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Libra Characters / Zara Hapher military
« Last post by dreamilynot on Today at 04:31:19 AM »
Zara Hapher
pilot for solos
backstory: Zara at a small age her family died in a civil war on Aedolis. by foster care she then moved to the Libra space station. now working in the military.She hates earth and never wants to go or see it again

long white hair, white body suit, elf like ears, white high boots, grey eyes , fair skinned
harsh and cruel because of past . kind to those who she loves
life magic
straight. No strong bonds
Edanith Characters / Wilhelm(ina) Lambert, Detective and "Mom Friend"
« Last post by nephero on Today at 01:31:18 AM »
image to follow >>

Wilhelm(ina) Lambert

"Wil," "Mina," "Lamb Chop," "Lambo"


Polygender [they/them for the most part]

Human, of mixed heritage, suspected Libran because certain alloys tend to make them itch.

5'11", androgynous


Tynova, Edanith

  • Tall and slender, with delicate looking wrists and ankles, and an almost ethereal sort of grace to go with it. Very heavily suggests some Libran ancestry.
  • Dark green hair, to the point of being nearly black, though in the sun the color is vibrant as anything. They keep it long but largely unstyled and unadorned, save for occasionally a black beanie worn on top.
  • Their skin is an olive tone, unmarked to the point of being like porcelein, which is something they take very seriously if their collection of moisturizers is any indication.
  • Their face is elegantly angled, with high cheekbones and soft full lips, which they paint a deep mulberry color when they're feeling particularly feminine. They don't wear makeup around their eyes-- long lashed and doe-eyed, there isn't any need to.

Intelligent, Devious, Resentful, Jealous, Responsible; Wil is a good egg who just wants to do right by the people they serve and protect. They're a relaxed sort for the most part, and like joking around. When crossed, however, it's like a switch, and Wil is capable of holding grudges for a very, very long time.

Fun Facts!:
  • Social/Stress smoker; they picked up the habit from their partner and *almost* resent it. Almost.
  • Doesn't mean they will ever, ever let anyone smoke in an inappropriate area. Including their home. Take that shit outside.
  • Aggressively out of touch with technology: they don't see why they have to get a new phone every year, they don't understand what's hip in the tech world, they hate automated calls, automated menus, the works. Is totally the sort to sit there screaming "SPEAK TO A REPRESENTATIVE" until they get a flesh and blood person on the other line.
  • Probably genuinely believes that there is a secret society of tech developers who will one day create an AI so advanced that there will be a robot uprising and humanity as we know it will be doomed. DOOMED.

Mordecai! 8D

Glover Daniels, their partner in crime-solving!
Some variant of family that will be added later.

To be added!


Welcome Wagon / Re: Hey, Everyone
« Last post by Inflate_O_Bill on June 21, 2017, 09:33:11 PM »
Thanks!  I'll make sure to go check out the Discord!
Edanith Characters / Shanedis, Cyborg Desert Monk
« Last post by Inflate_O_Bill on June 21, 2017, 09:24:47 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Shanedis
Age 27
Gender Male
Species Human Cyborg
Ethnicity Edani
Height 5'10"
Occupation Bounty Hunter/Tracker
Residence Edanith Frontier

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF


Hand to Hand Combat Expert
Before his accident Shanedis was undergoing training by a sect of desert monks on the frontiers of Edanith.  He continued studying the martial arts they taught after the accident, and adjusted their methods and techniques to account for his robotic limbs and implants.

Shanedis wields dual Truth Speaker pistols, modified to increase the speed of his trigger pulls.  The revolving magazine is removable and disposable, and he keeps spares with him, as opposed to replacing the bullets one by one.

Optical Implant
Shanedis' eyes and much of his brain is synthetic.  His eyes have a slew of ocular modes, including infrared, thermal, x ray.  He also has computer-adjusted aim, increasing his accuracy greatly with on-the-fly, real time updates on distance, trajectory, wind speed and direction, and target speed.

Arm Prosthetics
Shanedis' arms are robotic, and are much more durable than flesh and blood arms.  They can also strike with greater force.  Within the arms he can store essentials, such as spare magazines, rations, and blades.

