rook. One was that while he put out a general air of being a bit of a meaty jarhead, he was very well read and far more intelligent than he ever publicly let on. Or rather, publicly had a chance to show off.

Two, was that even after years of Aedolian subsidies, where there was no need for things like subsistence hunting, there was still a heavy cultural emphasis on that very thing. It may have been just in children's stories, but children tended to grow up, and take their childhood morals with them. Kulshedra were predators, one hundred percent, and even if Cinna was shy about it here, Soba doubted he'd been shy back in Fire Town.

And three, perhaps the most important factoid of all, Cinna looked damn good in glasses.

Even more so when he was being bashful while wearing them.

Soba grinned even as he sank into the couch cushions, gesturing at the book in between gentle prods to Cinna’s shoulder.

“The purring option. Can't have a good story if it ain't in mangled common, I always say.” Not really giving the other Pilot a chance to change his mind, Soba scooched over, rearranging their mutual limbs until he was tucked in just beneath Cinna’s jaw.

It was a bit of a win-win, really. He could still see the pages, as completely foreign as the language was to him, and thus the accompanying pictures-- all while settled against what was apparently a space heater disguised as a person.

It was downright cozy, so much so that Soba completely forgot whatever smartass remark he'd had lined up, and had to do a quick search to find something to replace it.

“Ooh, weird ass, my favorite. Like the one about the possessed children's toy who turned into a donkey and then grew a soul in a fish.” Soba grinned up at Cinna from where he was settled in, eyebrows wiggling wildly. “Gimme your best shot, firefly.”
The Citadel / Re: Two in the hand is still two in the cat bed.
« Last post by Draconian on August 16, 2017, 03:53:21 PM »
The grin just made it worse.

No no. Be good.

Just because there was some weird primal attraction didn't mean Soba actually wanted to be bitten. Or maybe he did. Absolutely wouldn't want what the biting implied to Cinnamon. The idea was probably hot. Not anything else though. What strange friendship they've created would have to be good enough for him. Would be good enough.

Cinna was content to be a purr buddy.

The play acting at being a damsel was gifted a small smile and he perked his ears up and shook his head softly. A little eyeroll and he resisted the urge to follow closely behind Soba to get a whiff of roses again.  Might be rude though, after just saying how much he wanted to chew on his neck. Cinna licked his lips and adjusted his glasses before he watched Soba finally leave his room.

Just in time. Mistakes could have been made.

Good mistakes. Still, mistakes.

After he planted himself on the couch, leaving enough space to be leaned on, he glanced to Soba and opened the book again. Door open ajar for the kittens should they choose to vacate the bedroom. "This story is about a little kid who really wants a fish," He said, smirking, "And he can't get any 'cause they won't jump into his net..." Cinna frowned at the picture for a moment, "Anyway, it's a story about learning how to hunt. There's one about how precious the fire is. Our kid's stories are weird ass." He held the book out for Soba, "You can look through it if you like. It's not as delicate as it looks."

He looked away for a moment, "Or, you can rest your head on my chest and I can purr to you and read this in badly translated common between bouts of purrs."
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