Shanedis' lungs have implants to keep him breathing and reduce the immense strain so simple an act puts on him.  He can also use this implant to survive underwater for up to two hours before needing to surface.

Magitech: Magna Trigger
Shanedis' prosthetic arms can release capsules of a black sand.  The sand is actually tiny fragments of charged, extremely magnetic metal.  The fragments can adhere to solid objects, like weapons, dining ware, furniture, etc. or it can mix into loose substances like sand and snow.  Shanedis can charge his arms with the opposite force to attract the fragments back to him, which from an outside perspective can appear to be as if he were moving and controlling objects with his mind.

Before the implants and prosthetics, Shanedis had a noticeable skill in the mental magic arts.  He can use his magic to locate items and people, detect other magic or magical beings in the area, and transmit his thoughts to others a short distance away.
  • Divination: Third Eye of Shangri-La
    Shanedis can focus his skills in divination to sharply focus in on a single target.  When this skill is active, no other magic can be used during the duration.  While active, Shanedis can perceive the opponent several times faster, the implants in his brain helping him swiftly scan each image he takes in.  The combination of these two skills allow Shanedis to predict the movements of his target, up to .1 seconds in advance.  It is a very brief amount of time, but when combined with his laser accuracy it is enough for him to make slight adjustments to his attack pattern.

Relationships N/A

Shanedis was like many young boys on the Edanith Frontier; wild, energetic, reckless, free.  His father was a beast hunter and tracker and his mother tended to what crops they could farm out here.  It was a life of hard work, but a good one.  Shanedis' father, Rellon, would take him out to the rolling dunes where he would teach the young boy to hunt.  They would laugh and smile until blue skies turned purple.  When they returned they would both get a scolding from Morriana, Shanedis' mother, but she would have delicious, hearty meals piping hot and already on the table.  It would continue on like this until Shanedis was six.  At six he had his first magical vision.  Smoke.  Scorched metal.  Blood, drying on the desert stones.  It had terrified him, and worse, had come completely unbidden.  Fearing for their son's mental state should this continue, Shanedis was taken to a sect of Edani monks who lived in a large, jutting tower, erected in the center of an oasis.  They taught him focus, discipline, and martial arts, but most importantly, they taught him control over his natural skill in the art of divination.

Shanedis was vsited by his parents every so often, but was overjoyed when he was given some time off from his studies to return home to his parents.  It had been a long five years without being able to see them every day.  He got home and the three of them decided to celebrate by going into the city.  They piled into Rellon's beat up old hover ship and headed into Tynova.  They picked up high-grade ingredients, and Morriana planned on cooking the best meal she ever had.  The family began to head back home, when they were stopped by a small group of men and women before they could get back to the hover ship.  They wanted money, keys, anything valuable.  Rellon put himself between them and his family and tried to reason with them, but it was unnecessary.  Shanedis had been pent up for 5 years of instruction.  He was a coiled serpent.

Quick as a flash he struck, taking out the knees of one of the men.  His parents watched in shocked silence as he took down every one of the assailants, nonlethally, of course.  He turned to look at them when he heard a mechanical beeping.  He looked at the hover ship to see they had outfitted it with an improvised explosive device.  He and his parents were swallowed by the ball of flame before he could do anything.  When the smoke cleared they were dead, and he was left brutalized.  Both his arms were fractured in a multitude of places, scorched, and left useless.  His eyes had been licked by the flame and were now vacant holes in his face.  He had fragmentation and debris jutting from his torso.  He was very close to death.  Tynova's authorities showed up and rushed him to a place of healing, where the monks appeared to claim him.  The engineering order among them swiftly got to work while he was kept in a medically induced coma.  They outfitted various implants, to return his sight, to keep his heart beating, to allow him to breath without the respirator that stood next to his bed.

When it was finally time for him to wake, he was terrified.  He had very nearly touched the other side.  He still remembered the pain.  It had been profound.  Now he was awake when he should be dead, and he felt really, really good.  He was keenly aware of everything, his senses never having been better.  It took a long time adjusting to his new body, but eventually he began to pick up the pieces of his shattered life and use them to build a new one.  He finished his training and became a Bounty Hunter and beast tracker out on the frontier in an effort to discard his past and focus on his present.

__________________THREAD TRACKER
Current Threads

Complete Threads
The Citadel / Re: The Sweet Taste of Disappointment
« Last post by Lion on June 21, 2017, 08:37:18 PM »
Apollo took a seat back at the table, wishing she hadn't clean up the food just yet. He'd only just gotten around to enjoying it. Whatever brew she had, he'd have to start investing in if he was intent on getting her inside his apartment more and more often.

The silence fell for a long moment, and he watched Critter playing with Tix, running back and forth furiously again and Critter finally stopping long enough to pin Tix to the carpet and nipping at his long ears. Floof and floof and more floof. Just everywhere.

Apollo snorted at the sight. They were so damned cute he just wanted to capture that image in mind forever.

"And you know all this becauuuse?" Apollo murmured, relaxing in his chair and crossing his legs. He gripped his knee and tried for a moment to be a serious adult about this. He disgusted himself for trying. "Varali I don't really know how much simpler I can make it. I like you. That's all. There is no ulterior motive here. If we sleep together and enjoy it, that would simply be one side-effect by how much I enjoy your company. I have a feeling you overthink a lot of things. Not just relationships with people - or lack thereof."

He sighed and moved over to where Tix and Critter were wrestling, kneeling down to watch them until Tix jumped up around Apollo and wrapped his tail around his neck. Apollo cackled at the sensation when Critter decided he was material enough to land on as well.  With a thud, he slammed down onto the floor, as Tix wiggled his way into Apollo's shirt.
Welcome Wagon / Re: Hey, Everyone
« Last post by Nix on June 21, 2017, 07:29:23 PM »
Welcome! As Lion said feel free to ask any questions you might have! And yeah we are far more active on the discord than the CBox lol
Welcome Wagon / Re: Hey, Everyone
« Last post by Lion on June 21, 2017, 07:05:20 PM »
Hello there and welcome! I hope you have a great time here! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! And while we do have a Cbox at the bottom of the forum, be sure to check out the Discord as well!

Have fun!
Welcome Wagon / Hey, Everyone
« Last post by Inflate_O_Bill on June 21, 2017, 06:30:46 PM »
Hey guys, I'm Bill!  I've very recently gotten into the combination of Sci Fi and Fantasy, and I gotta say, I'm really liking it.  The lore is deep and interesting and it's very aesthetically pleasing.  Anyway, glad to be here, looking forward to doing some writing!
Welcome Wagon / Re: Where did you find RotE?
« Last post by Inflate_O_Bill on June 21, 2017, 06:07:22 PM »
I Googled "Sci Fi Fantasy Roleplay" and this came up, and so far it's exactly what I was looking for.
The Citadel / Re: The Sweet Taste of Disappointment
« Last post by Draconian on June 21, 2017, 05:12:11 AM »
How they mess well together?

Varali just blinked at him for a moment before she turned ro the table to grab the dishes and stack them up. Stack the cups. Everything was brought to the sink and she paused there for a moment, glancing over her shoulder at her... Friend.

Confused. Varali was just really really confused.

He didn't get all handsy. He'd touched her boob once. Apollo went in for a lot of kisses thoigh. Maybe that was his version of a hug? Varali cleaned the dishes while she though, careful with the cut on her palm. Careful with the knife in her sink.

Carefully she examined it before she put it into the dishrack. "They don't mesh," she said softly, "our abilities." Still she once she was done she dried off her hands and leaned on the counter, watching her guest.

"I... Understand that you're... Free with your affection," she said softly, glancing away, flushing at the idea of Apollo with anyone - mostly because of the images it gave her, "but... Are you afraid of me? Do I repulse you? You come on to me like I'm water and you're a fish but when you... Make attempts at seduction - I'm assuming here - You can't be done with me sooner." A little frown, "was it the panic attack? Are you not wanting to send me into the wrong kind of convulsions? Because i'm getting mixed signals and the sooner i figure out if the kisses are because you're a slut or because you genuinely like me the sooner I can stop over thinking them."
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